The jaw-dropping power of clarity


lisa fabrega

jaw dropping

jaw dropping

I totally have a pimple on my chin in this video below and my face is kind of sweaty from the California heat and sitting in my hot car in a dark parking garage in between appointments today… But I still made you this video! (below)

Yesterday I had a VIP Day with a client who was feeling totally lost and confused
about what her purpose was, who she was supposed to be in the world, she wasn’t
even clear on “what” kind of work she was supposed to be doing with her clients,
and of course, feeling this way she also had no idea how she should describe what
her soul’s purpose was on her website, in her bio or in her “tag line”.

Well, about an hour in to our VIP Day we FOUND what that soul purpose was.

Her work suddenly became so clear and within an hour she had a bio, a tag line,
a cocktail party intro, copy for her front page of her website & a cool, unique title
to call herself.

This morning she messaged me to tell me that she had one of the most powerful
sessions EVER with a new client and that it was because of how clear she was now
on what she was here to do.

What created this magic? Well I’m telling you all about it in this super short 4 minute
video today, which I was so passionate about sharing with you that I just sat in my car
in between appointments to film for you with a sweaty face and a pimple on my chin!
No fancy lighting or set here–just pure raw, truth.

Click the video below to go to my blog and watch it.
I promise it will be a highlight of your day!

With profound devotion,



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