That which you savor on your tongue


lisa fabrega



There is a secret desire
that has been murmuring
in your heart.
A soft, round thing, innocent and bright
with the light of endless possibility,
as all new born things are.

It’s been there, within you, for hours,
days, months and in some cases,

I have watched you with this
burgeoning desire, this tiny flame
of hope. Contemplating it,
inching forward then
sitting back.

I have watched you rolling it
back and forth on your tongue,
afraid to savor it.
I have watched you timidly reach out
to touch it and shrink back
when you are shown the vision
of how far it will take you.
How much love, abundance
and joy it could lead to.

Who am I
to want this,
dare to taste
this, be

Who am I
to dream that this
could be possible,
real, mine.

Who am I
to think my voice
matters or could create
any sort of lasting

Who am I
you ask yourself
as you feel the warmth
of this secret desire,
glowing anyway, wanting
to be seen, felt &
drawn forth into being.

I have watched you telling yourself
not yet for eternities. I have watched you
put it away for later, when I’m ready,
after I finish this.

It is winter now and all the lands
have gone fallow. All of nature
withdraws her branches
from the sun and goes within.
All that is gifted with life
slumbers. But in that slumber
she is gestating a new dream,
a new birthing of her Self.
A new offering.

My hope for you,
dearest one,
is that you will finally
listen to that knowing
within you. That you will finally
let yourself be led by
that little spark of hot desire
that has been pulling you gently
by the hand into the new lands
of your being forever.

That you will stop trying to be
practical about it. That you will be
wild, crazy and throw caution to
the breezes.

My hope
is that you will remember
that absence of fear
is not a requirement
for doing it anyway.

That there is no such thing
as waiting to start until
you are good enough,
because you always
have been.

My prayer
is that you will finally savor that
precious pull of your soul
as the deepest wisdom that exists
in this entire, starry-eyed, gravity-defying
Universe and stop looking for more
outward confirmation, money or signs
to tell you when to start.

That you will let yourself be swept up
in the rapture of the vision your heart
has been trying to show you
for years, but which you have been
too afraid to fully see.

My desire
Is that you birth a life led by
the Soul and not Ego, who
has been your despot master
for too long.

My deepest invocation
is that you finally see
the magic that lies in the wisdom
of that desire you’ve been hiding.

And that you finally love and honor
your Self enough to let it all burn away,
if it has to, to make way
for the life you were really
meant for.

It is time now,
to stop hesitating,
excusing and
spiritually bypassing
your inner knowing.

If there is an experience, person,
book, program, shaman, soul-worker,
coach, teacher or path you feel called
to work with, trust it. Listen.

Listen now.

Who am I
Who am I
Who am I

Just like all of nature, It is time now
to lean in and be brave.

For bravery
is not about being

It is about taking
your soul’s knowing
by the hand
and letting it lead you,
wild-eyed and wiry-haired,
breathlessly rejoicing
In the freedom of your undoneness,
even when your knees
are trembling.