Spiritual Manipulators, Psychic Hysteria & True Sovereignty


lisa fabrega




If you’ve ever been told to be careful about exploring your gifts because you “never know what dark stuff you could uncover” or you’ve been manipulated by a spiritual healer/worker into becoming codependent on them.  If you’ve been told you had some dark entity attached to you and that you will need several sessions to clear it.  If you’ve ever been afraid of diving deeply into your soul gifts because you’re afraid of being corrupted by the power.  If you’re afraid to “come out” in your woo because you fear how very religious or fearful family members will react, this audio is for you.

I’m calling BS on a lot of beliefs in the spiritual world, that a lot of soul workers use to keep clients co-dependent.  I talk about the subtle victimhood that we can find in our fear of our gifts and how to become powerful creators of what we actually desire.

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