No one believed she could do it. You won’t believe what happened next.


lisa fabrega

Imagine a woman who wakes up at 9am every day…

It’s a little later than she’d like to wake up, but lately she’s been
feeling a little tired, even when she gets her 8 hours in.

While she’s still wiping the sleep from her eyes, she jumps out

of bed, runs to the bathroom and then opens up her computer

to anxiously check her email.   

She’s hoping that someone will have signed up for her latest

offering while she slept.  She inhales sharply as she waits for her

inbox to populate, anticipating…

but the inbox, save for a few newsletters from other entrepreneurs

she admires and wishes to be like, is pretty much empty.

Disappointed, she moves on the Facebook, to see how many

people liked her latest post and if it got any engagement.

Not much.

As she scrolls through her feed, she sees the post of another

entrepreneur.  It has 165 likes and 45 comments.  

She feels a pang in her chest as she wonders how it is that that

entrepreneur got to that place, where so many people love her

and want to engage with her content.  

She sometimes reads this woman’s posts and is

simultaneously inspired by them and a little envious.  

This entrepreneur has such a clear, courageous way of expressing

herself.  She seems to know exactly how to say what she needs

to say in an authentic way and her tribe goes crazy over it.

She takes a deep sigh and spends the next hour procrastinating

on Facebook.  Watching silly videos, liking other people’s posts,

commenting under the posts of people she admires, checking

out what other people are doing with their businesses…

She will spend the whole day like this…

Feeling stuck.

Feeling unclear.  

Knowing that there’s something great she’s supposed

to be doing or saying. But to be honest…

She feels stagnated.

And she feels afraid.

Because there are some things she really wants to share,

things that she know would be super impactful and gain a lot

of attention from her peers and her community.

But she’s afraid of being judged.

What will people think of her?

Will everyone unsubscribe?

Will she get hate mail?

Will her family get upset?

Yet she feels a growing urgency for a change.

She’s been stuck at the same income level for a while

and it’s no longer enough.  

She wants more.

More visibility, more impact, more money…

but no matter what she tries, she hits the same wall of fear,

over and over again.  

And it stops her from really stepping into her power and

having clarity to do what she’s meant to do.

She’ll go to bed that night feeling drained.

Still not having her answers.

Feeling unseen.

No one seems to believe she can do this.

No one seems to notice her.

She’ll toss and turn through the night trying to find the answer,

upset that she has already spent so much on other programs,

books and experiences… and yet she still hasn’t been able to

have the breakthrough she wants…

and she will up tired again the next day, and re-start the cycle.


Now imagine a woman who wakes up every morning at 7am.

As she opens her eyes, she takes in the beautiful sunlight
streaming in through her bedroom window.  

She reaches over to her phone and turns on her favorite

abundance meditation, feeling refreshed.

20 minutes later, she is up and singing in the shower.

Once out of the shower, she puts on her favorite dress,

fixes her hair and puts on her makeup.

She feels fabulous and sexy
as she walks over to her kitchen

to make herself her favorite, healthy breakfast.  

She dances around to the music she puts on to keep her

entertained while she makes breakfast.

At 9am, she’s already been well fed, had her morning ritual

and is now ready to get to work.

She lights up candles, brings her bouquet of flowers close to

her laptop and checks her email.

Her inbox has several emails from amazing people who are

interested in working with her.  

She seriously can’t believe those amazing people know about

her and want to work with her, but there it is, right before her eyes.  

She feels a little thrill run through her body as she forwards

the emails to her assistant to book conversations with these

prospective clients, as she imagines working with them and the

transformations she will help them with.

She feels so clear and full of bubble excitement she responds to

interview requests and emails from her Business Manager, who

she recently hired to manage her rapidly growing team.

She checks in on her brand new website, which she loves–

it is so beautiful and so perfectly reflects who she is.

She effortlessly writes a blog post to her community to her favorite

playlist, shimmying her shoulders as she writes.  

She is clear on her message she knows where her power lies.

She knows that her community is just going to eat this latest post

right up!

She checks sales on her latest program and finds she has

doubled the number of enrollments she expected to get.  

That’s a nice surprise!

She smiles widely and chuckles to herself…

“who would have thought?!! this is exciting!”.

This month is going to be her best month yet!

Just a few months ago she was barely bringing in $1100 from

her business and now..

her business is going to make $11,000 this month!

Because her team is running her business for her, she decides to

take the rest of the afternoon off to check out that new beautiful

coffee house that opened up in that swanky hotel down the street

from her beautiful, light filled apartment…

(the one she always dreamed of living in).

That night, she lies in bed, feeling pleasantly and deliciously

used up by life.

She sees the faces of the people she gets to serve and guide on

a daily basis and as she slips into a deep, delicious slumber,

she smiles to herself as she sees the impact she is making and

how her brand is growing daily.

She sleeps well, riding on a wave of deep gratitude for her life.


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