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We always hear how amazing following the yes of the soul turned out, after the fact.  But very rarely do people tell the stories of the brave journey that happens right after you leap into your soul’s yes and you’re freaking out.  Very rarely do people tell the full story of the ups and downs.

That’s why this year I started interviewing clients and friends who have been on that journey and that would be willing to tell the full, raw truth of what happens when your soul asks you to leap and you say yes to that leap.  

The interviews turned out to be amazing, with each person sharing how they got through the moments of almost quitting, tools that help them stay brave and more.  I ended up naming them Soul Alchemy Journeys.

This month’s Soul Alchemy Journey is Angelina Deweese.  Angelina is one of my 1:1 clients and a friend.  Our interview was so good we went longer than normal and her story is riveting.  Angelina had a thriving business and had just paid $6,000 to revamp her website, when an interesting opportunity popped up in her world.  After hemming and hawing she realized that her soul was a yes and despite other people around her telling her what she was doing was a bit crazy, she let go of her business and her brand new website to follow this new opportunity.  The result is, months later, 600 people have gone through her new 4 week course and over 500 people attended her first live, large-scale event.

Pull up a good cup of tea, make some space in your morning and get ready for an absolutely soul nourishing and fascinating conversation about what it REALLY looks like to follow your soul.

Click the image below to listen to Angelina’s amazing story and watch the video.

Here are some of the highlights of the video:

  • What happens when your Soul asks you to let go of a thriving business and a brand new website you just spent $6000 on.
  • The tools Angelina uses when her ego acts up when money is tight or things don’t seem to be working out.
  • How having a coach and a community are the secret ingredients to manifesting what you really want.
  • What the process of following your soul looks like: from bliss, to freak out, to peaceful, grounded determination.
  • How to feel safe to follow your soul and how to trust in what your soul asks you to do.
  • The mindset tool Angelina uses to stop a freak out in its tracks.
  • How to navigate conversations with loved ones when they don’t understand the soul-based decisions you are making.  
  • How being willing to fail helps Angelina differentiate between her ego & her soul.
  • How to deal with the trap of believing you have nothing new to offer.
  • Why the 1:1 work we have done together is unlike any other coach or program she has experienced and why it has made a big difference in her life & work.

What did you think of the interview?  What did you get out of it?

I would love to know in the comments below!