this email I received made me sad


lisa fabrega


Last week I got an email that just made me plain sad. 

It was an email from a woman who was interested in signing up for IMPACT.
But it was to inform me that she would not be signing up for Impact.

But that’s not the part that made me sad.

Here’s the part that made me sad:

She told me that instead of investing in her business and her future,
that instead she’d be “getting to all those free teleclasses and telesummits”
that she had had saved on her computer for the past few months, but could

never find the time to listen to and implement/take action on.

She informed me that after listening to the free stuff, she’d consider investing
money in something
 that would finally get her unstuck in her business.

Why did this make me sad?

Because this is one of the biggest red flags for self-sabotage that I’ve come
across after working with over 3,000 women helping them get unstuck in their
businesses and lives so they can make more money and more impact
(and it was one of the biggest excuses I used to make for myself when
I was stuck in my business, spinning my wheels and barely getting by).

I can’t tell you how many emails just like this I’ve gotten over the years
 women who wanted to break free and make more money and impact,
but who just couldn’t figure out why they kept staying stuck.

In every single case, I would check back in with them a few months later
and guess how many of them had actually listened to the “free stuff” they
had taking up space on their computers?

Only two of them.  Out of hundreds.

And guess how much closer those two women, who did manage to listen
to all the free information they had accumulated, were making more money
and more impact in their businesses?

Zero percent.

Yup.  Depressing isn’t it?

Oh, believe me, I am no stranger to this most common form of self-sabotage.
I remember the folder I had on the desktop of my computer when I first
started my business.  I was like a teleclass/telesummit/free e-book junkie.

That folder was FULL of stuff that I promised myself I’d listen to one day.
I was sure that if I finally got around to reading/listening to that stuff,
that I wouldn’t need to invest money in getting unstuck in my business
and life so I could get the results I wanted.

2 weeks ago I deleted that folder of stuff.
Not a single file had ever been listened to, more than 3 years later.

The reason this “strategy” never works is that we don’t value the things
that we don’t invest in 
as much as the things we do invest in.
It’s a human psychological thing that happens and that I see over and over again.

We have to put some skin in the game to actually progress.

Think about it:
If you paid $200.00 for a pair of sunglasses, wouldn’t you make sure
to take better care of them than you would your $2.00 pair of glasses
you got at the gas station?

Subconsciously you don’t value that no-cost stuff you’ve accumulated
because you didn’t have to invest in it.  So you never actually make
the space in your calendar to get to it.

Also, most of the no-cost stuff out there gives you a small tip here and
there, but the program that free class sells you at the end is what has
all of the great life changing information in it.

So you’ll end up the queen of scattered business tips,
but with no real plan or meaty substance.

The program you invest in is also what provides you the accountability
to actually IMPLEMENT the information you’ve accumulated.
The free product won’t provide that.

It’s way too easy for us to make excuses and tell ourselves “oh I’ll
start Monday” when we are doing things by ourselves.

When we have a coach or a group of people to check in with,
to stay accountable to,
 we progress much faster and more
than when left to our own devices.

Because we can so easily sabotage ourselves with sub-conscious
self-limiting beliefs and fears
that we can’t even SEE are sabotaging us.

You need an outside eye and a support group to end the madness.

Also, it always shocks me how many people tell me “I want to make
six figures in my biz” but then don’t actually want to invest the money
to make that happen in their businesses.  How do you expect to make

six figures if you won’t even put any skin in the game?

The amount you invest is proportionate to how much you end up making.
Almost always.

This year I invested about $40,000 in my business and personal development.
(Believe me, I had a few nights where I woke up and said “WTF have you done
Lisa?!?!  How are you going to pay for that!!!???”

And this is the highest grossing year for my business (and one of the best
years for my own personal growth & development that I’ve ever had).

If you want to make money, you have to invest money. Period.

When you put some skin in the game, it sends a powerful message 
to the Universe that you are open to abundance, you are ready to RECEIVE.

When you invest in yourself, the Universe invests in you.

Now I know that when we are first starting our businesses, we don’t
have a ton of capital to invest.  I’ll never forget the things I had to do
to scrounge up the money for my first investment in coaching for my biz.

I had to borrow money from a few friends, put some on a credit card
and work extra shifts at my day job to make it happen.

That’s why I’ve made IMPACT my most affordable program ever.

The topics that we will be covering in IMPACT are the same topics
that women have paid me five figures to learn.

Not only is the investment something you can make back by just
getting ONE client
, I even went and gave you an EASY 3 pay plan

to make it even easier to afford the program.

Please, don’t BS yourself and spend another year telling yourself
you’re going to make the time to listen to the mountain of information
you’ve amassed.  There is a reason why you haven’t taken action
on that bulging folder of free stuff.  There are an entire host of limiting
beliefs that are preventing you from IMPLEMENTING what you’ve learned.

That’s exactly what we are going to help you get rid of in IMPACT.

If you’re actually serious about living your purpose, having an incredible
life and making more money and more impact than you’ve ever dreamed
of, throw away the free stuff and invest in yourself and your business.

This is me lovingly calling your bluff.

There are now ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT to sign up for IMPACT.

Come show the Universe you mean business about creating the life
and business you desire and join 40+ women who’ve already said
yes to more money and more impact.

Sign up for IMPACT right here.

Lisa Fabrega
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