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lisa fabrega

It’s true! It’s my first pay what you can day!!!

If you want to skip the story below and just go straight to the goods, scroll down and you’ll find the guidelines and link to buy below.

But first, I have to tell you an amazing story.  And I think you’ll want to read this one before you reserve your private, pay-what-you-can Seer Session with em.

A few weeks ago I “came out” on Facebook about being a Seer.  What is a Seer?  Well, basically it’s what I do and have been doing with my clients for years…but officially…

In ancient times, people would travel for thousands of miles to visit Seers, to get their insight and their vision on a particular problem or issue they were having.  Sometimes the seers would have visions that downloaded into their “inner eye”, sometimes they were even psychic and got messages from their spiritual guides to give the person.

But mostly people came for thousands of miles to be seen and witnessed.

The Seer had the ability to see straight through all of the stuff that was clouding that person’s truth and point them inwards to find their own solutions, their own divine answers.

The Seer pointed out blind spots within the person visiting them and things that still lay unseen in the shadows, so that her visitor could finally move past obstacles and blockages that were in their path.

The Seer speaks the truth.

The Seer sits in pure presence to witness the power of your truth.

They see beneath the words, in fact they don’t even hear your words as you’re speaking because they are busy listening to the steady rhythmic song of your truth beneath the words.

The Seer isn’t about being right, wrong, reading into a crystal ball or predicting the future.

I’ve had to learn the hard way that the Seer cannot be attached to being right or wrong.

No, my job as a Seer is to simply see and witness.

And then share what I see with you.

I’ve been honing this gift of mine throughout my entire life, I’ve had the ability to see since I was a little girl.  I can’t tell you how many times I got into trouble for speaking the truth of what I was seeing in a situation amongst adults, who did not want to face the truth and were trying to sweep things under the rug.

I was always deeply intuitive, having had many moments of clairvoyance and strong hunches that often turned out to be right.   My friends in high school used to show me pictures of the guys they were interested in and I would tell them all about that guy in 30 seconds.  Their faces would turn white as I told them all of the details of this person’s personality, whether or not the relationship would turn out alright, and what to watch out for in a relationship with that person.  It was a fun game I used to play but I never really took it very seriously.

But when I started my business I began to bring my unique mix of intuitive vision, “messages” I get downloaded into what I call me “Seer Eye” and ability to see right through to the core of the issue or problem, into my work with my clients.

And the more I brought it in, the deeper the transformations were.

To this date I have served over 5,000 people in having major breakthroughs in their lives and in their businesses, allowing them to make the impact and income they desire and live life fully alive.

So back to my story that I wanted to tell you…

When I “came out” on Facebook, I offered to “see” one thing about whoever posted underneath that thread.  The post went viral and over 200 comments happened on that thread.  I spent 3 hours “seeing” each person and telling them what I saw and giving them “messages” my guides were asking me to give them.

As I said, the Seer is not about being right or wrong.

But when I started seeing how blown away people were and how impacted they were by the sharing that I was guided to share for them, I knew there was something to this.

The tribe was clamoring for this!

So I made a few Seer Transmission videos for you and sent them to you here.

And In the past 2 months I have been testing out what a Seer Session™ would look and feel like, conducting “secret” Seer Sessions with a few select clients as part of a beta group.

And I was blown away by the results.

Then their friends started hearing about the impact of these sessions and I suddenly was flooded with a ton of requests to purchase Seer Sessions, but I had no room in my calendar.

But since its the holidays, and I plan on giving you several gifts this month…

I am opening up only 20 spots for a private, 1:1 Seer Session with me.

And the best part is that they are PAY WHAT YOU CAN!!!

Now here’s the deal and what you can expect.

What A Seer Session Is And What You Will Get:

  • Prior to your Seer Session, you will send me a picture of you. (Please submit only casual pictures, not posed professional ones)
  • For 40 minutes you and I will hop on Skype video (or the phone)
    • (The sessions are 40 minutes because we don’t need an hour, after doing many of these, I found that within 30 minutes most everyone had their issue completely solved.  Another one of my gifts is that I am a laser coach).
  • You will bring 1-2 things you want my Seer Eye on, or 1-2 things that you need my clarity or support with.
  • I will employ all of my tools, my Seer Eye, my intuition, and I will witness you and see you.  You will get deeper clarity, help on making a decision, my master business coach eye on your business or my laser vision on anything in your life.
  • Your session will be recorded

What a Seer Session Is Not:

  • I will not be staring into a crystal ball, telling you your future, giving you lottery numbers, or making psychic predictions for you.  Seer Sessions are about guiding you to your own inner truth.  I will make suggestions based on what my Seer Eye is telling me, or intuitive hunches I get in my body, but this is not a crystal ball “is she right or wrong” or “can she tell me if I will get a red car in December” kind of a thing.  Just want that to be clear.

Here’s how it all works (how to reserve your Seer Session with me):

A single private session with me is usually $997.

However, pay-what-you-can in this case doesn’t mean you can pay $1 for an hour of my full focus and attention on you.  I value my time and I value yours, so in order for this to be a win win for both of us, there is a minimum amount of $350 per session.

The payment works on an honor system–I trust you to pay what you feel the Seer Session is truly worth within that sliding scale and what you feel is energetically aligned and fair to make it an equal value exchange between the two of us.

So you have the option to invest anywhere between $350 all the way to $997 (the real price of a Seer Session).

There is also a limit on how many Seer Sessions you can purchase–only one per person, but you are free to purchase one for a friend as a gift–just make sure you email us at and let us know who you purchased the second session for and what their email address is, so that we can get in touch with them.

Finally–when I do these sessions I really put my all into them, so I can only do five Seer Sessions per month.

That means the sooner you reserve your Seer Session when you pay, the sooner we can talk.

First dibs go to fast action takers.

The first round of Seer Sessions start in January and will go until March (so if you are traveling and want to book your Seer Session and hold a spot for later, that will work too).

There are only 20 spots available–once the spots are gone, I cannot add any more.

I am opening up space in my calendar specifically for these sessions, which is usually jam packed and simply won’t have the space to add more if you wait too long to reserve your Seer Session.

Lastly, we reserve the right to refuse offers and Seer Sessions are non-refundable (because the minute you book your spot, hundreds of others are now being turned away from that spot)

Okay now that we’ve gotten all the details out of the way…

Click here to pay-what-you-can for a private, 40 minute 1:1 Seer Session with me.

Given how many emails we’ve gotten requesting these sessions with me, and given that I have never offered a 1:1 Seer Session with a minimum price of $350 before, I know these are going to go like hotcakes, so do not wait.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Oh and I’m only keeping this option open until Monday at 9am Eastern time, but the sessions might already be gone by then.

Can’t wait to “see” you soon!