Part 2: Why Lost Is The Best Place To Be.


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Lost Part 2

Lost Part 2

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(Last you heard from me we had just left off on a cliffhanger over here —> Part 1 of Why Lost Is The Best Place To Be.    If you haven’t read that one yet, read it so that this one makes sense.)

After 2 hours of climbing the volcano, almost 45 minutes from reaching the top, I suddenly became violently ill.  I doubled over with the worst menstrual cramps I have ever had and my whole body began to shake.  I had to be rushed down the mountain and proceeded to pass out for hours into a deep fitful sleep full of heavy dreams.

When I finally regained my strength, I went to a cafe where I met up with two new friends, Andy and Libby, that I had just met 3 days before, but who were the kind of friends you feel you’ve known for lifetimes.

Now, in one of my first of several soul-stirring conversations with these new friends of mine, I had mentioned a beautiful shop I found in Ubud (Bali) that sold sacred geometry jewelry and sacred objects.  Among the most amazing things in that shop were these huge scepters made of large crystals and ornate carvings.  Just looking at them you could feel the power.  But they were also quite expensive, so I had chosen not to purchase one.

“Not practical” said my brain.

Besides, that was the sort of thing only a very powerful priestess or wizard would hold in their hand, right?  Who am I kidding?

That morning at the cafe, they disappeared for 15 minutes and went for a walk together.
When they came back from their walk, they plunked down a package right in front of me.
“What is this?”, I said as the realization slowly began to dawn on me based on the shape
of the package in my lap.

It was the most beautiful scepter in the shop.


“We went to that shop after you told us about it.  When we saw this scepter we just knew that you were meant to have it.  It feels like it’s meant to be yours”.

I cried when I held it in my hands.

Two days later, Libby, who heard my story about beginning my cycle on a volcano, during the full moon in Scorpio, sent me this, written by Zahra Haji:

“You won’t find a lot of literature about women who cycle with the Red Moon.  My guess is that’s because of what menstruating with the full moon represented in the past… This cycle was linked to the archetype of the seductress, the enchantress and the woman who knew how to wield healing power and magic.  This was the kind of woman whose sexuality was applied to something ‘other than’ the formation of the next generation.  She was considered by our patriarchal ancestors as the ‘evil woman.’

In truth, the Red Moon cycle belonged to the medicine women, to the mid-wives, the magic-makers and the wisdom keepers of the community.  These women were not focusing their feminine energies to give birth to children. Rather their energy was used to empower other women and their communities.”

Sign. Received.

It was like the Universe finally said to me  “You want to know what you’re supposed to be doing? That thing you’re supposed to put in the forefront?  Well HERE’S YOUR SIGN DAMNIT!  Now shut up!”

Delivered with a dramatic volcano evacuation and a HUGE priestess scepter to boot.

I’m feeling pretty clear now.
AND I’m still totally lost.

And what I’ve come to realize is…that’s okay.

Just like I’d say to you–it doesn’t disqualify me from doing my work, in fact, it makes me more qualified to guide people…because I’ve been there too and have been pulling myself out of it for the past 2 years.

I feel more clear than ever on what has to come to the forefront in my business and in my work with you now.  And my soul voice knows exactly how that’s going to play out and how I’m going to share it with you.  I’ll be sharing it with you first here.

And my brain feels a bit lost still because I’m going to be sharing things, marketing and inviting you, in my community, in very different ways.  I will still retain some things that I genuinely like, not all of the past is bad.  Do I know how it’s all going to look?  Not always.
I’ll be creating new things I’ve never seen done before, marketing and sharing in ways that fit into a whole new paradigm.

My ego still pops up every once in a while and screams “you’re crazy!!”

But that’s the work that I teach and that’s the work I live by–to keep going even
when your ego is freaking out.  To trust the voice of your soul.

I know I haven’t been alone in this.
All of my clients have been going through the same.
All of my successful colleagues are feeling this way.

It’s up in our collective, majorly.  

Many, many of us are feeling lost right now.
Many of us are questioning our very identity, who we want to be in the world, if what we’ve built really is what we want to continue to build in the future.

