What If, As you Grow Personally and Professionally. You Knew You Were Prepared for Every Pitfall, Pothole and Possibility?





What If, As you Grow Personally and Professionally. You Knew You Were Prepared for Every Pitfall, Pothole and Possibility?

Watch what a Capacity Shift™ call
is like below

Over 70,000 people have trusted me
to help them reach their next level.

Today it’s your turn.

Some of my clients are Oscar nominees, Nobel-Peace prize contenders, top-earning business owners and executives.

And, some are everyday folks who are also in love with transforming the world with their work. People like performance artists, coaches, auto-body experts and educators.

All are potential legacy-makers.

The work we do together is profound, identity-shifting, and allows them to finally step into a whole new way of being in the world.

But, what does this have to do with you?


You've probably invested a good deal of time and energy towards improving your life and your business -- because that's what successful people do.


But, let me ask you something… how much work
did you do on expanding your capacity?

How much did you work on your ability to hold more so you can be more? Probably very little even though it may feel like you did some serious personal development, mindset and inner work.

Ouch, right?

I’m not saying that to be mean, but what I know about you is, you don’t want someone to placate you… you want the truth because you simply don’t have time for (and are probably done with) half-truth, bypassed approaches. You didn’t get to where you are by doing anything half-assed.


And, because you go full-throttle on everything you do, you probably think you need one or more of the following:

  • a revamped business strategy/model
  • outsized vision board with to-do’s on Post-It notes
  • solution to your “leads problem”
  • specialized recruiter and revised resume
  • wild cash marketing funnel
  • ideal astrological dates for the coming months
  • the latest new-age technique cropping up across social media ads

But NONE of that is what you actually need to step into a whole new way of being.

Because, it’s not about your strategy… it’s about your CAPACITY.

That means the most important move to make next is learning how to hold more…

If you want to grow to your next level, then how you shift and expand
your capacity now will determine whether or not you spend the
upcoming year being triggered and stifled by world events, chasing
your tail or hoping and wishing for different results while you feel
compelled to repeat the same cycles.

It is profoundly important that you get this.

This will make the difference between realizing your potential or making yet another lateral shift. Please know, it really doesn’t matter how brilliantly successful you already are or what genius strategist you have in your back pocket. Capacity is your final frontier.

What the heck is “capacity”?

It’s your ability to hold, handle and receive every next level of your life and work.

If you have big goals, a killer strategy isn’t enough.

When you rely solely on your strategy and don’t have enough capacity to match the size of your goals, you’ll probably:

  • build a successful businesses yet burn out, resent it, or even end up shutting it down because it’s draining the life out of you and no longer enjoyable.
  • be in a feast or famine mode with your money, or feel like no matter how much money you make, you’re still always stressed about it.
  • always be the best kept secret and stay hidden, even though you’ve helped some amazing people and should be better known.
  • sabotage your growth and progress because you’re afraid you “might not be  able to handle” the challenges that will come with your next level, so you  subconsciously keep yourself smaller than you should be.
  • be in a constant state of overwhelm and find yourself saying things like “I  don’t know if I WANT to grow more, because my plate is so full as it is, how  can I add MORE?”
  • have clients, loved ones, and professional relationships constantly trampling  on your boundaries so you’re drained constantly because it’s like “death by  paper cut.”
  • wonder why the strategies that used to work so well for you aren’t working as well anymore, or you feel like “nothing you try is working.”

All of the above are red flags for a capacity issue being the culprit of your frustration.

I call them “Capacity Deficits” and we ALL have them, whether new business owners or experienced board members of Fortune 500 companies.

You can have Capacity Deficits in the area of Money, Visibility, Purpose, Embodiment, Structures and Boundaries.

And your unique blend of Capacity Deficits make up what I call YOUR CAPACITY CODE™️.

Capacity diagram - 1.5x

Your Capacity Code is AS unique to
you as a fingerprint.

If you want to KNOW deep down in your bones you can HANDLE your next level and confidently navigate any new challenges that arise as you tackle your biggest goals, your you must unlock your Capacity Code.

That means the most important
move to make next is learning how
to hold, handle, and receive more.

This will make the difference between realizing your
potential or making yet another failed lateral shift.


Working with Lisa has been more than I imagined it would be. Right from the start, I was able to use Lisa’s coaching to gain more confidence and see myself as a high-level CEO. Working with Lisa allowed me to address issues with my sense of self-worth and expand my capacity in those areas.

As a result, this led to my securing contracts that gained back my investment in less than 2 months, more than doubling my prices and getting clients to pay it and to successfully look at and start to address my issues around my self-worthiness. Lisa is a no-nonsense loving force who is gifted at getting to the soul’s work of leadership. I look forward to every call.


