she feels like a ripe, juicy peach


lisa fabrega


Imagine a woman who wakes up every morning
at 6:30am to her alarm clock.

As she wipes the sleep from her eyes, she goes into what she calls “robot mode”
and starts her daily routine as always, putting on a pot of coffee while she jumps
in the shower. The water is always a little bit too cold and she always wishes she
could go back to bed for another 30 minutes, but she’s got a job she needs to be
on time for and has
 no choice in the matter.

In a few minutes she’ll quickly get dressed for work, try to squeeze in 5 minutes of
“me time” in the form of a quick meditation, a quiet cup of coffee or reading an
inspirational quote in a book she recently bought at the book store, before she
has to run out the door to make her morning commute to her day job.

After making it through another 8 hours at her job, she comes home, immediately
changes into sweatpants and a t-shirt, makes herself a quick dinner
(she knows she could be eating something healthier but feels like she doesn’t
have the time nor the recipes to do so) and puts on the TV while she eats her dinner.

Several hours of TV-watching later, she feels hungry, restless & unsatisfied.
Maybe even a little bit lonely.
She’s beating herself up a little because she has a business she’s trying to build
so she can leave her 9-5 and instead of working on her business, she watched TV
all evening. Why can’t she just move forward and start to do what is actually aligned
with her purpose so that she can really start living her life?

She goes into a downward spiral, beating herself up for not having started work
on her business, for having eaten all those snacks after a full dinner
while watching her TV shows.

She feels held back and stuck in so many areas of her life:
Her love life, her business, her career, her relationships, her relationship with food
and her relationship to her body. She knows that there is a whole other life,
where she feels sexy, vibrant and alive, that she could be living
, but she always
seems to self-sabotage and can’t figure out HOW to get there.
Seems every time she starts, she does great for a few weeks
but always falls off the wagon shortly after.

The deep reservoir of emotions and passion that she has in her chest wells up
and it feels painful because she has nowhere to PUT this passion,
so she goes to her fridge, grabs a piece of leftover chocolate cake and scarfs it down.
She finally climbs in bed exhausted, feeling disgusted with herself for having eaten
that piece of cake and hopes that tomorrow she will feel different.
Tomorrow she wont’ feel like the Universe is against her. 

Now imagine a woman who wakes up every morning
feeling like a juicy, ripe peach. 

Before she gets out of her bed, she spends a few minutes stretching,
luxuriating in her fantastic bed sheets and loving the feeling of being in her body.
She moves into her day with ease, starting off with a luscious green smoothie,
sits down and writes in her journal, does her morning meditation and walks out
onto her front porch where she has spectacular views of nature.
She breathes in the crisp clean air and feels so vibrantly alive
and grateful for her life.

She excitedly gets dressed in clothes that make her feel sexy and beautiful,
puts on a little makeup just because, then walks over to her gorgeous
home office, where she begins to work on her deepest passion.

Hours go by and she’s having so much fun doing what she does
that she doesn’t even realize how much time has passed.
It’s midday now and she decides it’s time for an email break.
She checks her inbox and has tons of supportive loving messages
from her close circle of female friends.  
She calls a few of them up,
they laugh on the phone, share their struggles, brag about their successes
and mastermind with each other on their current goals.

Afterwards, she decides to take a midday break.
She walks outside, jumps on her motorcycle (she always wanted one,
and now she has one) and drives over to the town square where she flirts with
a few locals who are always showering her with compliments.
She stops by at the local coffee shop, orders her favorite espresso and has
a fabulous conversation with the customers there for the next hour.
After her time is up, she jumps back on her motorcycle,
feeling the cool wind in her hair as she rides back home,
past trees and greenery that makes her soul feel lush and fulfilled.

She gets home, gets a little more work done, then breaks for dinner.

She puts on her favorite music and slowly begins to cut the vegetables that
are part of her delicious dinner. She sways to the song as she enjoys the
sensuality of her fingers touching the food, the flavors that burst in her mouth
when she sneaks a taste of what’s cooking on the stove.

Her lover stops by and they enjoy an orgasmically delicious meal,
drink some wine, laugh, talk late into the night, fall into bed & make love.
Later on as her lover sleeps beside her, she lies awake in bed,
looking at the stars, feeling so at peace, so fulfilled and so damn grateful.

She feels confident in her life, in her choices, knows exactly
what she wants and is taking strides every day to get there.

She’s enjoying the process of living her purpose and knows that no matter
what comes, she can move through it like a Goddess.
She knows that she is now a true Creator in her life.

Guess what?

Both of those scenarios are real women, and better yet,
they are the SAME woman. 

The “before” was that woman before my 2012 mastermind program
and the “after” is her today.

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With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega
Life Detox for women on the edge of liberation