the most important detox tool that no one knows about…


lisa fabrega


I sat and stared at my blank computer screen for two days
before I was able to write this story.  Sometimes in life, things happen
that are so huge, so transformative and so beyond your expectations,
that for a while afterwards you struggle to find the words to describe
the experience.  

This is one of those stories.

Last year, one of my very own clients taught me one of the most
powerful detox tools that ever existed.
 It took her mind-blowingly
amazing breakthrough
 to make me realize that the greatest detox tool
you could ever possess is…

I’ll get to that in a minute.
Because in order to give you that tool, I need to let you in on that client’s
own private journey,
 which she gave me permission to share and in which
 even asked me to reveal her real name!

I first met Lorrie at the beginning of last year.
I had just announced enrollment for my 2012 Mastermind program:
a 9 month journey that combines private coaching, group coaching,
luxurious travel reatreats to exotic places & world-class guest experts
to help you detox everything in your life that is strangling your power.

I’ll never forget the first time I spoke with Lorrie.
When I asked her why we were talking about her joining the mastermind,
she told me that she had been a schoolteacher her whole life.  At one point
she had enjoyed it,
but now going to the school day in and day out made
her feel numb inside.  
In fact, she told me, she felt this way in many other
areas of her life.
 Passionless. Uninspired.

Worse, she was in the position to retire from this soul-sucking job,
but she was terrified to do that because, what would she do without the job
that was distracting her from getting 
to know her real Self?
What if she ended up not liking the person she discovered?

She also admitted to me, she had never had a tight knit group of female
friends and was nervous that the women would not be able to “handle”
everything that she had inside of her.  

See, Lorrie had a big secret that she hadn’t told me yet
(which I’ll tell you about in a moment).

Yet, despite the fear,
A small part of her knew that there had to be a life out there
where she could feel passionate, in love with herself, living
her purpose & making an impact.

Even though she didn’t know the “how”, she put herself in my (and the other
women’s) hands, took the leap of faith and signed up.
And the next time I saw her was at our first in-person retreat in NYC.

This is when the powerful “aha” moment happened.

During one of the group exercises for this retreat,
I had the women share their “greatest shame”.

Here’s the thing that you really need to understand:
So many of us walk around with the belief that we are inherently broken.
We carry our brokenness around with us like a deep, hot shame that we
have to “hide” from others.  We bury it deep inside until we forget it is a belief
that we have, and then we unconsciously carry it into every area of our lives.
We’ve come to accept that we are broken on such a deep level,
that we don’t even know that this toxic belief
is slowly eating away at our soul.

The greatest toxins in our body are the things we don’t even
know are there, wreaking havoc in the shadows.

When it came time for Lorrie to share, she almost bolted.
I could tell something BIG was brewing behind those gorgeous, sparkling eyes.
And as soon as she opened up her mouth, it all came tumbling out.

She told us she was terrified because what she really wanted to share with us,
the secret she had carried around for 40+ years, 
buried so deep inside that not even her husband knew about it,
was that she had been battling an eating disorder for the past 40 years.

And not a soul knew about it.

What happened next still brings tears to my eyes.
As Lorrie finally spoke her secret out loud, and told us about where
it all started (she experienced the loss of a parent at 10 years old)
she began to cry fearfully. She was bracing herself for what she thought
would be a judgmental or fearful reaction from me and the rest of the women.
After all, hadn’t we just seen the horrible “monster” inside of her?
What would we think of her terrible “brokenness”?

Instead I watched as each woman in the room told her
“We love you Lorrie, you are so brave and such an inspiration to me.
We all wrapped our arms around her, handed her tissues,
patted her on the back and unconditionally loved her.

And guess what?

That was the last time that Lorrie ever purged again.

It took one live weekend, learning my most powerful life-shifting detox tools
and a powerful Sisterhood of women
 unconditionally loving her and
reflecting back to her that
 there was actually absolutely NOTHING wrong
with her at all
 to make her realize, that she didn’t need to punish herself
by purging any longer.

It took one huge verbal purge of shame to stop the actual purging forever.

So, remember how I told you I’d let you know what ONE
of the most powerful detox tools is?

A fierce Sisterhood.

In all of my years working with women, there is always something magic that happens
when women get together in a group, all committed to serve each other
and unconditionally love their fellow Sister. It is one of the most powerfully
transformative, detoxifying of BS-beliefs-that-hold-you-back experiences ever.

And that is just ONE of the amazing tools that Lorrie learned in the course
of the year that she was in the mastermind.  Combine sisterhood with private
coaching and learning high-level holistic strategies to detox every area of your life,
(which I’ll reveal more of in the coming weeks) and you have Lorrie’s “after” testimonial.

In Lorrie’s own words:
The turning point for me, the reason I joined, was that I knew I had to do something.
I was really afraid that if I didn’t do something soon I wasn’t going to survive.
That wasn’t just figuratively- it was literally.  I was in a deep dark place and 
saw no way out- no hope. 
Hated my deep dark secret about my eating disorder.
It had eaten away my soul/spirit.

I had been following you on the internet for awhile, and something about you just
resonated with me.
After our phone call together I thought “I have to take that leap
of faith” and put my soul in your hands
I am so glad I did.  
I detoxed something that I had been battling with on my own for 40 years.
I love myself so much more now.  I’m closer to my husband.  I’ve raised my
rates in my coaching business because my sense of self-worth has gone up.
There is no part of my life where this work has not reached.

The transformation has been nothing short of amazing and I have best friends for life”.

Imagine how far you could go if you had the level of support
that a program like this provides.
  If you had a fierce tribe of women
who believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself.
Like Lorrie, you’d start to believe the reality they were reflecting back to
you after a while. 
You start to believe, “hey, actually, there is nothing wrong
with me after all. I mean–all these people who love me can’t be nuts, right?”

If you’re reading this and you are longing to be in community with some of the
most powerful, change-making women around, 
 who will love you and support
you unconditionally for the entirety of 2013.
And you want to be unrecognizable to yourself by the end of this year….

Then I have a very special invitation for you.
I am just now opening up applications for my 2013 Mastermind program.

There are only 12 spots in this intimate, high level, life-changing experience.
4 are already taken by women who are returning for another year
and by private clients who have been on the wait list all year for this program.
(Lorrie is one of the women coming back for another year!)

So there are actually now only 8 spots left.

In a few days I’ll tell you more about the actual program,
and all of the mind-boggling stuff that’s included in it,
but for those of you who want to get a sneak peek and
apply right away before it sells out, 
click here to pre-apply.

Filling out this application will not guarantee you a spot, nor does
it mean you are under any obligation.
If, after reviewing your application, I determine that you and the

program are a good fit for each other, you will be contacted to
set up a time to chat with me 
about the program details &
specifics.  After that conversation, we will contact you to let
you know if we feel this is a good fit at this time.

So if you already know that you’re serious about having astounding transformation
in your life (like Lorrie) and you want to make 2013 your year to become a powerful
creator in your life, release everything that’s holding you back once and for all
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I wouldn’t wait to apply if I were you.  Like I said, I’ve got 4 spots filled already
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If you want in, fill it out now.

With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega
Life Detox for women on the edge of liberation

ps:  in a few days I’m going to share another crazy-awesome story of another one
of the
 women who participated in last year’s mastermind. Stay tuned to find out
how she ended up owing a HORSE!