Here’s everything you need to know about the small group coaching mastermind with Lisa:

  • 2 open group coaching calls a month for 5 months, where you will bring whatever most needs support to get coaching and assistance from Lisa and your mastermind tribe.
  • All calls are recorded– you never miss a thing if you can’t make it to a call.
  • Free access to my renowned program, Impact (worth $497)
  • Free 30 minute private session with me if you invest all up front.
  • Private Facebook forum for community with your fellow mastermind tribe members in between calls and for connection and networking.

This is an excellent option for you if you’ve wanted to work with me at a fraction of the investment for 1:1 coaching.

I stay on the phone with everyone who raises their hand and requests coaching until we are done. Calls usually last 1-1.5 hours usually because of this.



Investment is only $500 a month or $2300 up front.

That price is only available until June 17.

After June 17, the investment rises to its normal level of $650/month or $3050 up front.



This is for motivated, high-achieving, soul centered changemakers, visionaries and creatives.  As a result, I don’t do a lot of convincing or “selling” for my programs.  I hold the portal open for you and you decide whether you will step into the transformation that is on the other side of this portal or not.  Period.

The truth is, if you’re here and you’re part of my tribe, you’ve already done a lot of personal development work and spiritual work and you’re looking to take it to the next level.  

You know when your soul is a yes and you don’t need a lot of convincing or explaining to your ego to be a yes to what you know is for you.  You are willing to leap past ego fears and instead honor the yes in your soul.

Prices are not “prices”–they are portals of transformation that we choose to step through.

When you are investing in my programs, you are saying “this is the level of transformation I want to call in” based on the investment level. So if your soul is calling you to this, and your ego is getting scared or hemming and hawing, I ask you, for your own sake, to ask yourself “what level of transformation do I want to call in and am I willing to overcome my ego to get this transformation?”

If so, then that is a soul yes, and I welcome you, sister or brother.

If it is a no, then let it be a clear no that you can own and be proud of.

The worst thing would be to be in a state of limbo or wishy washy-ness with no clear yes or no! Give your soul the food it needs with a clear answer, love.

Whatever it is, I honor it.  

If you are a soul yes, then click on the button below to reserve your spot by 6/17.


With Love,