they want your woo


lisa fabrega



Over a year ago I was talking on the phone to an incredibly successful woman, who had achieved so much, won so many accolades and was admired by so many…and yet here she was crying on the phone with me.  

She had built an incredible business in the past 5 years, her business pulled in millions every year, she was the most respected woman in her field, all of her offerings were sold out and waitlisted, she had an amazing relationship, was living the life she had always wanted to live…

And she was not happy.


Because, in her very own words, “I am so out of alignment.   I have been hiding a very important part of me in my work for years.  It has gotten to the point where it’s painful. I don’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing anymore and I have everything I ever wanted-but it’s not fulfilling me because I’m not allowing a huge part of me to show in my work.  I have this nagging feeling inside of me that I’m missing out on something big.”

That huge part of her that she wasn’t bringing into her work?

Her “woo”.

So many of the ambitious women I work with have spiritual and intuitive gifts that they are longing to bring out more into their work. They’ve built successful businesses and yet are feeling a nagging feeling inside of them of dissatisfaction.

They have built amazing things and incredible success but they feel out of alignment with their work because they have a whole side they are not expressing.


Because they’re afraid of being too “woo” with their current audiences. They’re afraid if they bring in those gifts that their soul is calling them to express, that people in their tribe will leave or be turned off.

Here’s the thing though, the ONLY type of business that will be successful and sustainable for you in the long run is a business where you are FULLY EXPRESSED.


Hiding your woo means hiding and disconnecting from some of your greatest gifts–and those are the gifts that are part of the unique soul blueprint for your success and prosperity while living out your true calling.

And you’re repressing them!  Think about that!  How can you build a soul aligned, prosperous life without using the most powerful soul gifts you possess?

The answer is, you can’t.  Trust me, I tried it many years ago and I crashed and burned emotionally and spiritually.  And so have the thousands of women I have supported in the last few years, before they came to work with me.

Is it any wonder you can feel a bit burned out and wonder why you aren’t feeling totally right in what you’ve built? Is it any wonder you feel like you’re running at a break neck speed but you just want to go on a sabbatical for months at a time instead?  Is it any wonder you feel a longing for something…more?  A longing for a life that feels more aligned with your soul?

It’s time to bring all of you to your work and step into the fully embodied powerhouse you were born to be–whatever that looks like for YOU.

It’s time to really step into that next level of your leadership–yes THAT level.

The one you have felt is your destiny ever since you were a child.

That level where you’re playing full out, your life is bringing its A game, you’re flying sky high, you’re deeply aligned with your creativity, you’re getting the opportunities you’ve always wanted, you feel nourished & energized instead of burned out and exhausted, the one where you’re radiating in full alignment with your soul…

and you are stepping into the role of a true high-impact leader.

And let me tell you something really important. If you’re not connected to your soul deeply, if you are continuing to suppress your “woo” and therefore blocking your soul’s messages, there is no way you’re going to be able to build that kind of impact.

If you try to move forward and step into higher, bigger leadership within the same container that requires that you suppress a huge part of who you are, it’s going to fall apart. Because the Universe cannot support that which goes against who you were truly called to be.

Continuing in a business where you have to hide part of who you are in order to please an audience which is not even fully aligned with you (because you can’t be yourself) is a ticket to burnout.

So, it was after this tearful call that this amazing, high achieving woman and I began to work together.   

We began to re-acquaint her with her own essence, her reason for being here and to her unique soul gifts (including her “woo”). 

We sifted out the things that were no longer working for her and that no longer were going to support her if she wanted to move into that next level of impact she knew she was ready to make. 

We got clear on exactly WHAT was aligned with her soul in her life and in her work.  We began to listen more and more to her soul and stopped suppressing it.



And gradually her soul began to speak up more and more, guiding us every step of the way in building the life and work that was truly aligned for her. 

It was a steady process of challenging old ideas and beliefs, clarifying what her soul truly wanted and getting clear on her soul’s true vision and then aligning everything in her life and business with THAT.  It’s the process I use with all of the ambitious women I work with–the process I call “Soul Alchemy™”.