Conflict Resolution Strategist, Author, Speaker, Coach

So lean in And listen up...

It’s all about aligning your internal and external world to match where you want to go next. Every area of your life needs to be in alignment with your destination.

If you don’t have that alignment, you simply won’t have the capacity to
receive your next level.

The level of capacity you have to hold, expand, and RECEIVE the next
level of your life and business determines who you become.

In order to step into a new way of being in the world, your capacity levels MUST expand. There is no “strategy” for this. Only the Capacity Work™.

And how do you expand your capacity so you can
actually hold, handle and receive your next level?

You need a proven framework that’s going to shine a light in all those murky, cloudy areas.

And, you need a guide who’s not afraid of the dark.


This has been the most powerful work I have ever invested in. There are so many specific teachings that have guided me to new insights both in my own life and ideas that I have already used with clients. It has helped me to be bolder, trust myself and move faster than before (and not only in my business). Lisa’s support was spot on, there for both good counsel and accountability. Thank you!


Coach, Entrepreneur

I’m Lisa

and I made friends with shadows when I stepped, with both feet, into my own next level 11 years ago, when I started my business and quickly realized my own vision required way more of me than I had to offer at the time. I had to become. I had to earn it. I had to do the work.

My mission is to provide you with next-level support so you can expand your capacity, reclaim your agency, solidify your legacy, and step into a whole new way of being in the world.

I’m going to show you how capacity (NOT strategy) is the key to a whole new way of being.

And...I’m going to show you how Capacity Deficits™ are showing up for YOU in your life and business in the areas of:

  • Money
  • Visibility
  • Purpose
  • Embodiment (emotional, spiritual, mental and physical capacity)
  • Structure
  • Boundaries
Lisa photo

You’re going to see clearly not only where your plateau is, but why you’re stuck there and what you can do about it.

You may find yourself realizing you need capacity-expanding support in more than a few of these areas. And, that’s OK. Everyone operating at this level meets this head-on. It’s absolutely normal.

But, you must make the “switch” to rise out of the quicksand.

I can guarantee—what you’ll learn—you’ve never
heard ANYTHING like this from any business mastermind,
strategic expert, or revenue-mapping process.

yet it will make all the difference.


Working with Lisa has been fundamentally transformational. Even though I’ve had a successful corporate career, I’ve operated with a very dominant and loud scarcity mindset for four decades. This affected everything from underearning, not asking for raises and promotions and not investing enough.

Within four months of working with Lisa, that shifted. I have a much more abundant mindset now which is positively impacting my relationships (friends, family, boyfriend, work colleagues), career prospects, business opportunities, my retirement investments and more. Working with Lisa has opened me up to a completely new way of BEING in the world - one that is way more powerful than I ever imagined. The beauty is, she sees my bigness when I can’t (or more accurately, won’t) and calls me out on my b.s. so that I can grow and really use my gifts to their highest level.


Corporate Executive & Leadership Coach

I know you’re someone who wants to live their life according to your own standards of excellence. Mediocrity is not your thing. You willingly choose discomfort over comfort, even and especially, if it means the outcome is a more sovereign, aligned, and peaceful you.

And I don’t want your capacity (or lack of it) holding you back from doing that, ever.

At this point, the only question is: are you ready to stop trying to figure this out on your own? Are you ready to say goodbye to self-defeating habits and ever-expanding to-do lists?

Only you know if you’re ready to stop playing “the game” and stop coming in third place; so you can start winning at being the highest version of yourself. The self who can hold, handle and receive what’s always been yours.

And, what if I told you, you could start right now?


CAPACITY SHIFT™: a group journey into Capacity Work™ for people ready to create a profound shift in their capacity to receive, hold and handle the next level of their lives.

What we’ll cover in CAPACITY SHIFT™:



7 Lessons
Meet and Exceed Your Next Level Revenue Goals

Money Capacity is your ability to earn, save and invest increasingly larger and larger sums of money in ways that support your vision and mission. When your money capacity is out of alignment it shows up as abdication of financial responsibilities.


Money Capacity issues look like:

  • hitting a soft revenue ceiling or a plateau and you can’t seem to get past it
  • making great revenue but little to no profit (or making a great salary but spending it all without using that money to grow)
  • feast or famine mode, not being able to create consistency with earning
  • making a lot of money always leads to a break down of your relationships or health
  • constantly worrying about cash flow no matter how much you make
  • not financially growing at the rate you feel you should be growing
  • undercharging, under earning, being afraid to raise prices or ask for a raise
  • “manifestation” just doesn’t cut it for you

Your Money Capacity dictates EVERYTHING.

