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A few years ago, I started to notice a pattern with almost all of the 1:1 clients I was working with.   I kept noticing that everyone I was working with for the past 5 years was struggling with the same basic things over and over again.  It was always a combination of these things:

1. Knowing there was something they were called here to do, but not knowing exactly what that was–feeling foggy and stuck around it.

2.  Knowing clearly what they were called to do as their purpose in the world, but not knowing HOW to say it, brand it, market it & make it happen so that they could finally live their purpose in a business that felt aligned (and that was profitable).

3.  Having already spent a lot of time, energy & effort on some of the most popular business growth/training programs out there, having read all the books & absorbed all the information possible to build what they wanted to build, yet not being able to implement all of the amazing content in these programs.  Feeling overwhelmed, stuck & stagnant as to how to apply all of this info to THEIR lives and businesses to build a truly soul aligned brand.  Not a brand that was using the same tactics that everyone else was using.

4.  Having lots of fears, anxiety & limiting beliefs that were holding them back from: taking it to the next level, getting more clarity & knowing the exact soul-aligned steps to build a life and business they deeply desired.

5.  Wanting to make a positive impact in the world but not being able to because of limiting beliefs, a business that was out of alignment or not knowing HOW to make that impact with their gifts.

Every single client would say to me “Lisa, you are my last resort, I have tried everything and I still have not gotten the results I want”.   

A few weeks to months later of working with me and going through my Soul Alignment Process, they had gotten the results they had been trying to unsuccessfully get for years.

What was creating such rapid transformations in my clients?

Well, not too long ago I had been in this place myself at the end of the first year in my business.  I had bought a lot of programs and books on how to build a business that gave me the life I wanted and that was truly nourishing to my soul.  And all I had to show for it was 40 pounds of weight gain, depression, burnout from working 12 hour days every day and barely being able to pay my rent every month.

It wasn’t until I had a total break down that I realized I hadn’t done the PRE-WORK that is the most important requirement for any successful purpose-based business.

I had never stopped to really dig deep into my soul and get really clear on what my true purpose was and HOW I wanted it to manifest itself in my business.  What was the clear picture of how I wanted that to look?  NOT driven just by my ego–but what was the clear picture that allowed my soul & ego to work together?

AND, most importantly, I had never looked at all the ways I was blocking that kind of clarity and blocking the upper levels of success, the aligned income & the recognition my work could receive so I could make more impact in the world.

I had built the business I thought would make money and most people would want, but I was not happy (and for all the money and effort I had spent I wasn’t making the money I wanted to make either!).

What I wanted was a business that really reflected the uniqueness of my soul, the beauty of the art I was here to create in the world with my work and that allowed me to make great money while serving people.

Offerings that made me stand out and felt good for me to deliver vs. burning me out in the same business model everyone else had.

Blog posts that touched people deeply down to the core.

Clients/customers that I felt jazzed up to work with.

A support team that felt like a family that had my back.

And I wanted to feel GOOD running my business.  Confident, clear, always knowing the way forward, creating things in the world that truly helped people.

It’s not that the programs that I and my clients were buying were bad (though some were), there was something else in the way. There was something we were doing in our work together that was missing from those amazing courses, that was causing everything to “click” for them in a short period of time.

It was the same work I had done on myself when I had my “big breakdown” a year and half into my business.

The work of clearing out all of the stuff that was preventing me from hearing the voice of my soul, that was causing me to self sabotage, that was causing me to stay stuck, that was creating that fogginess and overwhelm that blocked me from being able to IMPLEMENT in my business and truly put myself out there.

When I did that work, what I call now my Soul Alignment Process, my business skyrocketed within a year to its first six figures, and soon after multiple six figures.  I don’t say that number to show off–but only to show you the TRUE DYNAMICS of how to create life changing impact for yourself and others with your work.

It’s not about the blueprints or getting the right “formula”–it’s about something much, much deeper.

As I began to do this work with my clients and watched their lives and businesses take off in the best of ways, I noticed that I was working on the same things with my clients, over and over again.

