Superman, kryptonite & you: the surprisingly tiny thing that can hold you back from your next level of impact.


lisa fabrega

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Are there locations that hold back your progress in your career or business?
Could setting better boundaries with your family be the key to doubling your revenue this year?
Could your revenue ceiling finally break when you stop speaking to your former lover?

As leaders who are here to make a big impact in the world and leave a legacy, we don’t have a lot of time for things that drain us, hold us back, or distract us. We’ve got a lot of people to serve and a higher mission to attend to.  

But you’d be surprised how often the badass women I work with are learning to tend to their energy & self care through setting better boundaries with the environment and people around them.  

The higher we rise, the more intricate the boundaries and self-tending need to be.

Over a year and a half ago, running an already very successful business, I moved away from family in Florida to Santa Barbara, California. I had spent a year in Florida to be near a sick relative who i am close with.  

But when I moved to California, I watched my already awesome business revenue go straight up. If I had a chart to show you it would look like a line going straight up. To top it off, I had some business breakthroughs in the area of team management, attracting better clients, & having more time for writing — all because of this move.

Turns out, Florida had been my kryptonite for a variety of reasons. And that’s when I learned the value of “power spots.”  

I’m explaining it all to you in the short, five minute video below!

After you finish watching, let me know what resonated with you in the comments below!

What did you get out of this? Do you have power spots? Have you noticed certain people and places are like kryptonite for you? How do you think it would affect your already badass results if you focused on power spots more?

I want to know your answers to these q’s in the comments below!

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