the most powerful question anyone ever asked me


lisa fabrega


Photo by Kim Pham

Every once in awhile you’re stuck in a conundrum that keeps coming back to you.   

A story that has outworn its welcome but that continues to open its dusty pages and retell itself over and over, much to your despair.

And so it was that I came to be on the phone with a mentor several years ago, in tears.

I was at the end of a very successful year in my business.  Income-wise we were doing well.  I liked what I had produced that year.  And overall, things were good.  Couldn’t complain.

Yet, there was another part of me that was exhausted.  And overwhelmed.
And not knowing how I was going to keep this all up and continue to move into where I was feeling called.  There was a part of me that felt aligned with what I was saying and doing…
and a small part of me that felt like there was something MORE I wasn’t expressing or bringing into my work, which was part of the “next level” I kept feeling drawn to in the work I was doing.

I was continuously having trouble with finding the right team of people to support me.
I was doing SO much and had so much on my plate and I was paralyzed around delegating some of it.  I was getting invitations to participate in things that were kind of a big deal and yet I felt stuck on what to say yes and no to.  

And all the while I was trying to hold this vision for the future I had held since I was a little girl, a vision of big impact.  Not an egoic goal, but one that my soul had revealed to me long ago, at the age of 10, while I was journaling under the stars.

Deep down inside I knew that there was no way I would reach my vision if I kept on going like this.  I was too tired to be creative.  Too overwhelmed to make decisions connected to my intuition and my soul.  And beating myself up for having so many issues with finding the right people to support me and being the best “CEO” I could be.

Breaking down on the phone with my mentor at the time, I told her:  “I am so tired.  I feel like I am holding everyone, my team, my clients, the vision, the things I want to help with in the world.  I am holding so much.  How do I keep all of this up?  How do I take care of myself, make space for creative time, hold my clients, inspire my team into greatness, grow the business, spread the message AND step into the next level of impact and visibility without killing myself in the process?”

And then she asked me that powerful question.

She said, “Lisa, I get that you’re holding all of this…but who is holding YOU?”

All of the air left my lungs as I felt the impact of that question in my body.
“Who is holding you?”

Long after I hung up the phone, the question kept reverberating in my head.
What does she mean, “who’s holding ME?”.

Over the next few days I kept asking myself that question, turning it over in my mind and letting it settle into my soul.  

And suddenly I knew why I was so tired and why I felt so overwhelmed.

I thought of all the people out there who are making an impact and changing the world, doing it in a way that I admire.  You know, like, not burning themselves out and being exhausted all the time.  People that looked vibrant, happy, nourished, aligned deeply with their soul gifts & their creativity, on fire doing what they love and seeing the massive impact their work was making.

Oprah came to mind first (she’s one of my biggest heroes).
And I thought of all of the helpers Oprah has in place, her best friend Gayle, her personal trainer, her life coach Martha Beck, her chef, her assistant, all of the people helping her run the empire she has built that has helped so many…I thought of all of it.

And I looked at myself and realized– if I’m aiming for that level of impact…where is that level of support in my life?  It was crystal clear that I was not being held in the proper container to build what I feel called here to build.  I didn’t have the right kind of support.  Not fully, at least.

Sure I had strategic business coaches, I had lots of knowledge on the right things to do and I had the “list” of things that I needed on the outside to keep growing my business and my message.

But at that time when I was asked that powerful question, I suddenly realized that I did not have the full spiritual and emotional support that I needed.  The type of support that was most important to keeping the entire vision of what I was called here to do, alive!  And I was so busy with how things were growing, that I wasn’t making the space and time to hear my soul.

And I really, really needed to hear my soul, because she knew my destiny and my purpose.  She knew the dream that had been revealed to that little girl under the stars at 10 and how to guide me to get there.

SHE would know exactly what I needed to feel truly HELD in my life and in my business so that I HAD the energy to move into the next level of impact and leadership in my business.

