the glacier that saved me


lisa fabrega



It was 1am.
This was a strange land, filled with magic, so it was not yet completely dark.

The sun had set at 11:30pm.  We had stopped to have a picnic lunch in the volcanic fields in front of the Black Waterfall and since then had been riding in our warm, cozy camper vans
for the last few hours, silent in our excited anticipation.

And then I saw it through the window.

It was a blur of car doors opening and shutting, feet shuffling, to get a glimpse of it in the half-light.  A few yelps of awe emitting from the small, 7 person party I was traveling with.

And there it was.  

I was standing in front of Vatnajokull’s glacial lagoon, Jokulsarlon.
Vatnajokull is one of the largest glaciers in all of Europe and is 2,500 years old.
It is one of the most famous glaciers in Iceland.

And as I stood there, with massive blue-ice icebergs creaking in the profound silence, I watched a perfect crescent moon reflected in the lake in front of me, as two seals came swimming by, a picture of pure joy and freedom.  

How is this real? I asked myself, stunned by the sheer perfection of this scene before me.

For the last year I had been undergoing a dark night of the soul.  A period where I was questioning everything–who I was, what the purpose of my life was, whether or not things had any meaning, what I was actually called here to do…

I had hired coaches, psychics, intuitives, tarot readers, shamans and even therapists to help me find my answers.  Nothing had helped so far.  I was panicked at this feeling I always had…

floating in the middle of the Universe with nothing to hold onto, as I described it to one of my coaches at the time.

What had always been so clear to me before, had become muddied in the last 16 months.  I was frozen in a panic all the time because I was terrified of what this confusion would do to the business I had built…would it make me lose everything?  Would people feel confused and therefore stay away?  Would people want to hear about the new directions I was being called into as my business evolved along with my soul?

One night in the middle of a panic attack, as I sat there soaked in sweat, begging the Universe for answers, a sign, something

My heart whispered a tiny, almost unnoticeable word: travel.
And my ego freaked out.  

That costs money, I could be spending this money on business building programs or more coaches to help me figure out why I feel so stuck and confused.

I need to figure. this. out.  What good is traveling going to do?  

I can’t afford to spend money on such extravagances when I need to worry about how I’m going to keep everything up and bring in income all while going through this confusing period.

Everything seems to be hanging in the balance here, going on a trip somewhere is not the answer–what if you’re just escaping from the problem.  Isn’t that irresponsible to do this now?

But my soul, she kept pulling me to go..  
She kept saying, I want to go.  I need this.  Trust.

Well I had already been trying to figure things out the logical, “responsible” way, and no coach, book or healer had been able to give me the answers I was looking for in over a year.

With nothing to lose, I decided to listen to my soul.  I picked a country that I knew nothing about, but that had been calling to me–Iceland.

And now here I was standing in front of the most jaw-dropping thing I had ever experienced.



Jokulsarion in the daytime, after sleeping at its banks in our cozy, warm camper van.

A strange thing began to happen.

I felt the icy block of fear, anxiety & confusion that I had been feeling about my purpose and my place in this world begin to melt.  And underneath was my raw, pulsating, tender heart.

Warmth rushed up through my chest and into my whole body and tears began to roll down my face.  My body began to shake, overcome by the absolute wonder of this thing I had the honor of standing in front of.  

A living altar demanding tears as worship.

Do you know what it is to stand in front of a thing that has seen the world change and evolve for a thousand years? That has literally carved out mountains and cleaved the earth in two?

Do you know what it is to experience, not with your mind or eyes, but with your BODY, a thing of such beauty and wisdom?

To feel the heart of a thing 2500 years old, beating in rhythm with the song of all of existence, in rhythm with the blood running through your very veins?

It does something to you, let me tell you.  To your body.  To your soul.
You are never the same again.  In the best of ways.

I felt this glacial Elder beckoning to me, surrender.

I took a deep breath and fell into its metaphoric arms.  I sat down by the banks of its lagoon.
I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of this miracle before me.  This snowy, gentle beast pierced its gaze right through me and beneath the power of its ancient witnessing, I wept like a child at its banks, my tears mixing with its salty water.

I felt the kind warmth of a divine father holding me as I released all of the confusion and frustration I had been feeling for so many months.

I emptied myself out into the vast pools of love that this icy behemoth offered me.

And then suddenly, for the first time in 2 years, everything inside of me was silent.

The fear, the confusion, the brain chatter, the suggestions of all the mentors I had hired, the lessons from all the books I had read, the shoulds and the should nots, the limiting beliefs that ran like a tape through my head…

they just stopped.

