This is not a defeat, it’s an activation


lisa fabrega


My beloved, soul-driven changemaker…

What I have to say today may piss you off.  It may ruffle your feathers a little bit.  It may be the greatest fire lit under your booty that you have ever seen.  It may be all of the above.  If you feel a little challenged reading this, that’s okay.  I’m not here for you to always like me. That’s not my job.  

My job is actually to challenge you to step into more for yourself.  Sometimes that means I’m going to have to make your ego a little bit angry.  It’s to get you to get out of your comfort zone and step more deeply into the greatness you were called here to embody.  The greatness you so easily forget was meant for you.  Please know that everything I say to you here today is coming from the deepest unconditional love in my heart.  Please know it comes from me believing in you so damn much that I refuse to accept your ego stories and excuses any longer. And if that means risking you not liking me for a few moments, that’s fine by me.  Those are the only kinds of mentors I want to be around anyway.

So by now the outcome of the US presidential election is clear.  And many of us are feeling gutted. I want to be clear–this is not a political post or a place to start trashing candidates and each other. What this is about is the collective state I witnessed not just in the US but in the rest of the world on Tuesday night and Wednesday during the day.  Many of you are still feeling the “hangover”.

I went to bed feeling like a rifle had blasted through my chest.  Laying in the darkness of my room, I heard a voice deep within me say–feel it all now, because tomorrow you are going to have to do triage in your community and your people are going to need you to show them the light at the end of the tunnel and how to process all of this.  And the next day, triage I did.  I went to bed exhausted as if I had been working in the emotional ER all day.

Despite all of this, here’s what I know with every bone in my body.  And this shit is important, so listen up and stop distracting yourself with thoughts about how you’re too busy to read this right now.  

Fear has run us long enough.  It has been the way of the world for a very long time.  I stopped watching the news a long time ago because the news these days is less about good journalism and more about fomenting fear, rage and panic.  When human beings are in those survival states, they can’t think for themselves. This is how they get you all worked up so that you can be easily manipulated by being in a state of pure adrenaline.  This is how they distract you from your mission of light in the world–by pulling your attention away and into the drama.

I watched the election coverage for 2 hours on election night and finally had to turn the TV off. It was making me ill noticing how each news channel was trying to manipulate my emotional state, making broad statements to induce panic.  And it was working.  I chose to have my sovereignty back.  I chose to restore my equanimity.  I turned the TV off.

I think fear, sadness, anger and all of those intense emotions are important and fabulous. Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying don’t feel it.  On the contrary, allow yourself to fully feel all of those feelings you are having.  Cry it out until you are a snotty, unraveled mess.  These emotions, though unpleasant, are a gift, they are reminders that we are alive.  Pain often reminds us of what we don’t want and often we can’t really change until we really feel the pain fully.  So feel it.  Get real about it.  

But when you are done, be done with it.  Don’t go back to the same old thing, the same paradigm that keeps you distracted and complacent.  Be done with this paradigm of fear and complacency forever. Watch out for wallowing in fear, for getting your adrenaline fix every day through panicked social media posts or articles on news sites that use these triggers to hook you in.  That is your ego getting caught up in the drama.  Every ounce of your energy should be preserved right now for your soul’s mission of making the world a better place. Watch out for feeling this fire in your belly for change for a few days and then falling back into the same patterns that have been keeping you in complacency, because you got sucked into the drama and the stories of the ego again.

Why do I say this?  Because the world has operated in fear long enough.  It is what led us here.  For years, I have been saying that a change is coming.  That the old paradigms are dying, that we are being prepared for a big awakening.  I have said 2016 is the year that everything that is not aligned with our Souls, with our wholeness, is going to blow up in our faces because all that is false and not truth will always fall away.  The more we resist seeing it the more dramatically it will explode.

For the past six years I have been here, week after week, in the blog, with clients, in every avenue I could think of talking with you about doing the soul work and prioritizing it.  We have talked about what it means to be a leader in the new paradigm, driven from soul instead of ego.

