Your soul has a song and it really, really matters


lisa fabrega


When I was a child, I would often go out into the jungle, sit down among the trees and put my hands on the damp soil, palms-down.  It was not something I had been taught to do by anyone.  It was something that I just knew to do.  Period.

I did this out of fascination.  You see, I had discovered one day while doing this that the earth has a humming sound.  If you quiet your mind and get really still, you can hear it.  A low soothing vibration.  If you’re willing you can feel it in your hands pressed to the dirt.

When I first heard this, I only could hear the vibration of soil and the life burrowed deep within its crevices.  But as I practiced more and more, I began to hear many other things.  The hum of grass, insects and trees.  Leaves, birds, the breeze and the clouds above.  As my ears opened up more and more to the sound I began to hear a symphony of vibration, like a chant the earth sings to exalt herself.

I had never heard anyone speak of this before, so I didn’t know who to tell about this strange phenomenon.  I had always been deeply connected to music and had written many songs that came to me in dreams from what felt like other worlds.  Then one day, as I was reading up on Beethoven (I had a special love for classical music at that time and still do), I read that many believed that he could hear the vibration of the planets and that he wrote many of his compositions while deaf by tuning in to these vibrations.

I was stunned, because there was confirmation of a very interesting phenomenon that I thought was unique only to me.

And then a question entered my mind…

Does everything sing?  Could it be that everything has its own particular vibration?

That question stayed with me for many years.  I suspected this was true.  Intuitively, I felt it.  And I heard it, if I got really still.  It wasn’t until years later in college that I came across another confirmation of this very question.

While reading St. Augustine’s works in a philosophy class I came across the passage where he describes being with his mother right before she died.  I remember being moved to tears as he recalled having a conversation with her that elevated them into an almost ecstatic state.  In this state he could feel himself connecting to all living beings, rising into the heavens alongside his mother’s soul.  He describes hearing the song of flowers and all things on earth, then describes rising up above the earth and hearing the symphonies of the planets and rising even further still hearing the song of angels exalting all of creation.  When they “came down” from this ecstatic state, his mother declared to him that she was now ready to die, because she had experienced heaven.  His mother died a few days later.

I was sitting there in philosophy class, mesmerized.

Here was someone else talking about this very same “hum” that I could hear as a very young child, all those years ago, sitting in the jungle, hiking through the mountains, or even opening up my window at night when everyone else had gone to sleep.

And what I now realized was that all of existence is singing.
And it’s not just a collection of random cacophonous melodies.

We are all part of an orchestra.  Everything in existence is a unique instrument, emitting its own particular set of notes.  And each song contributes to a symphony of all that has ever existed and exists now.  Each living thing that has now passed on has left an imprint in that symphony, its own set of notes, added its own movement to the larger composition, influencing the other notes and movements that have descended from its line.

Everything sings!  Everything is adding its own particular vibration to the cosmic symphony! my brain exclaimed excitedly.

And if we are part of that everything, isn’t it feasible to believe that WE “sing” too?
Isn’t it possible that the very unique configuration of our internal organs, blood and flesh emits its own series of notes and cadences?  

It was in that moment that I realized how deeply, deeply important every thing on this planet is.

There is nothing on this planet that is here without purpose.  If your soul or the soul of any “thing” on this planet chose to be here, at this time, it is for a reason.

There is a “song” that everything seen and unseen sings and it is a very important part of the larger symphony of existence.  Take away that song, warp it, tell that song it has to be something else or silence it and the symphony of All is incomplete.  It does not sound right. It is incomplete.  Not whole.

The Universe needs you to be fully in your wholeness to be full whole itself.

That is how important you are, my love.
And that is why it is so, so deeply important that we learn how to live in full alignment with the soul.  Because in your soul is the unique song of you.

And if you sabotage it, tell it it’s not enough, hide it, berate it, abuse it, warp it to sound more like another’s song or ignore it, you are removing an important harmony in the symphony of cosmic wholeness.

It was when I realized this that I knew that I would always dedicate my life to the Soul.
Care of the soul, honoring of the soul, listening to the soul, following what the soul desires.
And all of the work that comes with that, like removing the stories you were told about your particular soulsong that distort it or silence it.

That is why I am here, week after week, writing to you.  That is why I do what I do.
Because, for one second, imagine what a world where devotion to the cultivation and protection of the unique Soul of each one of us, looks like.

An opus of harmony and possibility.

That is my job, to help you hear the song of your soul, sing it and cultivate it.  Spread it.  Sing it as often as you desire.  Express it in its purest, most original form.  Love it.  Care for it.  Weave your own piece in the cosmic harmonic web.  Leave an imprint that will change the Universal opus forever.

That is how much you matter.

This is why the most important work you will ever do is the work of aligning with your soul.

My love, do you get it now?


Ps:  If you geek out on this like I do, here are a few videos you will love.

Listen to what happens when you slow down the sound crickets made  

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With love,