  • whether or not you are able to continue to build upon your financial successes,
  • If you can continue to increase your or your company’s revenues and impact
  • whether or not your investments grow in an expansive manner year upon year
  • whether or not you’re growing at the rate you want to


7 Lessons
Dare to be more visible.

Visibility Capacity is your ability to let ALL of you be SEEN - professionally and personally.

When it’s out of alignment it shows up as hiding integral parts of you that make you unique and have the potential to catapult you to the next level. Or attracting the “wrong kind” of attention, partners or clients.


Visibility Capacity deficits look like:

  • No matter how much you grow, you still feel like in many ways you’re the best kept secret - even among your peers
  • You used to have a great deal of buzz, but recently the buzz has disappeared and you have no clue how to get it back
  • Most of the clients, partners and friends you attract represent unhealed parts of
  • You’ve got spiritual and intuitive gifts and you are hiding them from your You feel deeply called to offer them and integrate them with your work, but you keep avoiding it.
  • Only a small percentage of what you do in the world encompasses the full-on It’s missing true depth -- which creates an existential crisis and makes you question everything you’ve done.
  • You sabotage or delay opportunities to be more visible


7 Lessons
Align your purpose and your work.

Your PURPOSE capacity is your ability to align your true purpose with your way of being in the world -- how you’re showing up in your work, your relationships, in the media, and in your branding.

When it’s out of alignment it shows up as: feeling drained by your work or like it’s not inspiring to you anymore and wondering if you should just throw in the towel on everything you’ve built and starting over from scratch.


Purpose Capacity deficits look like:

  • Not fully expressing your creativity and bringing intuitive gifts to the
  • Continuing to use a message that hasn’t evolved for years because it’s what “works”.
  • Narrowing what you allow your career or business focus to be, because “that’s what makes money” instead of asking yourself what really lights you up and choosing THAT as your
  • Self-gaslighting and conjuring up fake drama to trick yourself into thinking you forgot who you are and what you want: “I don’t even know who I am ”
  • Jumping from career to career, niche to niche, business to (You’re looking at what other people are doing and thinking you need to do it, too. You experience bright shiny object syndrome all the time.)
  • Needing to have the “whole” plan mapped out and in detail before you’ll allow yourself to “start” instead of trusting the vision to become clearer as you


7 Lessons
Stay grounded and calm, no matter what challenges you face.

Your Embodiment Capacity is your ability to assuredly navigate new challenges that come at every level of your growth. When it’s out of alignment it shows up as being thrown off by every little drama or obstacle in your life and trying to solve big-deal issues with flimsy little bandaids.


Embodiment Capacity deficits look like:

  • You frequently feel tired or drained by your work - especially client
  • You get resentful of all the work that’s on your calendar or what you’ve built
  • You feel like you can never get the time away to work on key projects and instead keep getting sucked in to things you really shouldn’t be sucked into anymore
  • Little interactions with people in your life, client drama or Instagram hater comments throw you off emotionally for days or
  • You never have time for real self care anymore (and I don’t mean bubble baths and champagne, I mean the real shit). You feel like you’re constantly running on fumes but you never have the time to fill your gas tank with premium
  • And you want to go really big but you have this little voice inside you that’s terrified of realizing the big vision because you don’t want to be the target of more haters…but more importantly, you’re seriously not even sure you can handle it. “Will I become a power-hungry jerk?” Sound familiar?
  • Not feeling worthy of your successes or not being able to fully take them in and constantly seeking the next “high”.


7 Lessons
Create truly supportive, airtight systems and structures.

Your Structural Capacity is your ability to have structures and systems that actually support you to be at your best in every area of your life. When it’s out of alignment it shows up as looking good on the outside but on the inside, it’s a sh*tshow.


Structural Capacity deficits look like:

  • People perceive you as someone who has their shit together, but behind the scenes, it’s a shit
  • You have WAYYY too many programs/too many businesses, too many offerings
  • You are constantly frustrated with the people you pay to support you, you feel under-supported and like you have to do everything yourself in order for it to get done
  • You know you need to be delegating but you are holding onto day-to-day tasks with a death
  • You’re expecting your team , your community of followers or family/friends to tend to your emotional needs and as a result, you are not showing up with clean energy and they feel
  • Your turnover might be high or people quit on you frequently
  • You can never find the time for that next big project because you’re constantly putting out
  • You’re getting complaints from customers or people in your life that they don’t feel they are getting the level of support from you that they once used to


7 Lessons
Set and maintain flexible, realistic boundaries that matter.

Your Boundary Capacity™️ is your ability to not only guard your time and energy, but to make specific, clear and easily granted requests from the Universe.