I wasn’t teaching this because it sounded nice. I was teaching it because these are the survival skills we need in the new world that is being birthed right now.  I was teaching this because this is what I have been preparing you for. This.

The Dalai Lama said recently that the world has reached the point where tools that were once considered spiritual niceties are now literal requirements for the survival of the human species and our world.  Things like compassion, kindness, sovereignty, equanimity, a connection to the voice of your soul, alignment with your calling and being of service to others.  Things that we teach here week after week, relentlessly.  Things that are not easy to learn.  Things that require effort, getting out of your comfort zone, taking big leaps and investing time, energy and sometimes money into learning and mastering these skills from an expert.

And then last night happened.  And I thought back to the Dalai Lama’s words and saw what he said coming true right before my eyes. These virtues, which have been laughed off as afterthoughts and things to work on after we achieve the fame and the seven figures, are now becoming the most important qualities that all good leaders must have.  The most important qualities to truly change our world for the better.  The things we should invest more of our time, resources and energy in instead of always putting it last behind your branding, your busy life or your business model.

I know this felt like a defeat to you.  I know because for a few minutes, I went there too. But this is the most important thing you can realize right now:  This is not a defeat.  This is an activation.

The truth is, we’ve been too comfortable and complacent.  I see it all the time in my very community.  In me.  In you. (This is the part where you might get a little pissed off.)

I see a lot of us saying we want change but not being willing to do the sometimes not so comfortable work of creating that change.  I see a lot of us saying we want to step into the greatness we are called to, that we want to launch that program, open up that business, be a healer in the world or play big but then making excuses for not doing so like “oh I can’t afford it” or “I’m just too busy” or any other variety of reasons I’ve seen over the years.  Or we justify opting out as “giving ourselves space” or “going with the flow” or “trusting in the Universe.”

Every week I send out tons and tons of free content to my tribe.  Videos, audios, posts, meditations. You have probably gotten many of them.  Do you know the percentage of people out of the thousands and thousands who are part of this tribe that actually take a moment to sit down and consume this content and participate in the homework assignments I give at the end of them?  A very, very small percentage in comparison to who is in our tribe.  And no this is not because we have terrible percentages–these percentages are standard across most online businesses like mine.  How many times have you told yourself you will go back to it later and then never returned because you got wrapped up in the proverbial “busy-ness” of life?

In my Facebook group of almost 1,300 people, I do weekly video lessons on concepts that could create huge shifts in your life, but only 5-10 people comment or do the weekly homework we send out–for FREE–to help you have breakthroughs and step into what you feel called to do.  That’s telling, isn’t it?  Why is that? Because we are still allowing ourselves to be distracted by our ego drama.  We are still allowing ourselves to be victims of our busy-ness.

Statistically something like only 7% of people who buy courses and programs online actually complete them.  Though we have much higher completion rates than most, there are still people who have all of that amazing content and don’t take advantage of it.

This shocks me.  Because we live in the age of information.  Literally, we have, at our fingertips, so many amazing resources that can help us create what we want, that can help us change the world within so that the world outside of us radically changes.  We have, so many people that can show us how to lead in this new strange world we find ourselves in and yet we don’t take advantage of it. We would rather be comfortable.  We would rather say things like “I am awakened.” or “I commit to doing the work!” instead of actually doing it. We would rather collect libraries of free stuff, just collecting and hoarding information, instead of choosing one thing that is going to kick you in the booty and get you into true action.  I see it all the time, everywhere.

Whenever I get a note from someone that says “Wow that really resonated! I have this problem and it felt so good to hear someone name it!” and I reply with “great–what are you doing to actually solve that problem in your life right now, though vs just say you see the problem?” I never hear back again or I get a response like “I’m going to be the change I need to see in the world.”  That’s not taking action.  That’s saying empty words that don’t actually lead to aligned action. This is what I mean by “we’ve become too comfortable.”

