the secret to attracting a “soulmate” tribe


lisa fabrega



Do you ever feel like everyone’s programs and offerings are the same and you want to create something different? Something that truly makes you stand out and reflects the uniqueness of you?  

Or maybe you feel like you’re doing everything you can to attract more clients so that you can do your great work in the world…but they just don’t seem to notice you?

Or maybe the clients you’ve attracted all feel “out of alignment” for you–maybe they constantly ask for discounts or tell you they “can’t afford” your stuff, or maybe you’re hiding a part of you in your work because you’re unsure of how your clients would react?

I used to ogle at other amazing thought leaders in my industry, feeling jealous that they seemed to have such creative offerings that everyone wanted to buy and be a part of.
I felt like my stuff was so boring in comparison to theirs and it used to really get me down, so believe me, I get it!

If you’ve ever felt like this,  I have an amazing story to tell you about a client that is going to make you feel so much better. (Don’t worry she’s authorized me to tell this story)

I had a client who joined my Impact™ program last year because even though she consistently put content out there and was doing everything “right” according to all the programs and books she had purchased to get clients…

she didn’t have a single client after 2 years of putting herself out there.

She came to me at the end of her rope, confused, frustrated and ready to quit.

“You’re my last resort, Lisa.  I’ve spent the last two years spending so much of my time and dollars trying to get more clients and I still haven’t attracted a single one”, she said to me when she joined Impact™.

Well, on the first group call, we took a look at her offerings and within seconds I knew exactly what was wrong and why she hadn’t gotten any clients.

As I suspected, the “thing” that was wrong–the thing that was blocking her ability to attract clients–also happened to be the one thing that most programs and books that teach you how to craft programs, COMPLETELY MISS.

It’s a simple formula that allows you to go from confused about what you offer & feeling invisible to highly magnetic, soul-aligned trend-setter in your industry.

Once you get this formula and apply it, you’ll have everything you need to start creating gorgeous, unique, one-of-a-kind offerings that are aligned with your soul, wow your community & peers and magnetize the perfect “soulmate” clients to you.

Even better, when you apply this formula, you will also stop looking like every other cookie-cutter business owner out there, with the same programs and offerings and have your own unique suite of offerings that feel really good to you, reflect the unique gifts you bring to the table and establish you as a trend-setter and thought leader in your industry.

That’s how the world’s most successful business owners stand out and make impact.

So…within a few weeks of implementing this formula I gave her, my client’s results totally bowled me over.

Want to hear what happened to her and her business as a result?
(you won’t believe it!)

I tell the whole story in Video 3 of my f.ree Impact Video Training Series, which is now open.

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With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega

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