Trouble finding clients? Here’s the soul-aligned way to get high quality clients, fast.


lisa fabrega

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There’s one thing that frustrates every change-maker I’ve worked with,
whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro in your business…

and that is getting clients.

Clients are what keep your business afloat.
If you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business, period.

And I know it can be frustrating figuring out where to find them, how to get more of
them and how to keep them coming in, especially if you want to do it in a way that
feels soul-aligned and authentic and that brings the right clients in.

Two years ago I worked with a client, Lauren, who was building a business of her own,
yet had a day job to support her family as she made the transition.
And then she was fired unexpectedly.

In the span of one day she went from having a job, to having NO income coming in.
And she had to figure out a way to get clients FAST. She had a family to support!

Lauren went into a panic and called me up. She felt overwhelmed as to what to
do, because there are so many tactics and “methods” out there for getting clients,
it can make your head spin. Plus, a lot of the ways to get clients she knew about
took a long time and, like I said before, she needed to get clients as fast as possible.

So I gave her my favorite easy (and only one step!) method to get clients.
Within 2 days she not only landed her first two clients, but she also got the
opportunity of a lifetime–an offer that many people have worked years to get.

So what the heck did I tell her? And what was this opportunity she got?

Well, one of the most important things that you need to actually get clients,
is something that most business owners miss completely.

In fact a lot of programs that teach you how to get clients gloss over this and teach
you a ton of super complicated things that take a while to implement and that many soul-aligned
business owners find a bit sleazy and don’t end up doing anyway.

There is a much easier way to get clients.
It all starts with what I like to call my “Selling with Soul™ Formula”.

Consistency + Visibility + Persistence = Clients

or to put it simply….

In order for someone to want to work with you and
become your client, they have to know you exist.

I know this sounds silly and obvious, but it’s a trap we all fall into as business
owners–we’re out and about living our lives and we forget to tell people what
we are up to. And no one knows that we are doing what we do!

Why do we forget to tell people what we’re up to? Well, mostly because:

1) We think it’s useless to tell a random person what we do

Part of the reason we don’t share with people what we’re up to is that we think,
“why would this random person I met at the hair salon want to know what I do?”
(I’ll answer that question in a minute)

2) We think we’ll come across as “salesy” when we share what we do

Another reason we don’t share is that we’re paranoid that once we actually
answer the question “what do you do?”, that someone is going to think we are
trying to “sell” them and run the other direction. So we get shy and stay quiet.
We don’t want that person to perceive us as some sleazy salesperson wanting
to get something out of them, now do we?

My client, Lauren, had the same two fears as I listed above.

But she needed clients fast.

So I gave her one, super simple and easy homework assignment based
on the Selling With Soul™ Formula:

I told her:

“for the next 2 weeks, I want you to tell one person every day what you
do in your business.

I don’t care if the only person you talk to that day is the mailman–do it
anyway. Your task is not to get new clients–and you are not sharing every
day with the intention to get a client–your task is just to share what you love
with one person every day. That’s it”.

It was so simple she almost couldn’t believe it would work.

And she was a little nervous to do it, but I gave her a simple script for how
to share in a way that feels authentic and not like you’re trying to “get”
something from the person you’re sharing with, (which you can get as part
of my program Fearless Selling™, opening up in a few weeks)…

and she started her homework.

And then a virtual miracle happened.

After I shared the Selling with Soul™ Formula with her, she went back to her
office that same day to pack up her desk and leave.

As she was packing up, a guy from the marketing department in her company
(that she had never met) walked by and asked her if she was leaving.

She shared that, yes, she was leaving the company, but that she was also
excited to have more time to focus on her true passion…and then she told
him excitedly all about her business.

His whole face lit up as he listened to her and he told her “I know someone
who can offer you a great job while you’re building that business up and I
really think my brother could use you as his coach!”

Turns out that marketing department guy knew a very famous celebrity
who needed a personal assistant.

By the end of that week, she had secured a six-figure day job (twice
what she was making in the job she got fired from), supporting this
celebrity that she had always admired AND she had her first client for
her business that she was building–the marketing guy’s brother!

As of today, Lauren left her day job a year ago and now has a full client
roster, working with people she loves.

She got these results from using the Selling with Soul™ Formula (part of
my Fearless Selling™ program) in just ONE day (and she still uses it
to this day to keep generating clients for her business)

Still don’t buy that this works because it’s too easy?

Well just the other day, I went to the hair salon to get my hair done and I
struck up a conversation with the woman next to me about our love of
travel. By the end of the conversation she had exchanged cards with me
and by the end of that day she had emailed me to book a VIP Day.

Or how about my client Nina, who started sharing what she was working
on in her new business, after learning the Selling with Soul™ Formula?

Soon after, a mentor of hers began sending major opportunities her way,
with the chance to work with people she had always looked up to.

The mentor didn’t even know she was “open for business” because she had
never mentioned it until then!

So remember–forget selling or “getting a client”.

Instead, consistently, persistently tell one person daily, what you do.

Make that your daily goal and you will most definitely begin to drum up
interest in your business. It has worked for all of my clients who truly
dedicate themselves to it and do it every day. And it’s easy (and free!)

Use Facebook every day to share what you love about what you do,
tell people you meet at the bus stop in conversation, share with family

just tell one person every day!

Not only will you get practice doing this, so you’ll feel less awkward telling
people what you do as time goes by, but you will also get the right clients
for you in a soul-aligned, open hearted and authentic way.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below–what is your top takeaway
from this post? It helps me to know these things resonate with you and that
they are of value to you!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega

ps: I have a few other super easy, fun techniques to get more ideal clients
in a soul-aligned way –they’re featured as part of my Fearless Selling™
program coming up in a few weeks. Stay tuned to your inbox if you’re
curious about it!