I spent the next 5 days traveling through this world in a state of total emptiness.



The silence of this vast, magical land overwhelmed and drove out everything inside of me that was unnecessary to my essence.   And all I was left with was pure presence, pure experience and… ME.  In my purest, most raw form.

The red, raw truth of my heart, beating.
Finally, the space I had been needing for so long in order to hear myself.

In Iceland, I came back to the basics of what was actually real for ME.
None of the bullshit that weighed me down or the petty details of my life, mattered here.

Perspective on what truly mattered to me came as my days were dedicated to letting this land do its deep, energetic work on me.  It was continuously emptying me out of all the stuff I had accumulated over the years that was preventing me from hearing my soul’s truth.

One afternoon, after filling my thermos with clear water from a spring underneath a waterfall, and drinking it (the most delicious water I have ever tasted), I lay down on the ground, on the edge of a cliff overlooking an endless field of rivers and dried black lava and I felt an ecstasy and freedom moving through me that I hadn’t felt since I was a child.



Selfie to capture my joy after drinking pure spring water from a waterfall.

Jumping into natural hot springs with not a soul in sight,  surrounded by icy valleys.  Driving next to wild packs of Icelandic horses.
Witnessing waterfalls that flowed upside down and watching the sun set over the place where Jules Verne began his tale, A Journey To The Center of The Earth, I began to get connected to what had been wanting to be born for 2 years, but that the “noise” had not allowed to come through.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Iceland, I found out later, is considered one of the great  “power spots” of the world.  A country that the earth is still giving birth to.  Where the paradox of ice and fire co-exist.  

A place that empties you out and finally gives you the space to hear the truth of your soul.

And why should we care about giving ourselves the space to hear our souls loud and clear?

Because, my love, your soul holds the blueprint to your purpose, your calling, the most epic, joyful life that you were called here to live.

And it’s when you finally give yourself the space and magic to HEAR your soul, that the divine blueprint for your life begins to become crystal clear.  And anything you’ve been feeling confused about, foggy about…it vanishes.

The plan magically unrolls before you and suddenly you know.
You know what decisions you need to make, what you need to say, who you need to say it to.

This was the gift Iceland gave me.  That is its magic.

I learned that there are some places on this earth that function as “shortcuts” to our growth.
They amplify our progress and allow us to step into our power in a way that a book, coach or program cannot do.

There are places so full of potent magic that they allow you to clear out years of limiting beliefs..years of confusion…years of fears holding you back from stepping into the abundant, soul-aligned life you were born to just one moment.  Just like my experience in front of the great Vatnajokull glacial lagoon, Jokulsarlon.

It became so clear when I was in Iceland, that this is part of my purpose, to create the space for you to be able to hear the voice of your Soul and from there align every part of your life with your soul.  

If you want this to be a year where you truly step into the life and business you’ve always wanted.  If you want to draw in true prosperity like never before.  If you want to make this the year where you connect to your soul more deeply than ever before, then I would love to invite you to come with me this year on a Soul Adventure™ to Iceland.

We have only 8 spots for this magical adventure.

(Men and women are both welcome for the Iceland trip)

With devotion to your soul,


ps: want a sneak peek at the itinerary for this trip?  This is just a small bit of what we have in store for you…

Our itinerary will include:

  • A visit to the Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland’s most famous hot springs and one of the 25 Wonders Of The World.  Soak with fellow soul travelers in this amazing place.



  • 2 days/nights in Reykjavik, sampling the local fare, where we will visit the “elf & fairy school” (and you can get certified!)  The people in Iceland still very much believe in elves, trolls and fairies and it is a rich part of their folklore.  Later we will see all of Reykjavik from the top of its tallest tower (see below)



  • A boat tour through the glacial lagoon, Jokulsarlon in front of the icebergs of the 2500 year old Vatnajokull (one of the most beautiful and largest glaciers in Europe)



  • Stops at Secret Waterfalls, the black sand beach (Vik) where two rock formations are said to be two trolls frozen in time, swimming in a natural hot water river, sleeping in front of glaciers and other magical locations (Iceland is FILLED with them)



  • We will end our trip at ThingVellir–a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sacred to the Icelandic people.  It is the place where you can actually see the continental plates divide.  It is said leaving a wish here amplifies it!  We will end here with a ritual to set your intention with powerful earth energy.



Now the only question left to ask is this, are you ready to connect with your truth like never before, give yourself the space to hear the voice of your soul and step into the prosperity and leadership you were born to embody?

Then I’d love for you to check out the Iceland Soul Adventure here.

There are tons of more pics and information over on the Soul Adventures page for you to get more info and apply for the trip.

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