The Truth About Manifesting & How To Create What You Want

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That often elusive word we equate to magical beings that somehow possess powers we do not.  Trust me, you’re not the only one that has seen someone’s Facebook post about how they manifested something amazing and tried it ourselves, only to fall flat on our faces and manifest a whole lot of nothing.

I was having this very same conversation with a client lately, about all of the hype around manifesting.  Except I like to call “manifesting” creating what you want.

And I do think it’s possible.  I’ve seen people do it over and over in the last 6 years of working with people helping them align with their souls so they can create what they want.  But there’s an art to creating what you want.  It requires asking yourself the right questions.

Before we even get into the question, we have to address the elephant in the manifesting room.  Our mindset.

You see, if you’re alive in this world, you’ve been programmed to have a victim mindset.  

The victim mindset is categorized by the following qualities:  

• feeling like you have no control
• feeling helpless and overwhelmed
• feeling like you’re at the mercy of the Universe and what it throws at you.

Sound familiar now?  Yeah, we are all programmed to think this way.  It’s the world we live in.  Just look around and you’ll begin to see it everywhere.

When you’re in the victim mindset, your focus is on the problem.  You think about how you have a problem, you try to figure out the problem and you spend time talking to people about the problem.  The only thing is…notice how focusing on the problem makes you feel.

Doesn’t it make you feel anxious?  Not good?

And what do you think happens when you feel anxious?  Well, you do whatever you can to make that feeling go away. No one likes to feel anxious.  

The problem is that this results in us creating a “quick fix” to get away from the anxiety, instead of actually solving the problem.  For example, “I really need to write that blog post my soul has been asking me to write, but I’m afraid that it will be so different from everything I’ve written that my entire tribe of followers will unsubscribe and not want to read it anymore”.  

So instead, I go binge on episodes of “Stranger Things” on Netflix to feel better.  But in the end, I still haven’t written the blog post, which is what my soul is asking me to do.  Then I feel worse about myself because I didn’t write the blog post and that makes me even less likely to feel creative and write the blog post.  

This can turn into days and even months of self sabotage, focusing on the problem, and never finding a way out of this vicious cycle.  That is the victim mindset.

So when we sit down to create what we want, with journal in hand, the first thing we do is think about the problem we have and how to solve it.  But remember, all that does is create anxiety, so you won’t actually write out what you want, you’ll write something else instead that makes you feel better or you just won’t write out what you want at all and go binge on some more Netflix shows.

The other thing to note here is that when we’re focused on the problem, we’re in our ego mind.  The part of us that believes we are broken, holds our deepest fears and limiting beliefs and so forth.  

It’s the law of manifestation that you create what you feel and believe.  So if you’re sitting down focusing on the problem you have, you’re only going to manifest more problems.  The Universe matches vibration with vibration.

When we’re in our ego, we’re writing down goals that come from who we think we are supposed to be and what we think we are supposed to want, NOT goals that are actually aligned with what our soul is pulling us to and craving.  

The beauty about the Universe is that it loves us so much, it will not send things to us that are totally out of alignment with our soul.  The Universe favors soul alignment.  The more you are aligned with your soul, the faster you will manifest what is actually in alignment for you.

Sure, you can create things that are totally out of alignment, too.  Just by your own sheer and free will.  But trust me, from a woman who has manifested entire years that were out of alignment, it’s not fun and you think that’s what you want but in the end you’re burned out, miserable and unfulfilled.

So that brings me to my most important point–we MUST have developed a clear, deep connection with our soul to manifest the lives that we were actually called here to live.

That great work you know is inside of you, that only you were put here to impact the world with?  That great purpose you know deep inside that you are here for?

That comes from your SOUL.  

And if you can’t hear your soul because you’re in your victim mindset, thinking about the problem you have and how to solve it, then you can’t actually manifest what would truly nourish and fulfill you–that which is in alignment with your soul and your purpose.

So how DO we manifest what we want?

Here’s my process (and the one I teach my clients):

  1. Create practices and rituals that cultivate your connection to your soul so that you can begin to differentiate between your soul and your ego and make truly aligned decisions.  Self-care is actually one of the biggest things you can do to enhance your manifesting skills because it connects you to your soul.
  2. Ask yourself the right questions–questions that will help you tap into how you really want to feel and what you really want to create, every single day vs. focusing on the problem you need to solve (all that does is attract the problem!).
  3. Spend time every morning incorporating practices and rituals, plus the right questions, so that you can get into your CREATOR mindset vs. your victim mindset.
  4. CREATE your vision every day, on paper.  Write it down. There is power in writing it down, believe me.  Just 15 minutes a day can open up a whole can of whoopass in your life in the best of ways.

This is the exact process I have taught my clients for the past 6 years that allows them to create amazing lives & businesses.  

But here’s the next step–how do we know what questions to ask ourselves so that we can create the right feeling state to manifest what we desire?  And what questions do we ask ourselves to create our vision?

The right questions will dig out what your soul actually wants and create huge clarity & results in your life.

So, I took the exact questions I ask my clients in our private sessions to help them manifest what they desire and I put them into a workbook that you can use every single day.

In the Rise Visionbook Journal, you get to ask yourself these questions daily and do the daily inquiry that will help you not only connect more deeply with the voice of your soul (vs. the voice of your ego), but will also help you strengthen your manifesting powers, get soul-deep clarity and begin to CREATE what you actually were called here to do and be.

I remember when I first started to shift from a victim in my life to an empowered creator, I always longed for a journal that I could sit down with every day, ask myself what I call “the creator questions” and sit with my soul for a while.  A journal that would encourage me to have a quick 15-20 minute morning ritual that would set up my entire day for powerful creation of what I desire and where I could track all of the practices that encourage my connection to my soul (hearing your soul’s voice clearly is a daily practice very much like building a muscle!).

So I created it.  I decided to test this book out on my clients first, before I offered it to the rest of my tribe and I was amazed by the feedback I got.  

Just three days ago, a client of mine wrote me to tell me she had been using the journal for only 3 days and had already had massive downloads for how to create the next level of her great work in the world.  Things she had been feeling stuck on for months shifted in just days using the Rise Visionbook journal and she was hearing the voice of her soul more than ever, guiding her in the right direction.

Based on the feedback I’ve gotten from the book, I’m now releasing it to the public.  You can get your own copy of the Rise Visionbook Journal for only $35 by clicking here.

I believe that inside of our soul is a “blueprint” for the life & the great work you were called here to lead.  And the person best at accessing that “blueprint” filled with powerful divine wisdom, is you.  

I designed the Rise VisionBook Journal so that you have a daily practice of connecting to your soul and getting your own powerful answers from within, so that you can create the life and the work that is truly aligned with your soul.

Learn more and get your Rise VisionBook here

So tell me in the comments below, what are you most wanting to create right now?  

What’s your vision?


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