the things of which you secretly dream


lisa fabrega



some days you wake up and your heart
is all poetry and you don’t know what to
do with all of those sweet storms,
where to put it or who
to speak it to.

so you whisper it into existence like
a prayer that is almost afraid
to be heard, that is almost
afraid to sweeten your lips as it leaves
in those small, timid puffs of air, threatening
to take form, become true.

i want to say to you that it is okay to
weave sweetness into the very molecules
of air that surround your face, it is okay to let
your heart swell with the brightness of hope.
you’re allowed to keep that fervent idea alive,
like a hot coal in your chest.

sometimes its the only thing that will
keep you warm when the mind goes dark,
clinical and gray. sometimes all someone
needs to keep them going is to get a whiff
of your honeyed breath as you speak your
desires quietly into the wind or shout them
from the wing of a plane
30,000 feet in the air.

sometimes that’s all someone teetering on the edge
of a precipice needs to not let all of their light


Lisa Fabrega