When it’s out of alignment it shows up as you sending out murky energy which cuts off your manifestation ability, engaging in drama spirals and setting over-reactive, rigid boundaries or failing to set boundaries at all.


Here’s what Boundary Capacity deficits look like:

  • You consistently attract people who bring drama and stress to your doorstep (clients who don’t pay on time, people who always have an issue, people who want you to do more than what was promised etc…)
  • You’re constantly desperately over scheduled
  • You allow mentors and loved ones to steamroll over you
  • You worry too much about whether or not people like you or agree with your perspectives and
  • You have an ever-present list/book/course or expert on tap that tells you how to better manage your team, processes or home life because you don’t trust your own boundaries and feel you need other people to tell you what to


TWO Monthly, live, capacity-expanding group coaching calls

(90 minutes each)

Quizzes and personal capacity assessments

  • The Capacity Quiz
  • The 7 Capacity Keys Quiz
  • The 4 Pillars of Capacity Assessment

All unlock your personal Capacity Code™ so you know what capacity to begin with when you join.

Audio trainings and assignments

for all six capacity areas to support you in expanding your capacity.

Private Facebook group

for community and support with participants who are a perfect fit to help witness and cheer you get to your next level.


• Guest Mentors
• Sessions with an Energy Worker to clear energy
• Virtual Capacity Retreat
• and More!

(See Capacity
Preferred below)

Capacity Preferred



4 months You unlock all Virtual Capacity Retreats.

The Virtual Capacity Retreat™ is a half day intimate retreat customized to the group. During this half day, you’ll get an opportunity to deepen in your capacity, get extra 1:1 support from Lisa and the group and connect further with other participants. Sometimes, Lisa will bring in a surprise guest as well in any of the areas of Capacity (Money, Visibility, Purpose. Embodiment, Structural, Boundaries).

5 months

You unlock Quarterly Energy Healing & Rebalancing Sessions with an expert Energy Worker. You’ll get to come to the call, have energy moved if you feel stuck in any of your capacities, and ask the Energy Worker questions to get personalized attention on your own energy blocks.



You unlock access to world-class guest mentors in the areas of Money, Business, Branding, Relationship Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Investing and more... and all subsequent guest mentor conversations for as long as you’re in the program. Lisa has cultivated relationships with some of the worlds top coaches and experts (many of whom work with some of the world’s best known people) and she has invited them in to teach specialized workshops to enhance the Capacity Work™️ you’ll be doing in the program.

8 months You unlock:

A personalized in depth card reading from Lisa’s own personal card reader and intuitive.


12 months

You start getting Capacity Care Packages™️ throughout the year which includes items from my favorite people. Think teas, my favorite manifestation books, herbal tinctures, candles and more treats!

12 months

You also unlock an annual all-day intensive workshop from a celebrity guest mentor. Areas of interest include investing, relationships, branding and marketing, and more.




Capacity Reality Check™

*Limited to the first
6 people who sign up.*

An intimate, 2 Hour Workshop where you get personalized, laser, no-holds-barred coaching from Lisa to get straight to the heart of the REAL capacity deficit you’re experiencing.
(value $7,000)

Capacity 2022 Planning Workshop

Plan out your entire year through the lens of what capacities you need to work on in order to actually achieve your goals. This is unlike any “yearly planning” workshop you’ve ever attended and past attendees credit a successful year with having attended this workshop vs. another “revenue planning” workshop.
(value $500)

Capacity Kickstart™
Video Workshop

18 videos to help you pinpoint your Capacity Deficits™ and visualize what your life looks like in Capacity Equilibrium™. (value $150)



Capacity Reality Check™

*Limited to the first
6 people who sign up.*

An intimate, 2 Hour Workshop where you get personalized, laser, no-holds-barred coaching from Lisa to get straight to the heart of the REAL capacity deficit you’re experiencing.
(value $7,000)


Capacity 2022 Planning Workshop

Plan out your entire year through the lens of what capacities you need to work on in order to actually achieve your goals. This is unlike any “yearly planning” workshop you’ve ever attended and past attendees credit a successful year with having attended this workshop vs. another “revenue planning” workshop.
(value $500)


Capacity Kickstart™
Video Workshop

18 videos to help you pinpoint your Capacity Deficits™ and visualize what your life looks like in Capacity Equilibrium™. (value $150)


Get started today!


