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lisa fabrega


I have to admit that my heart has been heavy in the past few days.

I’ve been having probably one of the best 2 weeks of the year as
I travel throughout Panama with friends.

As I drove through the wistful Panamanian countryside yesterday
I felt my heart and soul expand into more freedom, more love &
more joy
than ever before.  I was so grateful for everything and
everyone that has been a part of my journey so far.

Yet, I was soon overcome with the memory of the
times when I didn’t feel good at all.

The times when I was, to be honest–depressed–because I knew I was
not living my purpose
.  I remembered the feeling so clearly, the feeling
that I was half alive, just pushing through the molasses of the daily
humdrum of life.  Feeling hopeless.

I remembered the way I’d feel sick to my stomach when I woke up to go
to my day job.  (which I was stuck in while I spun my wheels trying to build
my business, which was going nowhere).

I remembered the window-less, fluorescent-lighted cubicle I headed to 
every day after fighting my way through throngs of half-asleep cranky
people on the subway in NYC.  People who I could FEEL were not happy
either, totally suppressing what they really wanted to do, in order to do the
“safe” “practical” thing.

I was trying to build my purpose-based business on the side and I 
was struggling horribly.  I was reading all the right books, taking all the
right coaching programs, yet no matter what I did, it seemed I couldn’t
take all of this information I was learning and apply it.

I was riddled with fears and self-limiting beliefs that prevented me from
taking action.  What if I did become successful and everyone I loved got
mad at me?  What if I couldn’t handle it?  What if after all that, I failed?

These fears kept me small, undercharging and feeling a total lack of 
confidence in my business.  And as passionate as I felt about what I
was trying to build, I was mostly going unnoticed.

It felt so frustrating that I wasn’t making the money I wanted to make 
living my purpose and that I couldn’t make the impact I desired.

Most of the women that come to me to work with me
feel the same way.

Many of you wrote me a few weeks ago that you feel like every time you
go to start, there is a wall of fear or stuck-ness that holds you back.

I get it–it can feel terrifying to really step it up in your business, own your
gifts and DO it.  

And so my heart has been heavy these past few days, thinking that you,
who are reading this, might be feeling the same way I used to feel, too.

It doesn’t sit right with me at all.

Because if there is one thing I do know for sure, it’s that you are
here for something BIG.  Something incredibly special.

And it hurts my heart to think that you are playing small.

It pains me to think that you might get to the end of your life
with those gifts still inside of you, never having been expressed,
due to fears that can easily be re-patterned so that you can make
an amazing living while living your purpose.

You are too damn good for that.
And it’s time to put an end to it once and for all.

So I’ve decided to teach a no-cost teleseminar next
Wednesday, Oct 16 at 8pm EST.

It’s called “Impossible to Ignore: How to get unstuck in your business
so you can make more money and more impact in the world”.

In this complimentary class, you will learn:

  • The #1 reason why you self-sabotage and stay stuck in your business,  even when you have a deep calling that you’re intensely passionate about.
  • How to permanently re-pattern limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping out fully with confidence and playing big in your biz.
  • How to get clarity around your purpose
  • How to use your unique talents to create offerings that people clamor for
  • Releasing the blocks you have around money so that you can make more of it doing what you love.

Sign up here.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it.

You’re ready. 

See you there!

With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega
Life Detox for women on the edge of liberation

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