We’d rather spend $100 on crystals to post photos of on Instagram than put that money towards something where we will have to do a little more work, yes, but where ultimately we will change our lives. We’d rather take 3 hours to Netflix than to take 3 hours to go to a retreat where we may have to do some hard work internally but we will be changed forever.  We’d rather pay for the cheaper program with no support than to invest time, money and energy in the one that will push us beyond the edge of our comfort and demand our greatness to show up all year.  We’d rather someone give us the fast track to millions quick fix pill than to do the much harder work on the internal emotional states that would cause us to be abusive to the teams of people that we hire for our seven-figure companies.  We’d rather get busy than take time for self care and self nourishment.  We’d rather say “I just need to take next year to rest and be comfortable instead of show up as our soul is calling us to do.  Instead of pushing the ego to its edge and doing what the soul is telling us, which is to get uncomfortable and take action.

All of this indicates an underlying passivity that has grown like a cancer in our lives.  We are too passive, too comfortable.  We have taken spirituality and concepts like “trusting in the Universe” to mean we don’t have to be fiery participants in our goals.

I know what you’re going to say–trust me, I’ve heard all the excuses.  I’m so busy, my life is so hectic, I have kids, I’ve got drama going on.  I don’t have time.  I don’t have money.  And I hear you. I know they feel very real and justified to you.  I’ve used those excuses in my life too.

And yet, these are all still excuses.  And because I have used them myself I know they are self sabotage.  Because you know darn well that when you have really wanted something, you have moved hell and heaven to get it, create it or do it.  

By being complacent and comfortable and never taking risks or leaps we are letting self sabotage win in so many little ways. And self-sabotage is dangerous for our world right now.   It is dangerous because if you are an artist, a healer, a lightworker, or anyone with a calling to change the world for the better, the world needs you now more than ever.  But if you’re self-sabotaging or being comfortable, you are not stepping forth as a light for others in a big way.

When you self sabotage through choosing comfort instead of pushing your edge, you don’t play big enough.  You don’t fully show up for where you’re needed.  When you give in to your ego fears and ignore the pull of your soul, you are cheating the world of the transformation you were called here to bring to it.  The transformation it needs right now.

We sabotage by not pushing to the edge of our comfort zone.  We sabotage by not pushing ourselves to show up when we know deep in our hearts we are here to lead the change we want to see in the world.  We sabotage by letting the voices that tell us who are you to think you can do this? remain there instead of doing the work of getting actual, tangible help in rooting those voices out forever.  Instead, we buy one more book that will sit on our shelf collecting dust or we comment spiritual platitudes on people’s social media posts and pat ourselves on the back as if we did “enough” for the day.  The real scary, big goals can wait for “some other day” when we “have the time” or “the money.”

How many times have you stopped yourself from speaking your truth because of fear or self sabotage?  How many times have you played small and not gotten uncomfortable or taken the scary soul leaps to bring forth the truth in your heart that the world needs to hear?  How many times have you let “I don’t have the money or the time right now” rule your decisions?  

If I were to have a dime for every person who told me “I know this could help me but I’m waiting to buy your program until I have enough money” or “I know this will change my life, but I’m going to wait until next year because this is not the right time” and then never write back again because they never progressed beyond that point, I would be retired by now.

The truth is the work of awakening is not all rainbows, butterflies, light and crystals.  It’s not about saying we’re awakened on social media and posting beautiful memes about spirituality.

Awakening is often messy, destructive and uncomfortable.  Finally committing to honoring your soul and doing your true soul’s work feels “dangerous,” for it will upheave much of what you thought you knew, much of who you thought was you.  It involves risking disappointing people because you are no longer willing to be what you aren’t as a trade for them loving you.

It means rolling up your sleeves and digging in the mud.  It means expanding your heart to feel love, pleasure and joy to the point where it almost hurts.  It means dedicating time, energy, resources and respect to these areas of your growth, as much as you already do to “growing your business” or “manifesting a windfall of money.”  And no it doesn’t mean saying you will be expanding and growing–it means hiring mentors or resources that will actually DO that work with you.

