This left me completely speechless


lisa fabrega

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I had an absolutely amazing experience yesterday and I just have to
tell you about it.

It was like the Universe shone a mirror for me on one of the biggest
problems we face when we are trying to make more impact in the world
and expand into our leadership and I had a huge AHA about one of
the main things that holds us back.

So, you’ve got to hear this!

Yesterday, after a particularly vigorous work day, I could feel my mind
waning. In an hour I was about to teach a class for my Virtual Mastermind
program and given the razor-sharp laser coaching I do for the participants,
I knew it was time for a mental break out in some good ol’ nature.

I’ve been on a work-cation of sorts at the place where I lead my retreats
in Panama, which also happens to be the same place where I bought
property last year…

so I decided to take the 20 minute walk over to my property from
the hotel where I do my retreats.

Wait, what?
I’m a “property owner”???!!!

Yeah, that’s pretty much the same question I ask myself
every time I think about it.

Never in a million years did I ever think that I could be a property owner.
If you had asked me that at the beginning of the year last year,
I would have laughed in your face.

“That’s ridiculous–not even a possibility within my realm of reach”,
I would have said.

Yes, my business was doing well, but in my frame of mind at the time,
owning property was something for uber-wealthy magnates, not a regular
entrepreneur with business bills to pay and team members to compensate.

But one day, as I was out looking at possible retreat locations in Panama.
I stumbled upon this magical place.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.39.44 PM

I will never forget what happened the moment my foot stepped onto this land.

From deep within me a voice said “this is yours”.

I was totally stunned.

My body lit on fire and my very cells were electric with the knowing that
this just was mine.
Period. It was done.

All I had to do was make it happen now.

I was sure I would never be able to afford it.

But I asked about the sale price anyway.
I thought it would be funny to pretend I was “one of those people”
that could afford to just buy land whenever they feel like it…

To my surprise, the price was much lower than I expected for having
a piece of property with a view of a volcano, three waterfalls,
a jungle canyon and a river.

“Knowing” that this was just a ridiculous pipedream that
“people like me” don’t get to actually live out, I heard a little voice
in me tell me to do the calculations anyway.

Slowly, I began to see that it might actually be possible
for me to do this.

From then on the magical things that happened for this property to
become “mine” are too many to tell here and will be part of a longer piece
of writing one day…

But let’s just say that in the fall of last year, I found myself crying
in my car one day, driving home after just having signed the final
Panamanian government document that made me the landowner
of this piece of heaven.

Never in a million years would I have dreamed, back in that tiny studio
apartment, living off of unemployment when I first started my business,
that this would be where I would end up in four years.


And so, as I walked over to my property yesterday, thinking about
what else could possibly be next? What other things are possible
for me that I don’t even have in my realm of possibility right now…?

I looked up at the sky while I was standing on my property and saw this:

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.38.45 PM

I was totally speechless.


Well, I’m telling you this story because so often we don’t reach for the
things that are our hearts’ wildest desires because we can’t even fathom
them being possible or we have no idea HOW they can come to be…

they feel so far away or like something that might happen “one day”,
just not now.

I had no idea that the clouds and the sun would do that right when I
went on my walk that day. I couldn’t predict that. I didn’t even know
clouds could look like that! Only in a magazine, doctored up…
then I saw that.

I had no idea that I could actually be a person who owns a stunning
piece of land in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Some day…but 3 years into owning my own business? Nah.

And 4 years ago I felt a calling in my Soul to start a business,
but I had no idea that it was possible to end up where I am now.

Every thing that has ended up happening was absolutely not
in my mind’s frame of reference as even a remote possibility.

What is interesting about this is that in working with over 4,000
entrepreneurs in the last 4 years, I’ve noticed this exact thing
happens at every level of growth.

In fact, if you’re feeling like your business is probably ready
to go to the next level and that you are ready to step up into
more impact and more visible leadership…

but you kind of feel foggy and unsure as to how to do that…

or it feels like a deep hope in your heart but also like a
nice pipedream 5-10 years away, if ever…

chances are, the same thing is happening to you
and you don’t even know it.

Last year, my 1:1 coaching practice maxed out and I knew
that it was time to open up programs for more group coaching
experiences and that my 1:1 coaching days were numbered.

My clients who were in groups were having growth that was
3x faster than the private clients without any group support
and more and more people were asking for it.

But I delayed making the change for 7 months because I just
couldn’t “see” how it could be possible to maintain my income
and still be able to pay my team members, without a large roster
of 1:1 clients.

I was scared I would lose everything and end up broke.

So even though I knew it was time to take it to the next level I froze.

I ended up getting a smackdown from the Universe that forced me
to make the change…but in the end, once again, once I committed
to it and got high level help for my business, it worked out in
ways that I couldn’t even imagine were actual possibilities!

I now only do 1:1 work on a very limited basis.
And my business and clients are doing better than ever.

So, I am living proof that you truly can create it if you desire it
and are willing to get the help that you need so that you can
figure out the HOW of making it happen.

You truly can create anything you want–
how the hell else did I end up with this paradisiacal piece of land?

I’m no more special or talented than you.

Believe, ask for help from someone who has already achieved it
and then take aligned, purposeful action…

and it will be yours.

You can absolutely do it.
I believe in you.

I would absolutely love to support you in the “how” to make
it happen.

So if you’re an entrepreneur who has a business or project already
and in your Soul you know you’re being called to take it to the next level,
but you’re feeling a little stuck or unsure/unclear as to how to make it happen…

I’ve got something amazing and totally f.r.e.e coming up in a few weeks
that I’ve created just for you.

So stay tuned for the announcement in a few days.

And in the meantime, I’d love to custom build that offer around what YOU
specifically need right now…so if you could reply in the comments below and tell me:

  1. The number one thing you’re struggling with right now in taking your
    business to the next level of impact and income.
  2. What would you most want to learn from me if we sat down for tea?

I can create something custom-designed just for you.