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LF jan 1 blog

LF jan 1 blog

I’ve been on vacation for the last week and a half, working minimally and taking lots of long, amazing walks by the ocean every morning.  What a way to clear out my mind and get clear on my intention for the day (not to mention great exercise–I’m averaging about 6-7 miles a day and all the while I get to listen to my fave podcasts like Lore and Serial).

Speaking of clearing your mind and getting clear on your intentions…
Today is the first day of the new year and that means new opportunities to release the old and welcome in the new!  While we have the opportunity to do that every day, there’s something extra magical about knowing many people are celebrating a new year on the same day.

It’s the same reason why I always have group components in most of my offerings–because group energy can really give us an extra kick in the bootie or a laser focus on goals we want to achieve and provide that extra support we need to make them happen!

So while the energies are supporting us in releasing the old and welcoming in the new, I wanted to gift you with a bunch of yummy freebies to start your new year off right!

I was reflecting this morning on how deeply grateful I am to have you in my community and I have to say, I’m really lucky to have you.  One thing that is special about our community in particular is how soul-savvy you all are and how engaged.  

Cheryl (our amazing Customer Support Specialist) and I enjoy reading all of your lovely letters reporting how much a blog post helped you, or how you had an aha on one of the videos or teleclasses we offer.  We get so many that we actually gather them together into a “love notes” list that we send out to the whole team every Friday.  It really brightens up everyone’s day!  

We really love hearing from you and love your positivity and determination to be a YES to your soul’s desires.  How did I get so lucky to have your bright, beautiful soul with me?
Out of all the people you can be subscribed to, you allow us into the sacred space of your inbox and that means something in today’s busy-ness.

Thank you, for being here, showing up and entrusting us with your heart’s desires.  We are so honored to be the companions to your soul journey!


Our most popular blog posts of 2015

LF jan 2 blog


2015 was a bit of a rough year, but rough years sometimes mean writing gold as I shared all the ups and downs with y’all.  As a result we had some of our most popular and shared blog posts this year, with quite a few posts going viral on social media.

You may have missed a few of these, perhaps you joined our tribe after they were published, you were super busy, or you read them but would like to read them again… below are our most beloved, commented on and shared posts.

We got mega letters from you all on all 6 of these and they all hold lessons that you can use to release what no longer serves and focus on what you DO want to bring in.  (I’ve indicated what lessons you can learn from each post so you can hop into the ones that correspond with the lessons you want to learn and the things you want to release/welcome in, in 2016)

Plus you also get to be entertained from me falling on my @ss and go along for the roller coaster ride that it is to be a soul-led artist, creator & business owner 🙂

9 Lessons From A Year Of Epic Failure

The most raw, reveal-all post I’ve ever written.  But hey, if you are here, you know I believe in leading with authenticity and vulnerability.  None of that “I’m so perfect I never struggle” BS.
To me, the spice of life is in the dark moments as well as the light.
In this post that was shared over 1,200 times, I walk you through the 9 lessons of one of the most difficult years for my business I’ve ever experienced.  

Learn the 9 major things I learned and how they can be applied to your life or business in 2016.  

Why I let my soulmate go
A true story of how I met one of my soulmates and had to release him.  This is a story that examines great love, the true meaning of devotion and the miracles that happen when we apply soulmate level devotion to every aspect of our lives and businesses.  Really great to ponder as we examine our relationships, our level of connection in our lives and what level of devotion we want to give to putting our great work out there in 2016.

The beautiful stories that people shared in the comments make it worth the read alone! I was in tears reading some of y’alls stories!

You deserve to be fully met
This blog post came about after having an experience with someone I was romantically interested in who was being kind of a dead fish 🙂   I had a conversation one day with my friend Dyana about it and she said some magical words to me that changed my perspective on why that relationship was never going to work… AND it gave me a huge burst of clarity on WHY I had been feeling so burned out for the last 2 years.  

This post is great if you desire to call in relationships in all areas of your life in 2016, that fully meet you where you’re ready to be met, nourish you and allow you to thrive and flourish.

Beware of the mythical “neg”
Now this article…it went VIRAL let me tell you.  I have never seen my Facebook feed blow up as much as it did with this blog post (with the exception of the first blog post I mention above).
It REALLY struck a chord over something that is soooo subtle, that we often have a hard time putting words to it.

You know those people that always seem to say nice things but you always walk away feeling slimed?  Well that’s what this article about.  I wrote this after having an experience with a man on social media who tried a very famous and very degrading tactic on me that is used in the “pickup” world, known as a “neg”.

This post is about how to set boundaries, release guilt for saying no to passive aggressive behavior and welcoming in healthy relationships with people who truly support you at a core level.  Because we all know when we have great things to do, support and being surrounded by the right people who will allow us to thrive is crucial.  

If that above is what you want to bring in for 2016, definitely check this post out.
The comments on this one are really great too 🙂

The gift of being invisible
In 2013 and 2014 (and a little into 2015) I had a weird astrological configuration that happened with the planet Saturn which literally rendered me virtually invisible.
Suddenly men stopped asking me out, my voice got skipped over at events…it was an experience I had never had.  It completely ripped away all of my ego’s need for validation and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
I tell you the whole story in this post.  