I realized this was actually the symptom of a much larger issue that faces those of us who want to serve the world with our gifts, who dare to desire more fulfilling, purpose-aligned lives and who want to make a great living doing what we love.

I remember the day I realized this, I said a little “prayer” to the Universe to give me guidance on what I could create to help with the above common patterns I was seeing, on a greater scale.  The things that were causing so many of us to leave our purpose on the curb and spin our wheels instead.

At that time I only had 1:1 clients who invested in a $15,000/year program with me and I knew there was a much larger audience of people out there feeling the same way, but who perhaps didn’t have the time or financial resources available to them to invest at that high of a level in getting unstuck and making an impact.

The next morning I woke up with an entire program in my head.

In my dreams I had literally been shown the entire program, from end to end.

An eight-step process that teaches you how to clear out all of the limiting beliefs, anxiety and overwhelm that are holding you back from getting soul-deep clarity on your purpose and from there build a brand or business that is a true reflection of your soul in the world.

When you get that–you truly have it all.

That kind of alignment is what creates the TRUE life changing impact you crave in your life and in turn allows you to make that impact in the lives of those around you.

When we show up in alignment with our deepest gifts, we liberate others to do the same.

So, I pulled out my big white sheets of sketching paper, my favorite color markers and I spent the whole day dreaming this program up from the memory of my dream.

I took all of the best work I was doing with my 1:1 clients and distilled the core truths into 8 value-packed audio modules with worksheets.  I interviewed my most successful and brilliant friends and colleagues for a series of bonus interviews and the program was complete.

I launched it a few months later and it was an absolute HIT.

My original goal was to get 10 people in the program–we ended up with 50.

And in the next 8 weeks of the program, the breakthroughs that began to happen in that group were nothing short of a miracle. The forum for the program was buzzing with people having massive breakthroughs that they had been trying to have for YEARS.

I knew something special had been born.  

To this day Impact™ remains my most popular, transformative program for soul & purpose driven business owners who want to overcome all of the things that are holding them back from getting clarity, building profitable businesses & truly making a positive impact in the world.

The results have been nothing short of spectacular (you can check out all of the amazing testimonials here).

After months or even years of struggling, people come to this program and tell me THIS is the program that made all the difference for them.  

“I WISH I had this program several years ago when I started my business—this should be a prerequisite to coaches, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders looking to start or grow their business.”  -Sirena Bernal,

And my favorite part is that they tell me that after they get clear & soul-aligned in Impact™, they are able to return to all the old programs they bought before and never implemented and actually implement the amazing content in those programs.

This has been the most powerful program I have ever invested in even at a fraction of the cost of other trainings I have attended. There are so many specific teachings that have guided me to new insights both in my own life and ideas that I have already used with clients. It has helped me to be bolder, trust myself and move faster than before (and not only in my business). Lisa’s support was spot on, there for both good council and accountability. Thank you for the impact program!” –Elis Shine– Coach, Entrepreneur

I only open Impact™ for enrollment LIVE once a year.

And it is finally open for enrollment this year.

I’ve kind of done something a bit crazy this year–I decided to offer it at 50% off this year.

But that offer is only open until October 10 at midnight eastern time.

So, I want to invite you to come check out the program by clicking here.

And I hope to see you on the other side in our Impact™ community after you sign up!

When you join, you get lifetime membership, so you can do the program every year with the growing list of alumni of the program and get to network with an incredible community of soul-driven business owners like you.

In 8 weeks you could be exactly where you are right now, or you could be on track to finish 2015 in a profitable, soul-aligned business, with an amazing community and network of supporters you met in the Impact™ program.

You decide, love.

Come join us in the program everyone calls “the game changer” for creative, soul centered business owners.

With love & devotion,

Lisa Fabrega

ps:  Have you been catching the AMAZING live interviews I’ve been doing on Periscope this week with Impact™ alumni?  If not, make sure you’re following me on Periscope @LisaFabrega.  (You can download the f.ree app from your phone’s app store–you should have this app if you’re a business owner, trust me.)

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