Everyone uses the word sovereignty, but what does it actually mean?


lisa fabrega


Stepping into my own sovereignty
has not been easy.
Sovereignty is to be governed
by the Self,  by your one and true Soul
and not by the influence
of others.

Stepping into sovereignty is going to
piss off some people that you love very much

It means some people might
stop loving you and move on.
It means you might move on, too.

You may be accused of being
rigid or selfish. You may be told
your boundaries are ridiculous.

This happens because we are so used to
Violating our own and each other’s boundaries
that we have mistaken that to be a part of what
“loving and being loved” looks like.

I often hear things like:
love means sacrifice
and while I can understand
the true meaning of that phrase,
too often people use that phrase
to sacrifice their souls, their desires
and their Selves.

But there is a difference between joyfully and willingly
making a sacrifice vs making a sacrifice against your Self
to make sure you don’t lose someone’s love.

The truth is that stepping into sovereignty
will reveal truths about the real dynamics
in many of your closest relationships.
It will trigger many people who you love
and who love you, because we are used to believing
that love means going against yourself
to accommodate someone else’s needs.

But to me, that is not love.

I don’t ever want someone
to sacrifice their Soul yes
for me.  I don’t ever want
someone to make a sacrifice
out of fear that I won’t love them
if they don’t.

I strive for my love to be unconditional.
True love is unconditional.

I am not always perfect at it
but to me, sovereignty
is a form of deep, powerful love.
A love that is truly

When you stand in your  sovereignty,
in your boundaries,
in what creates deep joy,
fulfillment and satisfaction for you
and you refuse to settle for anything
that does not honor your Soul,
you begin to disentangle yourself from all of the
tangled, manipulation-tinged versions of love
that we have been taught.

And instead you become a stand for deep self love
for all in your sphere.

Sovereignty begets sovereignty.

Sovereignty in you allows others around you
to honor their Soul and their deepest calling.

And that is when you get to truly serve the world around you,
instead of try to get them to fit your agenda.
That is when you truly step into soul-driven leadership.

Sovereignty allows you and others
to be who you were truly called here
to be.

It’s not easy.
I have received death threats
from people I love
for holding a boundary
and choosing to love who and what I love,
I have been bombarded
with awful emails from people
who get triggered
by my firm but loving “no”,
I have been ostracized, called names and accused
of many awful and false things.

But none of them compare
to how good, how deeply joyful
and how connected-to-God-
and-love it feels when you allow
yourself to step fully
into your sovereignty.

None of your fears about becoming sovereign
compare to the feeling you get
when you finally stop
making yourself wrong
for loving what you love,
when you make it your art
to unconditionally love yourself
enough to do that for yourself.

The level of transformation in your leadership and impact in the world doubles.

I wish that for you too.
I wish it for all of us 💜





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