The sacred link between self-care & effortless abundance


lisa fabrega

Lisa Fabrega January 2016

Lisa Fabrega January 2016

That’s crazy! Are you sure that’s going to work?!, my client incredulously exclaimed over the phone. It was the end of our session together for that day and I had just given her an edgy assignment as her “homework” for the next 2 weeks.

She had been stressing out about money for the past few days and now was supposed to go on a 2 week vacation to Costa Rica that she had booked over a year ago. She was considering canceling her vacation altogether because she needed 2 more clients on her roster in order to have enough money to pay all her bills by the end of the month, after she got back from her vacation.

How could she go on vacation and be so “irresponsible” when she knew that at the end of the month she’d need those 2 clients? Shouldn’t she just stay home and work hard to get the clients and ensure her financial situation?


But, when I asked her to take a deep breath and get really present as to what her desire truly was, her soul spoke loud and clear “I need to go on this vacation. I need the break.”

Then that’s what you need to do, I told her.

2 weeks later she was back from vacation. We hopped on the phone for her next session.
And the first thing out of her mouth was: wow Lisa! I cannot believe this actually worked. I ended up having two clients email me out of the blue while I was on vacation saying they wanted to start working with me. And two more people signed up for another group program I had opened up before I left. I actually ended up making more money than I needed and now have a nice little chunk of change in savings. I didn’t “do” anything, it just flowed to me.


There is a sacred link between self-care & abundance. A profound one.

I’ve taught it to my clients in private for years and it is even one of the hallmarks of my Impact™ program. Whenever the Impact™ participants get to this module, the posts in the forum about crazy amazing things that were manifested go into overdrive!

Every single time I teach my clients about this link, they manifest abundance in a way that feels easeful and that is truly aligned with their soul. And it is a totally counterintuitive link that is not so easy to trust when we first hear about it. But it actually does work.

I want you to think about what happens when you engage in an act of self care.
When you make that time for yourself.
Give yourself the space to hear your soul, relax, feel your heart.

What happens when you allow yourself to enjoy your life and feel pleasure?

You feel expansive.
You feel good.
You feel happy.

The Universe responds to energy. To the frequency at which you are vibrating.
So when you are vibrating a frequency of joy, expansiveness and goodness, that’s exactly what the Universe sends back to you–things that create expansiveness, goodness and happiness in your life. Abundance is one of those things.

When you feel like an open, expansive container, the Universe gets the signal that you are open to receiving and it sends abundance your way, because your energetic container is signaling that it is ready and open to receive.

You don’t have to “work” for those things.
You simply need to change your vibration and focus on the things that make you feel GOOD.

Engaging in self care is the quickest, easiest way to feel good.

There’s another thing that curiously happens when I give my clients the homework of engaging in self care when they are stressed out about finances or responsibilities.

When we make the time to prioritize our nourishment and love ourselves unconditionally through acts of self care, we unconsciously affirm our inherent worth.

It’s easy to forget that we are born worthy. That we are of value and worthy simply by breathing. In this masculine-paradigm world we are taught that worthiness and value are only proven once we have killed ourselves working. We can only relax once we’ve driven ourselves into the ground for the day.

But in the new paradigm of bringing the sacred feminine back into our lives and our great work, the opposite is true. In this new paradigm, we are not broken things that need to prove our value. Abundance is not something outside of us being withheld by some being that will only give it to us if we prove our worthiness by working ourselves to the bone.

In the new paradigm of doing our great work in the sacred feminine we are worthy by virtue of being. We are whole. And all we have to do is work on our energy field, to invite in the abundance that is already ours to claim.

Your mind can easily forget that. Get caught up in feeling that you are not worthy to charge the prices you want to charge, who do you think you are to ask for money for your work or how dare you invest in yourself at such a level without suffering? and so forth…

When we engage in self care we are unconsciously re-affirming our inherent worthiness to our subconscious mind. Engaging in self care not only tells your ego gremlins that you are of value, but it also sends out the vibrational frequency to the Universe that says “I am of high value because I take this time every day to care for myself”. The Universe then translates that as “I am ready to receive evidence in my world that I am of high value, my work is of high value and the prices people pay me reflect that high value”.

Forget about having to battle it out with your limiting beliefs, or working for months on flipping a belief that you don’t deserve money or that you are not worthy.

The easeful, more feminine way of taking care of this abundance issue once and for all is to simply affirm your value and worthiness every day by engaging in acts that affirm your value through self care.

Simple. Easeful. Quick.

I have had moments in my soul aligned business where the sh&t was hitting the fan, we had $50 in our business account, had no idea how we were going to pay everyone, were in the middle of a launch and had so many things due or overdue.

The old masculine paradigm would have told me, keep working, bust your butt until this is taken care of and figured out. Every time I tried that, it never worked.

Instead, I began to choose to trust that the Universe WANTS me to feel good and will send me good things when I prioritize feeling good.

I experimented on myself. And the experiments worked.

Every time I chose to walk away, take a long bath, take myself on a weekend hiking trip to the mountains of Panama…did the things I loved and focused on self care, the money magically came rolling in and the ideas to solve the problems we were facing flooded in. Any aligned action we took to assist in that felt good and was not depleting, because I was nourished and ready to get back to work when I needed to.

Everything worked out.

Now this principle is so important that I teach it as one of the main modules in my Impact course and watch the forum for that course blow up with amazing stories from clients as they apply the same principles

Depleting yourself is not the answer and it never has been, love.
Can you think back to any moments in your life where depleting yourself actually manifested true, long lasting, sustainable abundance/money?

Probably not.

Your ego might think you’re crazy for turning to self care and pleasure during times of financial squeeze and/or stress (like my client’s ego was telling her that day in the story above), but when we prioritize feeling good, the Universe gets the message that you prioritize good things and it will send you more good things.

So tell me in the comments below–how will you prioritize self care today?
Do you have any amazing stories of how self care helped you manifest more abundance?
Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.




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