The secret that Oprah taught me


lisa fabrega

They say that one of the biggest laws of manifesting the things that
you desire is to act "as if" you already had that thing you wanted.

Sure, that's a good idea.
But, what about when what you want is not a "thing", but instead
to become more of who you were meant to be?  
What if what you want is to live a deeply luscious life where you
are doing that which you were put on this planet to do and not only
experiencing wild success doing so, but leaving a mark on the world
and effecting change?

What if what you want is a profoundly passionate life where you
are fully alive in every moment, your very cells tingling with the 
song of all things, being sung within you?

Feeling deeply connected to your purpose, the world, the people
you love.  Traveling the world, having new, lush experiences where
you find more and more of yourself reflected within the eyes of the world.

Waking up next to a lover after a night of deeply connected love-making,
feeling the molecules of flavor in your food bursting orgasmically in your
mouth every time you eat.   Waking up with a skip in your step because
you are so excited to start your work day and so thrilled to be helping the
people you will be helping today.   Having long dinner conversations with
wonderful friends who support you endlessly and challenge you to always
ask the best of yourself and the world around you.

Ending the day with an intensely satisfying exhaustion.
The feeling of being deliciously spent by fully living your life.

Do you feel a stirring in your heart as you read this?
Have you sat up at night with an intense longing for this type of life?

Whenever you have imagined this, does fear come up?
Have you created a strong mental fortress  in your mind that says
"not now", "maybe next year", "that's just not meant for me".  
An impenetrable house of logic and reasons that prevents you
from fully hearing the voice of your life,  calling out to you at 4am,
saying "live me!".

I know how you feel, believe me.
My whole life I dreamed of living a profoundly felt life of passion,
devotion and service to others.  I wanted to have the epic love affair,
the purpose-filled work that sprung me from my bed every morning 
with excitement, the intensely satisfying connections with a tribe of incredible
people, the internal confidence to go for anything I desired and the skill
to manifest anything I wanted.  And most importantly to do work that really 
mattered, that would help elevate people's lives and make an impact in the

But 7 years ago, that wasn't the scenario.
I was sick, terrified & broke.
I was living in a tiny studio apartment with my ex, with alcoholic,
chain-smoking neighbors who regularly had horrible abusive fights that I 
could constantly hear through my wall.  
I was working in a job that was soulless for me.
None of my talents were being used properly, I was under-appreciated,
underpaid & creatively frustrated.
My relationships were toxic, I had few friends that I felt connected to.
I was always missing out on important family events because my job
never let me take vacation when I wanted to.

I lay in bed at night, looking out of the only window in my apartment
at the stars, knowing that I was meant for so much more than this.
And I was terrified.
Terrified of leaving my comfort, terrified of what it might mean for my
relationship if I did what I actually wanted to do, terrified that I would run
out of money if I actually made the leap into starting my own business.
Terrified of investing in myself, because "what if it didn't work"?
There were so many reasons for why I should just keep things exactly
as they were.
 In fact, it seemed there were more pros than cons
for not doing anything at all.   
But the pang in my heart was always there, waking me up at 4am.
There was a small voice inside of me whispering, then becoming
louder as day after day I woke up in the same, unsatisfying routine.

Then one day I heard Oprah talking about how sometimes, you have to
act "as if" you were already where you want to be.  She told the story of
being a young reporter, with very little money, scoring an interview with 
Rev. Jesse Jackson, one of her idols at the time.  
That day that she scored the interview, she went out and spent what
she thought she "couldn't afford" on an outfit to interview him in.
Her reason–if she wanted to play at that level, if she wanted to BE the
type of reporter that interviewed Jesse Jackson, she had to play the part.
She had to step into the role, even though she was scared and felt like
she wasn't  quite there yet.  

