you are not alone


lisa fabrega



A few months ago, I was sitting down in my kitchen talking with someone who has
been a big mentor and supporter of my work for years.

I was telling him all about my 20 year vision, what it looked like and the impact it
would have in the world.  But halfway through the conversation, he began to get
a strange look on his face.

As I shared the largeness of my vision–a multi-million dollar company that changes
the lives of millions of people on the earth and our social fabric as we know it…

people all over the world stepping into their greatness with business that are truly
aligned with their souls…

people who are no longer afraid to follow their calling and build the businesses they
have wanted to build and no longer held back by internal obstacles…

I watched his eyes widen and his face turn kind of white and clammy.

He looked at me and he said “well, Lisa, I mean even if in your whole life you get
your business to x amount, that would be fine”.

And let’s say “x amount” was incredibly small in comparison to my vision.

I was totally floored.

On one level I got what he was saying.

Yes, we don’t want to push ourselves just to feed our ego into some idea of
what a “successful business” means.

That’s a recipe for disaster and I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I have
supported in helping them detach from their ego and build the business their
SOUL truly wants (not the ego).

Sometimes your ego tells you it wants a million dollars, but really your
soul is quite happy and fulfilled with $100,000 and doesn’t need anymore.

This is something I’ve helped many, many clients to define.

When that alignment between your soul and your business happens, I’ve seen
the income and the impact rush in for my clients in amazing ways!

But I knew in my heart that this calling I have to make that big of an impact,
doesn’t come from my ego–it’s the vision I’ve had since I was a little girl
and it has always pulled me forward into the future, has informed all I’ve done.

What struck me the most about his comment was that I had just experienced
something that a lot of us experience at some point or the other.

My mentor meant well, but I had suddenly outgrown his vision for me.

He had been holding a vision for me of things growing up until a certain point,
but because he had never gone beyond that point, he couldn’t understand my
vision anymore.

It was way bigger than what he could fathom.

I was suddenly hit with the scary realization that said,
“whoa, am I the sole holder of this vision?”

I immediately felt the sting of that question course through my body.


Because in the past 5 years I and my business have been through just about
anything imaginable that can happen to you as a business owner and one thing
has stood out as the most important thing you need to make the income
and impact you want to make.

And after coaching over 5,000 entrepreneurs in helping them build the businesses
and lives they deeply desire, I have also seen there, that one crucial thing that
everyone who has a deep calling to impact the world, needs to succeed.

What is this one thing I keep talking about?

Having a group of people that are holding your big vision for you as you
move forward to build it.

And better yet, having a group of people that holds a vision for you bigger
than you can even imagine (even during times when you feel like giving up).

Now I know that this might sound like a bunch of new age mumbo jumbo to you.

But it actually works.

It’s why eventually every single one of my programs got a group aspect incorporated
into them. It’s why I created the Rise Mastermind in the first place.

Because the advances and successes my clients in group programs were having,
were mind blowing.

And the same result couldn’t be replicated for the clients who tried to go it alone.

You start to notice patterns after working with over 5,000 people, and when one
pattern keeps coming up over and over again, you better pay attention!

There is just something about a group of people believing in your vision (or a better one)
and holding that intention for you that sets your vision in motion in a powerful way.

For example, at the end of my 2014 Rise Mastermind, I chatted with all the women
who were “graduating” to go over their accomplishments and achievements.

As we celebrated their successes, the thing each one of them kept saying to
me was:

“wow, I can’t believe I did this in only 6 months! I have been trying to achieve just
ONE of these things on my list of accomplishments for 2 years! And now, in just
6 months I have an entire list of accomplishments that were impossible for me before!”

When I asked them “what do you think was the biggest contributing factor to
you achieving so much in so little time?”, they all said the same thing.

“The powerful intention I felt being held for me by you and the group gave me wings.
It made me keep going even when I was discouraged. I could feel that all of my
Sisters in the group were behind me, encouraging me to keep going. And when I
started seeing all the women share their accomplishments, it inspired me to kick
it into high gear as well!”

I totally knew what these women were saying.
I went through the same thing–in the first 2 years of my business I felt stuck,
frustrated and constantly overwhelmed. I felt alone in all of it.

I skimped on investing in myself because I kept thinking if I read enough books
or did enough low cost, DIY, business products alone, I could eventually get to where I
wanted to go. But it wasn’t happening.

Then I finally made the decision to join a group mastermind…
and within 3 months I had tripled my income.

It was the group intention and the group support.  Period.

So THAT is the one thing you need if you’re actually serious about turning your
vision into a real, successful, soul-aligned business.

One that truly reflects the uniqueness of who you are and establishes you
as a powerful thought leader that actually makes positive impact in the world.

It’s why I created the Rise Mastermind in the first place.

Because it’s not just any group that you need.
Anyone can form a group of friends and get together.

But that actually doesn’t work (I’ve had a few clients try to do this and they
always tell me it didn’t give them the momentum they needed).

You need to have a group that is created and guided by someone who understands
the challenges you will go through and who has had years of experience creating
the container for powerful groups of visionaries to come together.

It’s why I hand pick each person that will be in the Rise Mastermind with you.
I curate the group to make sure everyone compliments each other perfectly and
to make sure that you are truly in a group that will help you thrive and flourish.

Not only that, but within the Rise Mastermind you get 3 layers of group support
(group coaching calls, your own small accountability circle and a private group forum)

AND you get me, an award-winning master Seer and coach, to guide you as
you step into your biggest vision yet.

You need the right people, holding the vision for you.
People who CAN see you reaching your highest vision and beyond.

You will never get there alone, take it from me.

So I invite you today, to apply for my Rise Mastermind.

The application deadline is very soon (Feb 8th) and we have a limited number of spots.

(I keep the group small so that you get all the attention you need)

My dearest–if you truly are serious about making an impact in the world,
if you’re ready to honor your heart’s deepest longing, what are you waiting for?

There is no excuse that should stop you from stepping into the next level of your
business and life.


Apply here today.

ps: If you’re wondering what happened with my mentor whose vision I outgrew…
I didn’t sweat it. I still adore him and love his advice, but I knew I needed to go
elsewhere to talk about my big vision. I just ended up calling a few girl friends who
are also entrepreneurs, that I know always hold the biggest vision for me and within
minutes I felt better. After placing those phone calls I had the highest grossing month
of my business! The power of group support!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below–what resonated the most with you
from this blog post?