Hi, I'm Lisa Fabrega.

You’re here not just to make a lot of money or to just make an impact. You’re here to leave a legacy of change with your work. You’re here to play and lead BIG and you won’t let anything compromise your vision.

I’m here to take you on the inner leadership journey that will get you there. Because there is no strategy or blueprint out there that is better than the one that already lies within you.

7 Lessons From A Year Of Capacity Expansion (why the hardest year of my life wasn’t)

I’m sure you’ve been inundated with a bunch year in review” posts. Truth be told, I actually wasn’t going to do one this year.

But a few days ago, as I was casually sharing my year with a friend, she interrupted me to say: holy sh$t! You’ve GOT to share all of this stuff! You can’t make this up.

So here’s my own “lessons I learned this year” post on how I weathered & what I learned from:

• the largest fire in California history
• mudslides that wiped out half of my neighborhood and kept me home-less for over a month
• dealing with crazy, dark-energy people that had me locking my bedroom door at night in fear for my personal safety
• negotiations to purchase a $3 million dollar property
• being rejected a LOT in all avenues of life
• my cousin being murdered (with an investigation that is still ongoing)
• somehow during all of this still managing to have the highest revenue and profits my business has had in all 9 years of operation

And if you want to know how ALL of these things taught me that the MOST important work you can do in your life is building your capacity… then you’re in the right place.

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in trouble with the teacher

Now let’s talk about how you’re avoiding expanding your boundary capacity…

Unclear boundaries are just as bad as having no boundaries.  

Several years ago, I hired a friend for a very specific job in her skillset. She asked me to email her if I had any questions, which I did. But when I replied to her message…wow!

The response I got from her showed me how easy it is for us to set up murky boundaries… then overreact to people who aren’t stepping on our boundaries, or keep setting ourselves up for boundary violations, over and over again.

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Now, if you’re reading this, you probably look good. I’m not referring to your physical looks.

I mean how you look professionally on paper. I mean, you have the creds, right? You hired that bomb copywriter. Your graphics are on point. Or you’re well-respected and frequently promoted within your company.

But, you can be 100% honest with me… the truth is you ought to have stock in duct tape because that’s what’s secretly holding your life together. And, listen, it’s not for lack of trying. You wrote the handbook, you outlined the processes, you laid down the law with your nanny/housekeeper — and yet, somehow, your world keeps slipping off its axis.

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no more crystals

It’s time we had a heart-to-heart about the amount of money you spend on crystals. Or candles. Or talismans. Or readings. You get where I’m going. Now, I love crystals, candles, talismans and readings, but they’re not going to do the heavy lifting when someone in your industry discounts you because you’re a woman. Crystals aren’t going to reorganize your team when someone quits during a launch. A reading isn’t going to check the guy who wants to mansplain to you ad nauseam. Pulling a tarot card isn’t going to stop your business from bleeding cash. A pendulum can’t stop you from internalizing day-to-day customer complaints, social media shade and troll vibrations. These tools are useful, but if you’re using …

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Today let’s talk about all the ways you deflect when your way of being in the world doesn’t align with your purpose. Purpose is tricky, because if you’re not paying attention, you might think your purpose is your work – it’s not.

Your purpose is, in the words of Simon Sinek, your WHY.  Why you do what you do in the way you do it for whom you do it. When those things become fragmented and siloed, it’s a problem that has the potential to derail anything you’re attempting to do.

So, what can that look like? Let’s find out in today’s video conversation…

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