my cheating ex-boyfriend and your business


lisa fabrega

I’m sure as you read that subject line, you’re thinking,
“what the heck does my business have to do with Lisa’s
cheating ex-boyfriend”?

Oh, but it has everything to do with him.

I’ll tell you why…

When I was in my mid-twenties, I made a decision to give a chance
to a man that my body had always been a no to.

I heard rumors that he had a major thing for me for 2 years.

Still, I had always rebuffed his pointed looks and his attempts to flirt
with me when I was out with friends and ran into him because the idea
of dating him had never really entered my mind.

For some reason, 2 years later, I decided to give him a chance
and date him, even though when I look back now, my body and
internal wisdom kept giving me a clear no.

But I went against myself without realizing it and dated him.

About 6 months into the relationship, not only was he borderline
emotionally abusive on a regular basis, but he also cheated on me.

He chose to never tell me.
And I didn’t find out about this indiscretion until a year later.

And I only found out because he left his emails open on my computer,
and forgot to close out a long email from the woman he had cheated
on me with, who was furious with him for how he treated her.
(I didn’t blame her honestly!)

Now, I had never been cheated on–I had always picked really good,
loyal men to date who were always crazy about me and had good hearts
and this was the first time I had ever had an experience like this.

I remember when I found out I felt like the ground fell out from underneath me.

Still, I went against my better judgment (once again) and gave him a second chance.

Another year went by.

He ended up moving in to my apartment for a few months while he searched
for his own job and apartment. But 6 months went by, I was suddenly paying
for almost everything and he still had no job or apartment to speak of.

Then one day, he left his cell phone at my house and he called me from
another phone, asking me to check his voicemails for an important message
about a job he had recently gotten as a teacher.

When I went into his voicemail to retrieve the information from the message
for him, , I stumbled upon the wrong voicemail and found out that he was
having an affair with one of his students!

Cheating on me, once again.  Yup.

At that point I ended the relationship and chalked it up to a lesson learned.

Shortly after that I met the next person I would date for 6 years.

I remember in the beginning of dating this new person, I could feel all of
my trust issues wanting to come up.

What if this new person cheated on me?
Could I trust them when they were talking with their female friend on the phone?
What if this happened to me all over again?

If I had picked this deadbeat boyfriend before, could that mean my “picker”
was off and that I had picked another cheater again?
How could I be sure that I wouldn’t be cheated on again?

But I also realized that if I chose to bring my old experiences from that
bad relationship into the new one…

  • I would be miserable, paranoid and suffering in the new relationship
    all the time and would never get to truly enjoy it and experience it fully.
  • I would create a bad experience for my new partner and never give the
    relationship a chance to succeed because I’d be projecting all my old fears
    from previous bad experiences onto the new relationship.

So in that moment I decided I wanted to choose to feel good.

I told myself, I am NOT bringing my baggage from the last relationship
into this new one.  I refuse to be jealous.

I choose to trust.

It was as simple as making the choice to trust.
And I did.

And guess what happened?

My new partner was loyal and totally different than my cheating ex.
I got to enjoy that relationship fully.
It was one of the relationships where I grew the most as a person.
And even though it ended 6 years later, we amicably parted ways
and still to this day remain very close friends with a lot of love for each other.

I never would have grown and had the experiences I had in that relationship
had I brought in the baggage from the old one into it.

And I’m telling you this story because there are definite correlations
between my story about my cheating ex-boyfriend and the success
of your business.

As I’m currently talking with and enrolling people who applied for the
Rise Mastermind, sometimes they share a fear with me…

And it’s a fear that I have found to be pretty common in many entrepreneurs
who are ready to play a bigger game and who have invested in their businesses
before through other programs or products.

Even though they feel highly called to the experience, they tell me
they had coaching before or did a program already and they had
a bad experience… or they didn’t end up DOING anything with the
information they invested in and they’re still stuck where they were before.

They are afraid to leap into what their heart is telling them to do,
because they keep being afraid that what happened in the past,
will happen again.

Or that they will not put in the work, just like they did last time.

They bring all the old “baggage” of their old experiences and project it
into the new experiences they are trying to have.

And when they do that, they become too afraid to take the leap,
and never give themselves the chance to truly flourish and go for their dreams,
because they are still stuck in the experiences of the past.

My love, this is a form of self sabotage.

Because what ends up happening is that you begin to create
a negative experience for yourself in the future before it has
even happened.  And since we are powerful creators, guess what
will happen if you bring that baggage?

You will literally create a bad experience once again, no matter
how hard that program or coach tries to make it a good experience for you.

If your attention is on the fear of repeating a bad mistake again, then
that is what you will create.

And I don’t want you to keep doing that to yourself, because I want
you to be able to say yes to experiences that could be great for you,
whatever those experiences might be. (not just my programs)

So here’s the deal:

Next time you feel called to do something, join something or work with
someone, think of my cheating ex-boyfriend story and the decision I
made to NOT bring that baggage into the relationship after that.

Don’t bring your past baggage into your future business decisions.
It will weigh you down.
And you’ll never get to truly fly on your journey forward into the
life and business you really want to create.

In fact it will probably weigh you down so much that you’ll never
get off the ground.

So here’s the deal–if you’ve been sitting on the fence about applying
for the Rise Mastermind because you’re afraid that it will be just like a
bad experience you had in the past, or you’re afraid you won’t do the work,
like you did last time…

I invite you to feel into your heart and ask her/him what it wants.

What is your Soul called to do?

If you’re ready to create a positive experience for yourself, where you’ll
have a coach fiercely dedicated to your success, a group of amazing people
who are cheering you on and loving accountability so that you keep your
commitments to yourself…

then I invite you to apply now for the Rise Mastermind.

We’ve had more applications than available spots now and at the rate
that people are enrolling, I think we’ll be sold out in a week.

Click here to apply now.

The application deadline is August 3rd.

Choose to trust.
Choose your experience and it will be so.

You are the creator of your life.