so, what do you stand for?


lisa fabrega


I’m writing this newsletter to you at 4am, and I’m fired up.
Because what I’m writing to you about today is one of the most important
questions you can ever ask yourself.  Yes, I’m serious.

If you’re in my community and you read this newsletter every week I know
that you’re here because deep down you know you were meant for something great.
You may not know what it is yet, you may be on your way to figuring that out,
you may already be on your way there and experiencing success living your purpose
and showing up fully in the world with your unique talents & gifts…

Regardless of where you are, I know you–
that twinge you feel in your heart, that internal fire that wakes you up in the middle
of the night, that longing you feel in the pit of your stomach, that thing that drives you…

It’s a calling.

And if you’re here, reading my words week after week, it’s because you have
a calling to serve others,
 serve the world–to love.

Deeply, devotedly, profoundly.

I know you have a vast and endless heart and that your deepest longing
is to pour all of that love you have inside of you all over the world.

Now, how you choose to serve & love is up to you, whether it be by being the most
amazing parent that you can be, raising incredible human beings to unleash upon
this world, writing a book, selling a painting or speaking on a stage to hundreds of
thousands of people
.  Your purpose and how you serve is unique to you and it may
look like different things at different times in your life (and this is why i work with people
to help them release & detox all the stuff that blocks them from tapping in to that
purpose and fully self-expressing.)

But there’s a battle going on in the world of living your purpose.
There’s a tension that arises early on when you choose to take the scary leap
to fully show up and self-express.
And it comes in the form of a question,
which you’re going to need to ask yourself from early on.

I am telling you that you will have to choose.

What do you want to contribute to in the world–
expansion or contraction?

Do you know your honest answer to that question?
It may seem like a no-brainer to you– “duh, of course I want to
contribute to expansion, Lisa”.  But I have found that it’s very easy for
us to step into a contracted space, especially when it comes to taking
the road less traveled and really sticking our necks out there,
showing up fully in our work.  Living a luscious life, living your purpose,
committing to being vibrantly alive and present in every cell of your
being and in every moment, is some scary sh&t!

All sorts of fears and life toxins come up to be released when we start down
that path and before we know it we can easily get sucked into panic and
end up projecting our contraction and our fear into a space where we actually
want to be contributing to expansion.

Hey, I totally understand, I’ve been in that place before too.

What I’ve found to be most true about following our calling, is that it is
one of the most powerful personal growth tools available to us.  

I always tell people that leaving the 9-5 world and starting my own business
and putting my heart, soul, blood, sweat & tears into what I do has been the
most fastest-growing experience of my life.  It has challenged me on every level.
When we follow our calling, we teach what we need to learn,
our communities reflect back to us our shadow sides and our light,
we are asked to face our deepest fears and keep going anyway,
we are constantly confronted with that which is no longer in alignment with us
and we are asked to step into a place of more integrity–where our words
align with our actions and we are walking our talk.
I don’t know about you but that’s a heck of a lot harder than punching in
day in and day out to a mindless job.

And that means a lot of stuff is going to come up along the way to be detoxed.
It can be really tempting to go on social media and unleash our panic and fear
during the rough times in our business or lives on our Facebook pages.
Or write newsletters to our communities with exposés on the dark side of running
your own business that no one seems to be talking about.
Or tear other people’s work down if you can’t seem to understand how they’re always
so positive about their experiences, or are only posting beautiful Instagram pictures
when you seem to be having such a tough time right now.
It may feel like it’s necessary to go into full on confessional mode and spill your guts
all over the place, it may even feel like that is your “mission”–to reveal the ‘truth”
about what’s really going on.  It may feel like the people who are being positive on
social media must be lying because, where you are right now, things don’t seem so rosy.
And yes it’s important to be honest and vulnerable.
This is the new paradigm of authentic leadership.
But feelings are not facts.

And this is where we go back to the question you must ask yourself,
and the choice you must make when you decide to follow your calling.

Do I want to contribute to expansion or contraction in the world?

If you’re clear from the beginning on the fact that you want to contribute to expansion,
that you want to help people in expanding and opening up to receive more and
more abundance and leading happier lives, then where are you not living into expansion

in your own world?

Where are your thoughts, words & actions not aligned with expansion?
Where are you not walking your talk?

Are you in a state of contraction by comparing yourself to others?
Posting updates on social media that lead to contraction in others?
Suppressing your desire to do what you love by staying in the job you want to leave?
Not taking your self-care seriously?
Eating food that makes you energetically contract?
Not telling someone that you love them, when that’s all you want to do?
Believing in “stories” that you “don’t belong” or “it will never happen for you”?

Whatever it may be–if you have a calling to help the world expand,
it is your DUTY to detox the things that are causing you to contract
in your own life.  

Because we radiate that which we experience within ourselves, into the world.
And do you want your energy to radiate expansion or contraction?
You are free to make the choice, I place no judgment on either.
But if your dedication is to expansion–you can start to clearly see that every
word that you speak, every letter that you type, every thought that you have
must be aligned more and more with expansion, so that you can in turn
more fully serve the world in it’s expansion.

Not everything we feel so strongly as truth needs to be shared with the world.
Not everything deep, dark and scary is truth.
(sometimes it’s just a story we’ve bought into, and would you want to project
a scary story that is ultimately not even true for everyone, on to your community
who is looking to you to help them expand?)

And you’re not “lying’ or “hiding” things from your tribe by not sharing them right away.
I have lots of dark stories I could tell, I’ve had my moments while running this business
of lying on the floor, completely unraveled.  But it’s not always helpful or expansive to
you, my tribe, to share those stories, especially while I’m going through them.
If my most profound devotion is to your expansion,(which it is)
then I know that when I do share those stories with you, I want to be in a space where
I’ve been through it already, I’m on the other side and I’m in a place of expansion
when I finally tell the story once and for all.

So the question I want you to go into the weekend asking yourself is two-fold:

1) What am I committed to growing in the world–expansion or contraction?
2) When I share this–is this information contributing to expansion or contraction?

If your calling is to aid in the expansion of the world and human consciousness,
the answer will become very clear.

With profound devotion to your expansion,
Lisa Fabrega
Life Detox for women on the edge of liberation

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