She would tell me who to hire on my team, who to fire, who to hire as my coach to take me to the next level, what opportunities I should say yes to, what friendships I should hold on to, which ones I should let go of and what structures I needed in place in my life and my business to stay aligned and nourished as things grew, …

Problem is, I’d gotten so busy and so overwhelmed, I wasn’t able to hear my Soul so clearly anymore.  So she got a bit quiet.  Just like anyone gets when they’re ignored and underappreciated long enough. And as a result, I felt foggy and lost as to how to build the STRUCTURES in my life, like Oprah had, to spiritually support me as I grew the mission I was called here to serve, into bigger and bigger levels of impact.


That’s the thing almost everyone misses.

Leadership, success, impact… all of that stuff…
it doesn’t happen in a sustainable way if you don’t have the right container to be held in while you’re growing all of it.

As I was growing, new fears and new stories were coming up.  I see this happen with all of my clients as they grow their calling in the world (and it happens with me every time I step into a new level of my calling).  New things come up to be held back by because the stakes get higher.

As you’re called to hold more space in the world, you’re going to be asked to go deeper into yourself spiritually and emotionally than ever before.  Because you have to clear all the stuff out vibrationally that is no longer going to be able to support the next level you’re growing into.

This was life changing for me to realize when I realized it.

A true soul aligned business will always ask you to grow as it grows.
And no “business strategy” or blueprint can address that.

There’s a level of internal spiritual work that has to happen in order for you to grow with your mission, without burning out.  A level of work that allows you to continue to internally expand so that you can handle and hold more, WHILE staying connected to your soul and continuing to show up authentically as you in your work.

You become sovereign.
And sovereignty is the ability to be a person unto yourself.   When you are a sovereign being storms may be happening all around you but you are connected powerfully to your soul and you always know what you need to do to stay internally peaceful and confident.

As your visibility and impact increase, you’re possibly going to receive more negative feedback (because your work is reaching more people), new types of leadership problems that you only face when you get to those levels in your business arise, new types of internal fears and doubts to battle with as you show up for larger and larger amounts of people come up.

And that is the type of support so many women who feel called to make an impact in the world miss.  Choosing strategies and templates and 90 day plans over the internal, spiritual support they actually need.  

How can you execute a plan to grow into the next level of your impact if you can’t hear your soul? Or if you’re afraid of negative feedback?  Or if you’re worried about what will happen when you get on that talk show and more people know who you are?  If you’re concerned you’ll lose yourself in the process because you already know you don’t have the type of support in your life that allows you to stay connected to yourself no matter what is going on?

On that day that my mentor asked me that powerful question, I realized that actually, the most important thing I can invest in to grow my mission in the world, is the internal work that I need to do to prepare myself to step into that level of leadership and into that new, larger level of space holding.  

And so I did.
I stopped working with a business coach and I hired someone to support me spiritually and to hold the space that I needed to be held for me as I grew and expanded in my work.

And it made all the difference.  Even after going through one of the hardest years of my life, end of 2014 into 2015, I was still standing, still going, still teaching and still doing my work.  It has created a level of confidence and sovereignty that guides me in every step of my business now, even when I have to make scary decisions.

And I’ve done this in depth soul work with my clients for the last several years and watched them emerge as sovereign, powerful leaders in their own right, not through more strategy, but through being more deeply connected to their soul voice.

So, my love, I want to ask you– who is holding YOU?

What would it feel like to make your decisions in your business from a deep place of internal knowing, even when your ego is a bit scared?
What would it feel like to feel like you’re putting your full self into everything you do and really using your unique soul gifts in the way you impact the world?
What would it feel like to be accomplishing the big things you dreamed of accomplishing, while feeling nourished, internally peaceful and aligned?

That’s the container I’ve created in Soul Alchemy™.  The new way to work with me 1:1 in 2016.  

If you’re an ambitious woman who is ready to do the real, internal work that is necessary to step into the next level of your impact and you’re ready to be held in this depth of a container.
If you’re ready to rise as a sovereign queen in your life and your work and be more deeply connected to your soul than ever before.
And you want a powerful sisterhood of women doing the same work, who can have these kinds of conversations with you…

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And after that, this container will be closed.

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With devotion,