Awakening requires faith because often you will feel like you don’t know who you are anymore or what you actually believe as you navigate the edges within yourself you never even knew existed.  It requires that you take big leaps that make butterflies in your belly, like investing more than you’ve ever invested in something before so that you can have your big breakthrough.  Or investing time and energy into showing up for the event you felt called to go to.  Or finding a babysitter so you can show up to your class that is going to expand you.  Or getting uncomfortable and NOT waiting until “next year” when you think things will somehow be settled down more.

If you’re not doing this, then there is no point and you are contributing to the problem, love. You are contributing to the complacency and comfort that leads to the thriving of old institutions that no longer work for all beings.  You are contributing to the status quo you are grieving over because you are not rising up in your leadership to create the paradigm that you want.  Instead you are focused on being comfortable.

We need bold leaders now–leaders who are willing to get uncomfortable for their mission. Who are willing to be afraid as they speak their truth in the world or detox the fears that have held them back for so long.  Who are willing to push their edges in every imaginable way and who will not let tricky, very rational sounding self-sabotage win.

Because the world needs you right now, more than ever.  The world needs activated, awakened and inspired leaders to chart the way, to be the lighthouses.

And those leaders that change the world?  They were ready to get uncomfortable.  They were willing to face death threats, illness, criticism and more in order to be of service to the liberation of all beings.  They took big risks.

If you’re not planning on taking big risks right now, in a month or next year and you’re not investing time, energy and resources to step into a container that will ensure you actually take those risks, then you’re being complacent.

If you’re not making sure you don’t just plan for it but create an accountability system to make it happen… or if you’re not making investment of your money, time and energy that scares you a little so you can stop holding back and do your great work in the world, then you’re choosing comfort.  Hint: if you’re thinking you’re going to do achieve this on your own by buying more books or consuming more cheap information that doesn’t provide accountability outside yourself, then you’re sabotaging and choosing comfort.

Now is not the time for comfort.  Now is the time for stretching beyond what we think we are capable of.  Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and begin the work we were called here to this planet to do.  It requires your absolute focus, dedication and commitment to being at your edge a lot.

This is a crucial moment–because right now you’re fired up, you’re activated.  But in a few days and weeks, you could be going back to old habits and getting complacent again.  You could be using your old, complacent mind to solve future problems that need bold thinking and you could end up back in your slumber. Honestly, 50% of people who are upset right now, will be there in a month, back to posting spiritual memes, buying more transformational books or cheap programs that will collect dust and say “one day I’ll get to where my dreams want me to go,” while doing nothing at all to change their circumstances.

But I don’t want that for you.  

Nothing great in this world was ever created in someone’s comfort zone.  Greatness does not come from complacency or comfort.  Will you fully wake up or will you go back to sleep?

Will you choose comfort over standing in your true mission as changemaker, even when it’s scary and asking so much faith of you?  Because changemakers are uncomfortable 95% of the time.  The greats in this world who changed it for a better place, they have taken the risks, they have heard the call in their souls and leapt without knowing if the net would appear below them.  They are no longer worried about being uncomfortable because they know these are the conditions for their greatness to change the world.

Now is the time to rise as a leader of love or fear, you choose.  What are you going to finally decide to feed in the world? Fear because you’re remaining complacent and comfortable?  Or love and connection, that requires fierce, bold risks?

You are the creator of your reality.  You can’t control the world outside of you but you can control the world within.  Participate in your transformation.  Fully be in your life.  Don’t go back to being half asleep, thinking that you’re a victim to mysterious forces in the Universe. Don’t go back into those old excuses that you are too busy, don’t have the time, can’t afford it. The change starts with you when you take back your internal freedom and create your world from within, without letting your fears create it for you and limit you.  

You’ve been awakened.  Stay wide awake. The world needs you.  Our work has only just begun and this is going to be a long road.  Sure. Have a temper tantrum about it if you need to.  But don’t fall back asleep and bs yourself into getting comfortable again.

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