Spiritual elitism & ego shaming: I’m so over it

I’ll be honest, I’m SO OVER self-appointed spiritual gurus and teachers shaming the ego. You might think that is weird for me to say — someone who is here to teach all about the importance of the soul. But I am. So over it.

You need your ego to be an effective and powerful leader. In today’s vlog you’ll learn:

  • The spiritual elitist shaming technique I am so over
  • How to find the right balance between your ego and your soul
  • How to get your soul and your ego to support your desires and tap into your true power as a leader

Click below to watch the short video I made for you this week. If you’re here to lead in a big way, this is one relationship you need to get into balance to unleash the full power of your gifts so you can serve at a higher level.



With love,

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