this one mistake will keep you stuck forever


lisa fabrega

Amy Fortney Parks

A few months ago, I said something to one of my clients
during a retreat that left her with her mouth open.

I then wrote a Facebook post about that very thing I said to
her and it incited QUITE the conversation.

But even though it shocked my client, and shook up the people
who I wrote to on Facebook, my client proceeded to have
major breakthrough a week after I said “the thing” to her.

And I had my inbox flooded with emails about how much my
Facebook post had helped those who read it make big changes
in their businesses that ended up bringing in more income.

I’m sure you want to know what this “thing” that I said to her is.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you in one second.

But before I do, I want you to know that this “thing” is the one thing
that I think keeps so many coaches, experts and entrepreneurs stuck
at a certain point in their business, spinning their wheels and unable
to move beyond that ceiling of income and impact they’ve reached.

And it’s so important, that it’s one of the core principles of the work
I do with my clients that gets them results like making $100,000 in
their first year of business or being asked to present their work at
global peace summits so they can really make a difference.

Okay, fine, fine, I won’t make you wait any longer.

Here’s what I said to my client:

On that day, she was sitting on the couch during a retreat and we
were talking about how to increase your visibility in your business.

We started talking about the best types of emails to send to your
clients and how often they should be sent, in order for her to get more
people to open up her emails.

She said to me “isn’t there some blueprint or template that you can
give me that will guarantee higher open rates.  I mean I know
there are templates that the marketing gurus say work,
can you give me a few of those templates?”

I looked at her and I said “sure, there are lots of people out there
who are selling you templates that guarantee more people will see
your stuff and that might even convert into more sales…

I even know many of them myself (I’ve been studying marketing
and how to become more visible online and offline for years)
and I could give them to you….

but I’m not going to”.

She blinked twice and looked at me with her mouth agape.

“Why?”  she asked me.

“Because that is not what is going to get you the type of
business with massive impact and the type of income you want.
That’s not the stuff that makes powerful thought leaders that
change our world as we know it, and that’s the work you came
to me to do, isn’t it?”

There was a long silence as she let it sink in…

“Well, what IS, then?”, she said.

(She was about to have a big breakthrough, so naturally she
was resisting me a little, this is totally normal, I got this ;-))

“YOU.” I replied firmly and with deep love.

Okay, so you might be confused right now.
So many people tell you “just be you” as a pat response to
any problem you have and so naturally, I can hear you thinking
“yeah, but what does that MEAN??”.

I’ll clarify for you in a second.

You see, my client was experiencing a symptom of a common
“disease” I see every day in this entrepreneurial world today.

An obsession with blueprints and templates.

Just look at common everyday marketing.

Almost every guru that is trying to sell you something guarantees
you some blueprint or template to make it “easier”.

Now there’s a good reason for that.
Psychologically speaking, our minds like the idea of not having
to do that much work and just following someone else’s template
so that we can just sit back and watch the money roll in by
following some simple, easy, step by step process.

There’s only two problems with that.

1)  The guru who is selling you this template/blueprint is usually
selling you something that worked for them and a handful of
their clients who are similar to them.

There’s no customization to you and your uniqueness.

That’s why most of my clients come to me already having
spent tens of thousands of dollars on other popular programs
and have nothing to show for it in terms of increased income,
visibility or impact with their businesses.

2)  Following someone else’s blueprint is never going to allow
you to step into the type of success and impact you know you
are here to make.  And in the long run, it’s actually going to make
things harder for you.  Take it from me and my clients.  Obsession
with templates led me to almost tank my business because I
ignored my own internal guidance.

While I am not totally against blueprints (I think they can be very
helpful in the beginning of your business) what these gurus who sell
you templates and blueprints fail to see is that after a certain point in
your business…

if you really want to start playing a bigger game…

if you really want to stand out in the oversaturated market of “experts”
out there and start playing the same kind of game that some of the
people you really admire are playing.

You’ve got to ditch the templates.

And you need to build a unique, thought leader brand that cannot
be replicated because it is a perfect reflection of you and there is
no one out there like you.

Building your own brand on your own terms, in alignment with what
you are here to do on this planet–that’s nothing a blueprint can teach.

And that just so happens to be what I specialize in.

Aligning you with your mission and helping you move past the things
that are holding you back from taking it to the next level, so that you can
have more of what you want, which includes helping others (my people
are all humanitarians at heart).

THAT’S what is going to take you into playing a bigger game.

And if I know you, you’re here to really make a difference in the world
with your unique gifts and your mission.  Playing small or being stuck
means your message won’t get out there, not in the way you want it to.

It’s doing this work that has helped my clients achieve amazing things.

Take my client Amy Fortney Parks, for example.

Amy Fortney Parks

When Amy first came to me, she was a child psychologist working for
the school system.  Her business was filled to the gills but she was
barely getting by and was not feeling that passionate about her work.

A year later, working with me to transcend the blueprints and instead
build something totally unique to her, we removed her limiting beliefs
around what she could charge and what she could do in her biz,
and she’s made $100,000 in her first year of business.  

She’s loving her work more than ever and is quickly becoming a top
parenting coach, being sought-after for her expertise.

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