Stop what you’re doing now and listen


lisa fabrega


My dear Badass. High Achiever. Ultra Performer. Brilliant being of light.

Already impacting the world in big ways and on your way to impact
so many more…

This letter is for you. Stop what you’re doing now and listen.

You are so smart.
Your brain is amazing.  

That incredible mind of yours has worked with you, side by side, all of these years to help you build the incredible things you have created. You seek out the strategies and your mind soaks them up like a sponge. You implement them like a boss.  

You keep up with the latest ideas, but you’re also always innovating and usually ahead of the curve with that mind of yours. You thought of that years ago. You are creative AF.

That intellect, those strategies, that go-getter energy
and that desire to conquer the world have gotten you so far.

You’ve sold out the programs. Blown past your launch goals. Wowed everyone in the boardroom. Sold your art for the highest prices. Won the prestigious awards.

Just look at what you’ve already created with that amazing mind.  

Look at the success you’ve built.
You’ve gone above and beyond where most people in your family, country or sphere go.


You savor problems.
You eat them for breakfast.


If that doesn’t work, you go read a book or article about it.
And if that doesn’t work, you hire an expert to show you the solution.

You don’t stop until you get what you want.
You don’t sleep until the people you want to reach have been transformed.  


You are amazing at goals.  


You write them down on lists, you dream about them and you inwardly (or outwardly) yelp as you cross them off, one by one.  

You are unstoppable.
You never quit.
You regularly remark at how the stubbornness you were criticized for in your youth is your greatest gift now as an adult.


But there comes a time when you reach a ceiling.


You find a conundrum you can’t solve with your brilliant brain.
And it’s bothering you.  

So you do what you always know to do to slay those goals:
You hire the experts. You read. You learn.
Something doesn’t feel quite right.


Suddenly, there is this thing that you can’t will or think your way through
No matter what you try.  


It affects your self esteem.
You wonder if you really are as brilliant as they say you are.

You’ve got the awards under your belt.
You’ve got the respect.


So why can’t you seem to figure this one out?


You keep hearing the voice of all those experts ringing in your ears.
But you can’t hear your own.


Listen to me now.


When was the last time you sat and listened?
When was the last time you gave yourself SPACE.

When was the last time you gave your brilliant mind the day off?

When was the last time you allowed the Universe to BRING you the answer, instead of you powering through on your own?


Oh yeah, I know your mind is scoffing at that one.
You are probably already blowing past what I just asked you,
and moving on to the next “expert” in your search to solve your problem.

Someone has to know the solution, right?
Who has the time for this airy fairy stuff?


You have gotten so used to using your brain to solve the problems that come up in your life, business and career that you’ve forgotten you have a whole other set of tools available to you.  

You have forgotten that you are not alone. You’ve forgotten the ancestors, angels and unseen forces that cheer you on and are ready to be called upon.  


You’ve forgotten your inner wisdom, laying dormant in your soul,
awaiting the loving kiss of your attention to awaken her.


You need to understand this:
Your mind is merely intellect. Yeah, we need that.
But our soul is intelligence.


Trying to get to the levels of impact you are trying to get to using only your intellect is like trying to run an elite marathon with plastic flip flops from the 99 cent store.


Your soul holds the intelligence of eons of existence, time and space.
The brilliance that created the entire Universe.

Just look at your spine. Inside those vertebrae are networks of neurons, ganglia, and fluid that literally rule all of your actions and thoughts. Yet, universal intelligence knew to protect that neural system with strong, hard bones in a movable, flexible column.

That is the genius that you hold within your being and have access to.
The mind cannot touch that level of innate intelligence.

You could be bringing that level of brilliance into everything you do.
But instead you keep going back to only relying on your mind.
And you don’t give yourself the space or the time to learn the language of your soul.

You think that if you’re not constantly “doing” then you’re lazy and failing.


This is your permission, you brilliant, successful,
marvel of beauty, grace & determination.
These are your questions for today.

If you answer these questions and do this assignment,
you have WON the day, outperformed everyone
and need do nothing else. Period. You win.


What if you stop looking for the solution or trying to hack your way into the problem?
What if you drop the “thinktanks” and “braintrusts” of people for just today?
What if you give your mind permission to go on vacation for this ONE day.

And instead, take yourself to the beach.
Go for a long, all day walk and romp in the woods.
Head to that abstract museum you love.
Lay back on your couch and read that steamy romance novel you’ve had sitting on your nightstand for months and drink your favorite chai all day long.


Throw the goal list for today on your desk in the trash
and open up a new, blank page.
On it write, as your only goal for the day, “Listen.”


I’m not saying this is as a nice sentiment. I’m not just writing a lovely list of words for you to marvel at and think of as pretty.  


Actually. Do. It.


You are so used to crossing off a list of achievements as a form of validation.
Slaying goals has become a measure of your value.
Notches on your belt have become proof that a thing is worthy of being given time and energy.

I’m calling you out on that bullshit.
Stop that madness. Now.
You have legacies to create and leave behind.

Legacies require a lot of work. And you are willing to do that work. But the legacy makers of this world — the people you admire, know this one thing:


What is going to allow you to leave your own unique footprint in this world
is NOT how many items you cross off your to do list,
or how many work items you finished by the end of the day.

What allows you to leave a legacy is the ability to bring YOUR unique way of thinking, feeling and dreaming about the world into everything you create and leave behind.


And the only way to access that unique being in all of the goals you’re “slaying” is space.
Space to simply LISTEN for other voices other than your mind.

You’ve got a lot of shit to do, I get it.

Instead of searching for the solution in your mind, a book, an expert. Instead of trying to “figure it out” with your brain. Let that go.


Listen to your soul, listen to the space around you
and see if perhaps the answer might be there,
just waiting for you.  


Maybe the three deer that come across your path on that hike, which you can actually notice now because now you are actually listening and present, will spark the solution.  

Maybe the random person at the grocery store checkout will say something to you totally unrelated to the problem you’re trying to solve and that will spark an idea leads you to the answer.


Stop searching for the answer and let the answer happen to you.


The BIGGEST task for you to accomplish today is to listen.
Listen for what the world wants to tell you, your soul wants to tell you, your angels and ancestors want to tell you, the trees want to tell you. It’s all there. You just have to listen.

Stop superimposing your thoughts and goals on the information flowing in from the world around you. Put the pen down. And just listen.


If the only goal you achieve today is to have really, truly, powerfully LISTENED…
Then you’ve done enough.



With love,






PS: I know you love accountability and slaying your goals list — so at the end of the day, I want you to come back here after trying this homework experiment and comment below to “cross off” this item from your list. In the comments, let me know what happened today when you tried this method.