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We are in the time of year where we are still reflecting on the one prior. It is incredibly powerful to take stock of your previous year, the lessons you learned and what you will and won’t be available for to further your growth in the year ahead of you. Those realizations can become the guiding principles to achieve your biggest goals in 2018.

So, I took the most popular blog posts of 2017 — the ones that created huge AHA’s for you (and for me!). Blog posts that will get you to stop the show and examine deeply, the ways in which you may still be holding back your power. Because we need your power on FULL BLAST more than ever.

I highly suggest reading these as an act of self care. A ritual for your soul.

Get into your favorite cozy chair (or bed) with a soft blanket.
Put on some of your favorite relaxing music.
Brew up a nice cup of relaxing tea, some chai, or a coffee, just the way you like it.
Bring your journal and a pen to take notes.
Open up your tablet or laptop.
And drink it all in.

I’ve compiled it all into a deep-dive list, just for you.

The Confidence Experiment: Why women fear being powerful & what we can do about it
This post explores a secret experiment I conducted on confidence for about 6 months. The results were… eyebrow raising. If you often hold back your confidence just a tiny bit because you’re afraid of the reactions you might get, you must read this.

We Need To Stop Money Shaming Women
It has always baffled me how women who want to make money get called “greedy” or “power-hungry” while men who make a lot of money get told they are empire builders and badasses. There is a double standard when it comes to women. The shocking thing is, I see women shaming other women the most when it comes to making money. I see it online all the time, even some going so far as to say that any woman who has a successful business is greedy and just contributing to the patriarchy. This one is a must read for all of us, because no matter how far you are in your career or business, there’s always more money stuff to work on.

Are you a lightworker contributing to racism?
This was one of our most viral posts of 2017. I took on the controversial topic of what happens when we mix spirituality with social justice. And defined what the word “lightworker” actually means and how so many people get it wrong and use the label as a form of spiritual bypassing.
This is a tricky thing — and we can easily spiritually bypass our way out of topics that actually need our voice, so read this to find out if you might be unknowingly contributing to racism under the title of “lightworker.”

Co-dependent agreements and being paid for transformation: A deeper look
Ever felt weird, unspoken expectations from a client or someone you know? Sure you’re a badass already, you’ve built and created incredible things up until this point in your life & career.  But sometimes some weird stuff slips in. You get a client that you feel is constantly pushing your boundaries. You fear setting a new boundary with someone who hired you. As powerful as you are, sometimes accepting money for transformation can blur the lines. This piece will help you unblur those lines quickly, so that you can preserve your energy to serve at your highest in 2018.

Your Soul is not crazy. It’s a miracle.
When I took the participants in our 2017 Soul Adventure retreat to the South of France, I knew the trip was magical — I’d done it before in 2016 and the women were utterly changed. To this day they still text me about how that trip changed everything for them. But I was not prepared to experience the level of magic that happened during the 2017 retreat. Who knew that accepting a simple invitation from a local, in a town written about in history and conspiracy theory books would create one of the most magical experiences of our lives? You’ve GOT to read this story.

You are not difficult.
Ever been told you’re difficult? Did it make you feel totally unseen and misunderstood? Then you’ll want to read this post. For my powerful sisters who have always been told they’re difficult — here’s a new reframe to shift everything.


With Love,