Transmuting anger, loving your shadow & the power of feeling it all


lisa fabrega




For as long as I can remember, I have been holding the space for people to hear, honor & align with their soul. That also means that for my entire life, I’ve had a lot of conversations with fascinating people who have opened up to me at parties, in airport bars or hiking glaciers in Iceland. They’ve told me incredible tales of how they risked everything to follow their soul, how they failed spectacularly and ultimately how they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams…all by honoring the pull of the soul.

I know that for me, seeking out the stories of people who have done the “crazy” thing of following and trusting in their soul, has helped me tremendously to stay on my soul’s path and not be afraid, when everything inside of me was screaming to turn back.

So I decided to interview some of these amazing people I’ve met and coached along the way, once a month and share these no-holds-barred, wide-open conversations with you, as extra inspiration for you on your own soul journey.

This month I’ve interviewed Gena Shingle Jaffe, the sparkly lawyer for entrepreneurs & a client in my Soul Alchemy 1:1 mentorship program. Gena and I have been working together for 2 years now and I’ve watched her incredible and inspiring journey from burned out corporate lawyer and total non-believer in the woo to a woman who has created a thriving community and business while following the pull of her soul & being her authentic self.

In today’s Soul Alchemy Journey we talk about the power of learning how to transmute your anger, fully feeling your feelings and what the heck that all has to do with building a successful, soul aligned business. Make sure you watch until the end, because there’s a special announcement in there for you that I think you’ll want to know more about.

Check out our first Soul Alchemy Journey interview below.

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