Who this is for:

  • You’re into radical self-responsibility.
  • You’re open minded and love to learn new things.
  • You’re willing to understand that results don’t happen overnight and honor your own pace.
  • You’re coachable and can handle a coach that will be honest and sometimes give you some tough love that will change your life in the best of ways.
  • You’re willing to get control of your ego and let your Soul lead the way.
  • You want to raise your prices and get over the fear of doing that.
  • You’re ready to put your next big project out there into the world and want to do bigger things with your money.
  • You want to stop feeling anxious and afraid about your cash flow (whether you make a little or a lot of money) and form a relationship of profound trust with money.
  • You’re tired of setting “realistic” money goals for yourself because you’re afraid that money isn’t your friend and will always drop you.
  • It’s for you if you had a career or business before that you took a break from and now you want to “get back in the game again” and start earning like you did before.

Who this is not for:

  • Whiners
  • Blamers
  • Complainers
  • Triangulators
  • Projectors
  • Controllers
  • Nitpickers
  • Perfectionists
  • People who won’t release their old stories
  • People who need coddling/expect a mom to nag them as “accountability”
  • People who need to constantly mention “all the work” they’ve done and how “advanced” they are in personal development.
  • People who are “surprised” when someone can teach them something new.
  • People who want quick fixes or for problems to be solved within a specific time frame (Capacity Work™ doesn’t work that way.)


How long is this?

There is no “end” to Capacity Work. If you’re a growth oriented person, you’re going to be working on your Capacity for the rest of your life, because every new level requires more Capacity. This is a monthly recurring program. However, please don’t join us if you’re just going to be in and out, not really committing to yourself or the work.

Is this only for entrepreneurs?

Nope! Capacity Work is for everyone. In Capacity Shift we’ve had: lawyers, designers, artists, auto-body shop owners, teachers, corporate leaders, dancers, coaches, entrepreneurs, small business owners, actors and more!

Is this only for women?

Nope! Capacity Work is FOR EVERYONE. However you identify, you're welcome. This is an inclusive, accepting space. If you’re ready to do the work, you’re welcome.

When are the group calls and what are they like?

There are two calls a month and group calls currently take place on Mondays at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET and last for 90 minutes. The calls consist of hot seats. You can apply for hot seats prior to the call and the first five people who apply will get a hot seat. Lisa also reserves room on the call for randomly selected if you didn’t get a chance to apply. 

However, many people come to the calls without a question and always tell us they got so much out of the call watching others get coached and felt like they got coached themselves, too. We’ve never had anyone say they aren’t getting enough time. 

The power of the group is people will mirror back to you issues you didn’t even know you had and you can get coaching by proxy. Also, if I walk someone through an exercise on the call during a hot seat, I often open it up to the entire call so all can practice the exercise too.

How many people are in Capacity Shift™? Is there a maximum number of participants?

Yes. To keep the calls intimate, we cap the group at 50 people. We don’t want anyone to feel like they’re “lost” in a sea of people, so we purposely keep the group small. Not everyone comes to all the calls every week, so it’s rare we will even have 50 people on a call anyway. Again, we’ve never had anyone say to us they “didn’t feel like they were getting enough coaching time” on the calls.

Why should I sign up now vs later?

I hear this often. “Well let me go invest in this business program/photoshoot/other thing first and then I can do Capacity Work™” My response is simple: capacity is the underpinning to ALL of your success. Without capacity, those investments in business strategies, photoshoots, etc… will be money wasted. 

If you don’t have your capacity on point, how do you expect to have the capacity to implement those strategies seamlessly and not sabotage them?

If your Visibility Capacity is suffering from deficits, you’re not going to show up to your photoshoot as the FULL version of you, so they won’t be as magnetic and get you as many clients as if you showed up to that shoot with expanded visibility capacity.

I want you to see that this pattern of “yeah I know I need to do this work but first lemme do something else first” is exactly why your strategies aren’t working as well as they could. You keep de-prioritizing capacity work and putting it last or as a “someday after you built your success” thing. Without capacity you won’t get there in the first place, so see how that’s a circular self-sabotage technique?


Lisa will rock your world! Lisa makes taking your life and work to the next level pleasurable and authentic. She’ll lovingly push you out of your comfort zone and help you create a business you actually love. There are no gimmicks, just solid strategies that you can use over and over again. Having started my business several years ago, I can say that this work is effective whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s more advanced.

I made more than 6 times my investment (yes you read that right- 6 times) within a matter of weeks of joining the program, so the program paid for itself!




Working with Lisa has been worth every penny. My life has improved drastically—from my marriage to my career to my entire outlook on life. This is a container of continuous learning, reprogramming and most important—unconditional support. Working with Lisa is a must.


Broadway & Recording Artist,


Get started today!