no more crystals

It’s time we had a heart-to-heart about the amount of money you spend on crystals. Or candles. Or talismans. Or readings. You get where I’m going.

Now, I love crystals, candles, talismans and readings, but they’re not going to do the heavy lifting when someone in your industry discounts you because you’re a woman. Crystals aren’t going to reorganize your team when someone quits during a launch. A reading isn’t going to check the guy who wants to mansplain to you ad nauseam. Pulling a tarot card isn’t going to stop your business from bleeding cash. A pendulum can’t stop you from internalizing day-to-day customer complaints, social media shade and troll vibrations.

These tools are useful, but if you’re using them to bypass the deep work that needs to be done, you’re engaging in self-sabotage.

And, here’s another dirty secret that we don’t like to talk about — but we’re going there today…

Watch today’s video conversation, “no more crystals”, below.

(If you haven’t yet watched the video called “power hungry jerk” you need to watch that first, because we’re going deeper into this topic in this conversation. You can find that here.)


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