The rest is history…

That made such an impact on me, I thought about that for days.
I looked at my life and asked myself–where am I not BEING the person
I want to become.
 How do I need to act "as if", even though I don't totally
believe in it yet?  I remembered the story of Pascal, the great philosopher,
who as an experiment decided to try and see if he could convert himself
from being a staunch atheist to actually believing in God.
He began to act "as if" he believed in God and prayed every day.
After a few months, he was a believer.

There was clearly something to this "as if" thing.
One night, after a particularly harrowing anxiety attack at 4:44 am
(that always seemed to be the time I would get them), I decided,
enough is enough.  I have to do what Oprah did.  What Pascal did.

I have to act as if I already was that successful entrepreneur
with that fabulous life of travel and passion, even though I had no
faith or understanding of HOW this would happen and all I had was
that little voice inside me that said "do something!".  

I wanted to start my own business and live my purpose (or at least
figure out what my purpose even was!),
so I called up a business coach
I had been following for a while and set up a session to talk with her about the
possibility of us working together.  Her fee was $3000 (at the time that's more
than I made in a month).  But if I knew if I were to act "as if" I could afford that,
(like Oprah did) I knew I had to make a move.  So I looked at my
budget, borrowed some money from a friend, put some on a credit card and
voila–business coach hired.  

I wanted to live a life of travel and world exploration, working from
wherever I wanted to, so I called up some relatives in Panama, who were
always ready to provide me with free housing in a gorgeous country
and booked a trip to go see them.  I had to tighten the budget to buy
the ticket–but I had to act "as if" I could do this.  So I made the adjustments,
canceled a few expenses that would not feed into my greater purpose of
travel and did it.

The results?
Within a few months, I had my own business, had quadrupled my income
and was working by the ocean in Panama.

But I wanted even more now.  I wanted to play even bigger.
So I invested in my first mastermind program.
$10,000 dollars.
I nearly fainted when I handed over my credit card information.
I had to hustle and bust my ass to pay for it.  Took out a loan.

But I knew that in order to up-level my life, I had to put the message out there
to the Universe that I WAS the type of woman who invested $10,000 on her
own personal growth and development.  

The result?
A six figure year in my business.
A sisterhood of women who are my biggest supporters for life.
More travel to gorgeous places around the world.
A truly luscious life.

Oprah was right.
There is power in behaving "as if" you are already there.

Even when you're scared shitless, don't know how it's going to work,
don't know how you will get to where you want to go, or are worried
about the money.   Because when you put on the "as if" hat, you suddenly start
to see where you need to hustle to make this happen in your life.
Creative ideas flow. 
And the minute you take that one big step that shows the Universe,
you mean business–the Universe invests in you.

It happens for me every time, the minute I invest in myself, I get a new client,
someone sends me money or, like I did for January this year, I manifested
a week-long trip to Maui for only $300.00.   
It happens for my clients–every time they sign up for the mastermind program
they email me a week later and tell me "whoa I just had the best sex ever with my
husband, what is happening?"  or "I just inherited 10,000 dollars!!"  or 
"I just got 2 new clients that are perfect for me".

So, Sister–where are you not acting "as if"?
How will you follow Oprah's advice?

Here's an idea.

Today, I'm opening up 5 spots for 20 minute exploratory sessions in my calendar
to talk about the Odyssey Mastermind
 between now and next week.  

The last day to apply for the mastermind is next week,
Thursday, Feb 21.  

In this session we'll talk about the program, your goals for the year, what type
of luscious life you want to create and talk about what sort of plan we can create
for you to make this the year you listen to that longing inside of you.  
That longing is your purpose, wanting to be expressed.

It's time to stop ignoring it and act as if you already are that woman you want to be.
Because you actually are–all you have to do is ask for help unveiling her.
That's where I come in.

If you want one of the 5 sessions, just hit reply to this email and my support team will
get you set up right away.  Act "as if" you are the kind of woman who participates in
a program of this caliber and watch how your life changes before your very eyes.


With profound devotion to your most luscious life,
Lisa Fabrega
Life Detox for women on the edge of liberation

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