tingles & giggles & butterflies


“The tingles and the giggles are guiding you my love”, she says.

“What an odd horoscope”, I think.
But the statement feels true in my body.

I think of all the times in my life that I have had the tingles and giggles and butterflies and chills and goosebumps and what it was telling me.

And I realized, the tingles and the giggles are the way in which your soul’s voice speaks to you, affirming that something is truly aligned.

I know this flies in the face of what we’ve all been taught.
Which is that we must work ourselves to the bone in order to be worthy of our prosperity.
That there’s got to be a step by step strategy or structure that has been approved by your mind, in order for anything to have value.
That only through suffering can there be breakthroughs & achievements.

But did you know where this all comes from?
From an old belief we carry in the collective consciousness that says we are broken.
When we are broken, we cannot trust our ecstasy & our joy to lead us…
because it will lead us to “bad places”, broken places.

When we believe in the myth that we are broken, we can’t trust our soul’s guidance, our tinges and giggles, because how could guidance from a soul that is broken be trusted?

Coming from brokenness is the place where most experts unknowingly try to coach, teach and train you from. They aren’t doing it on purpose. Hey, I used to do this too before I woke up to the illusion. Most people teach and re-affirm your brokenness because we’ve all been so indoctrinated to re-affirm brokenness & believe in it that we don’t even know we are propagating it.

And so as leaders we fall into the trap of thinking that in order for our work to have any value, or to be purchased, or for people to want it, or for us to make an income, that we have to participate in this illusion of brokenness.

That we have to promise quick fix, easy 3 step processes with fast fast tangible results.
And that any work that is to do with the soul, the heart, the slow non-tangible things that truly transform your life beyond any step by step process…is not valuable.

So every time we feel a tingle or a giggle or a butterfly about an idea we want to try in our business, we suppress it.

“People don’t want to buy that”
“You’ve just spent 2 years building your business up to what it is and now you want to add this thing your heart wants to add, to it? You’re crazy. Everyone will leave! And you will be broke!”

Pretty soon we’ve lost the connection with our soul’s voice and we only want to listen to the mind. And the things you really long to bring into your business or your life, they take a back seat.  Because it doesn’t feel safe to follow ecstasy, joy, tingles & giggles.

Not in the world that says that the mind rules over the heart.
That strategy rules over soul.

Our minds try to rationalize what we think we want. We have pictures of what we’ve been taught is good for us by the experts in our lives or by what we’ve been indoctrinated into. We build lives and businesses from that.

And then one day we hear our soul saying something different. And we feel confused.
And our minds get scared and we stop the flow of the soul voice, we don’t follow the tingles and giggles. They could lead into the unknown, the uncertain, the different and what then?

Following the tingles and giggles, means following your joy.
And following your joy is revolutionary.
Because Joy comes from your wholeness–not brokenness.

How could anything that brings you tingles and giggles not be aligned with the wholeness of who you are called to be just because it looks different than what your mind thinks it wanted or had planned?

Imagine if we actually took the leap and followed the tingles and the ease, the giggles and the flow…and trusted deeply in that strange pull that makes no sense to the mind–that challenges it.

Imagine the wondrous bouquet of ecstasy that could arise in every area of your life by letting the tingles and giggles be your guide.

What sort of business would you actually run?
Who would you date?
What relationships would you cultivate?
What foods would you eat?
How would you move your body?

And why not use that as your guide?

Why not begin to let your wholeness guide you?
Because operating from your brokenness–how’s that working for you?
You may have had success and made some good money, but what good is that if you are burned out, exhausted & feeling trapped by your own business?

When you begin to believe that you are whole, you begin to listen to your soul voice & trust it.
Because how could you not trust that which comes from the wholeness of your being?

Trusting in your soul voice is the most profitable thing you could do for your life & your business, because in your soul there is a specific, unique encoded blueprint for you to live your soul’s purpose in the true prosperity that you were born to attract.

When you begin to operate in your business from the assumption that you are whole, you begin to feel worthy of choosing and loving that which pulls you into the unknown and challenges you into the whole, radiant person you were actually called here to be, instead of being afraid of it.

Your business reflects wholeness and attracts aligned people into your community for you to serve.

You start to enjoy what you do again.
You have the right team, the right clients.
Your creativity comes back.
Your “brand” reflects the truth of who you really are in in turn you become a lighthouse for others who want to step into their wholeness too.

So, my love, if you want to access your soul voice and learn how to hear it’s valuable whisperings of guidance…

Breathe in that joy, let the butterflies flutter, timidly take those steps having no idea what you are doing and not knowing where it will lead.

It cannot lead to anywhere bad in the end, because what is guiding you in the tingles and giggles is your wholeness, your ecstasy, your joy.

And that is your birthright.

It is our birthright to be whole, to be in joy, to be prosperous.
To be aligned with the truth of who we came here to be.

Don’t be afraid of the ecstasy just because it lies in the unknown and it looks different than you thought it would look like or than the outside world would tell you it “should” look like.

Leap into the beauty of your life.

If you want to dive deep into the process of allowing the soul voice to guide you in your business & life decisions and you’re a business owner who has been in business for at least 1-2 years, you’ve had success but feel like something is “missing” or you’re longing for soul-alignment in your biz, then I have an amazing complimentary invite for you.

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I hope you’ll join us and learn how to build a business with the strategy of joy, ecstasy, tingles, giggles & butterflies as your guides along the journey.

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With devotion,

Lisa Fabrega


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