By the end of the year that we worked together, she was happier. More confident.  She had “come out” in her woo in the work she was doing in the world.  She was fully herself in her work. 

Her expression of that truth in her writing and her marketing was 1000 times more powerful because she was showing up as her authentic self, fearlessly.  She was no longer taking on clients that were not fully aligned and draining her.  She had cut some programs that just weren’t aligned anymore.  She had more time to relax and to be in her creativity.  She was enjoying her relationship more and was closer than ever to her partner.  She was more deeply connected to her intuition than ever before…

and the coolest part was the SIDE EFFECT of this soul journey…her business had its most successful year ever.  She was actually invited to speak at a big conference that brought her level of impact to a whole other level that she thought she wouldn’t reach for another 2 years at least and she received an invite to connect with a major celebrity in the personal development world to spread her message even further.

What I loved is that when she went into negotiations for this deal, she knew EXACTLY what she wanted and the requirements that were necessary for it to be aligned with her soul and to be a full yes.  She asked for it boldly in the negotiations…and she got it.

Before our work together she would have felt she just had to say yes to the opportunity, not consulted her soul and ended up in a deal that would have burned her out AND projected an image of her into the world that was not aligned with her soul. 

One of my favorite testimonials ever came from her.  She told me, “Lisa, what’s amazing is that now, I will not compromise my soul or hide my woo for anyone or anything anymore.  And I have the best clients now!  I realize that that is more important than any money I could ever make.  I feel so happy, nothing could be acceptable to me any more other than my deepest alignment.”

If you’re reading this and you’re a high achieving woman who has accomplished a lot, but you’re feeling out of alignment, you’re craving a deeper connection to your calling and to your soul than ever before and you want to step into the next level in a way that feels good to you, then I’m speaking directly to you right now.

If you’re ready to make 2016 the year you make your soul journey back to the divine spark of who you’re called to be…

the year you connect deeply to your intuition and emerge embodying the powerful essence you are here to radiate in the world…

then I want to invite you to apply for my 2016 Soul Alchemy™ 1:1 coaching.

This is the first time in 2 years that I have opened up spots for 1:1 coaching and this will be the ONLY way to work with me long term 1:1 in all of 2016. 

I only had 10 spots open and 5 have already been claimed since Monday, when I announced that I had opened up these spots for the first time.  So I only have 5 spots left now.

It is a powerful, sacred container for the divine essence of who you were truly meant to be to emerge fully expressed in your work, so that you are fully aligned with your purpose, your business and the work you’re here to do in the world. 

It’s a program designed so that you have a guide (me) in the spiritual, internal work that is required for you to feel happy and nourished in your work AND hold the space for the impact  you’re called here to make. Take it from me–you CANNOT make that type of epic impact without a high level container for your soul to be nurtured and held.

You can’t hold the kind of space you want to hold for others if you don’t have someone holding that space for you.

That’s where Soul Alchemy™ comes in and it’s the work I’ve been doing with high achieving women with soul centered businesses for years. The results have been nothing but spectacular (you can check out the amazing testimonials from some of our top women leaders who have worked with me here).

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The application deadline is 12/16 and after that there will not be any other opportunities to work with me 1:1 long term like this in all of 2016.

This is powerful, profound, soul-shifting work, so I can only take 10 women for this 10 month, 1:1 experience. Once those spots are filled, that’s all the 1:1 work I am doing for 2016.

You can get more info and apply by clicking here.

Once we review your application we will contact you to schedule a chat with me to make sure it’s a good fit for both of us.

I look forward to receiving your application.

And I hope that this will be the year that you choose to truly honor your Soul by emerging fully expressed in your unique essence and expression.

Because your soulmate tribe, the people who are meant to work with you…well they’ve been wanting your woo this entire time. 

With profound devotion,



ps:  if you’re looking for a different type of container to work with me other than long term 1:1 coaching, we’ve opened up other opportunities for 2016 like my Soul Shift VIP days (only 12 spots for those) and Soul Activation sessions.  You can click here to see my newly revamped offerings page and sign up for a chat to talk about your goals for next year.