Many of us are feeling confused, disconnected, burned out…
Many of us want to know if there’s a better way to do things than the ways we’ve been told.
Many of us are looking for more meaning and wanting to do work that feels 100% aligned.
Many of us don’t want to use conventional tactics anymore.

But we’re afraid to really step out with it.
Because it goes against conventional marketing.
it goes against what we’re told “most people want”.
It might mean we lose some things along the way.

Or we’re willing to step out with our true purpose, but we can’t seem to find the right words
or we can’t clearly see the next step.

I’m here to tell you there is a gift in being lost.
There is a gift in letting it all go.

It’s actually very, very important part of the process of aligning with your Soul.

Sometimes we’ve got to get lost, completely lost and burn everything to the ground
to do the great work we were called here to do.
Sometimes we’ve got to get totally foggy to get true, soul-aligned clarity.

Because when we finally surrender to lost, everything goes silent.

And in that silence, we get rid of all the noise, all of the “blueprints” and templates,
all of the things people tell us we should and shouldn’t do or be, all of the do’s and don’ts
that have been ruling our lives and holding back our most authentic expression.

In that silence we can finally hear the whispering of our Soul.

And your soul has all the answers you need to become the being you were born to be.

Each and every one of our souls has a unique “code”.  It’s own blueprint, if you will,
that contains all of the step by step directions you need to live your purpose and
claim your prosperity.

But we live in a world that tells us it’s dangerous to get lost, to clear space for silence.
“Not practical” “Too busy for that!”
A world that tells us we need external answers to “make it”.

And what I’ve learned in the past 2 years of being lost in the wilderness of the battle
between my ego and my soul, is that that is all BS.

The truth is that our whole world is changing.  We have been feeling it for months now.

We are being ushered into a new paradigm.
A paradigm where our Souls guide us, and the only blueprint we need is the one within.

We, the lost, are the avant gardes here to create a new reality.

And this is me putting my priestess scepter in the air, my wizard staff into the ground and saying, let’s get started.

I’m clear now that I have always been and always will be one of your guides in helping you unlock your Soul’s code so that you can live a life that is in full alignment with who you are called to be.

And unlocking your Soul’s code is all you need to guide yourself through the lost times, through the darkness and into decisions that are fully aligned with the truth of who you were always meant to be.  The answers are not outside of you.

In this loud world where everyone in the old paradigm is selling you blueprints & templates and is trying to tell you how you should or shouldn’t do something, it’s time for you to step into a place where space is being held for you to be quiet and listen to the voice of your own Soul, you own intuition.  Hear what She says about your next steps.

That is how you build a life that honors your Soul and your life’s purpose.

I feel deeply called to support you in this way and to offer this space for you–this has
always been and is now my purpose.

The way to do this was revealed to me in a vision after my experiences in Bali–to offer a free tele-gathering for you in my community, where we will sit as a community and learn the first steps we need to take to begin to listen to the soul voice within–once and for all.

Because I want you to make powerful soul-aligned action in your life.  

I don’t want you to hold part of yourself back and always feel restless and confused or uncertain.

All of those things hold back the full brilliance of your light.
And that is not acceptable.

This is what I have been guiding my clients in for years, it’s what I was born to do and it’s the very thing I”ve been doing for the past 2 years of being lost in the wilderness of my confusion.

So I’m inviting you to a free tele-gathering on June 9th at 9pm EST/6pm PST, where I’m going to teach you for free how to Unlock Your Soul’s Code & Claim Your Prosperity Now.

Because your work and you are so badly needed in this world as we move into the new paradigm our world is being ushered into.  We are the leaders of this movement that is arising and when you doubt the voice of your Soul and hold back what you’re truly meant to do in this world, we lose out.  Big time.

We cannot step into this new paradigm as a collective without you, full on shining, not one ounce of you being held back.

I hope to see you on the tele-gathering so that we can usher this new paradigm in together.

And until then, remember, embrace your “lost”.

Wandering in the wasteland of lost, you’re clearing out all of the debris that is no longer you and creating a solid, clean foundation for you to build the great work you were always meant to do in this world.

Listen.  Be still.  Be lost.


If this has helped you or resonated with you in any way, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  How have you been feeling lost?  How do you plan on embracing it?

If you have a friend who’s feeling lost, make sure you share this with them too!