If you’ve been wanting to focus on releasing ways you compare yourself to other people and want to heal the ways you still get hooked into needing external validation and approval to feel good, this is an excellent post to show you how to do that.

Why lost is the best place to be
This was my first two part blog post and what a popular two-parter it was!

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t figure out what your real purpose is, what it looks like or how it should be expressed… if you feel like you’re in limbo…then this post will make you feel better.

I tell personal stories of feeling lost and the beautiful lessons that come from allowing yourself to surrender to being lost…and the miraculous events that happened once I surrendered to it.

A super uplifting read and a great post to read if you’ve been feeling lost and don’t know WHAT you want to welcome in.


Our favorite free mini-video master classes

LF Jan 3 blog

A magical app was released in 2015 at the beginning of the year called Periscope.

It gained 16 million users in its first 4 months of release and I hopped on that bandwagon as quickly as I could.  Why?

Because it allowed me to teach LIVE mini-master classes and provide helpful tips and tricks to you all and literally be there in real time interacting with you.  I LOVE that!

As a result, I have TONS of recordings from this year (for several months I did a video every single day!) which I’ve been told by those who are aware of them, have been watched over and over because they are a virtual treasure trove of no cost motivation and inspiration.

If you’re a creative, business owner or any type of creator, you should absolutely download this app (it’s free and you can get it from your phone’s app store) because it is one of the best, most fun marketing tools I’ve ever come across.

I love it because it allows you to be in your pj’s hangin’ with your tribe, serving your people.
And I get to interact LIVE with many of you, which I friggin’ love.

I’ve got all the videos we could save up in one place.

Click here to access tons of helpful videos, mini master classes, meditations & more.

Our favorite meditations

LF Jan 4 blog

It’s no secret.  I am a MASTER at creating awesome meditation.  And I love them.
I create them on the spot at my in person retreats and the people rave.
I create them on the fly for you all as gifts for coming to my classes and also as gifts..just because!

Below are my favorite ones from this year.
I’m hoping to put them all into one meditation package in 2016 that will be available for purchase, so you can have all my favorite meditations in one place.  But for now, here are my top 3.

These 3 meditations will allow you to release the old, welcome in the new, connect with your soul’s answers and draw in abundance in every area of your life in 2016.

Click on each link and it will automatically download to your computer!


Releasing Meditation

Higher Self Meditation

Gratitude & Abundance Meditation


Where to get more freebies, all year round!!!

LF Jan 6 blog

On Christmas Day I woke up and went for a long walk…looking like Dorothy from Oz apparently…

A very famous colleague of mine once said “Lisa, I swear you are one of the most prolific writers and creators I’ve never met…you never stop putting stuff out there.”

And it’s true.  I have Mercury in Leo, that means I am a communicator to the nth degree.
Sometimes I feel I have so much to say that I will never get it all out of me.

Luckily Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and my blog exist.

I literally post stuff on each one of those channels every single day.
I gotta get all this stuff out of me and share it with you!

So I want to invite you to come join my communities there, because that way you will get freebies every day, several times a day…

you can get a free Masters of Soul Aligned Living if you so desire, given the sheer amount of high value content I put out there for you on a daily basis (giggle).

We even have free Facebook communities where we can talk about all things Soul Aligned Life™ or Soul Aligned Business™.

So here’s where you can find me online to get more awesome stuff.


My personal page (for daily inspiration, several times a day)

The Soul Aligned Business Community (for soul aligned business owners)

The Soul Aligned Life Community


My absolute favorite place to play and be creative, I post stuff on here that doesn’t make it anywhere else!  

Add me/follow me by clicking here →  (LisaFabrega) or find me on your phone’s app, so we can keep in touch and for exclusive content you won’t get anywhere else.   

In 2016 I’ve got contests planned to give away a plane ticket to your dream destination and more, and this will ONLY be on Instagram.  So come find me and follow me to make sure you don’t miss out.


Download the free Periscope app from your phone’s app store and come find me @LisaFabrega to get notified when I’m on live and join me for free coaching and more!

Or you can head on over here (make sure you bookmark it so you remember) to watch the latest video recording.  But it’s so much better to be on live, so come find me on the app on your phone and give me a follow so we can stay connected!


If you love using Twitter, you can get lots of great daily content from me over there as well.  My Twitter handle is @LisaFabrega.
Follow me there so we can stay in touch.


How good can you stand it?

Whew! That was a lot of yummy stuff I got to give you there.  So excited!
Did you enjoy it?  

I hope you devour it all with abandon and that it helps you release, clear and welcome in more of what you want in 2016.

I love you, thank you for being here and here’s to a phenomenal 2016 filled with the soul aligned life you desire!
With devotion,


ps:  Just a few more days until I announce my most EPIC offering yet– Soul Adventures™!  Three adventure experiences to sacred locations around the world.
I cannot WAIT for you to see this beautiful offering AND we only have 24 spots open...but more than 24 people on the waiting list already!

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We open applications to each of the Soul Adventures™ on January 4 ONLY to our waitlist.  So hop on the waitlist if you want to be first to find out.
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Otherwise you’ll have to wait til January 6th and I’m not sure how many spots will be open by then!  

Hop on the waitlist to be the first to hear about Soul Adventures™ on January 4th.