Everything you need to know about the Virtual Visibility Capacity Retreat

Here’s what you get:

  • This is a VIRTUAL retreat, which means you don’t have to leave your home to attend. Just join us via Zoom (video teleconference). Once you sign up, you’ll receive the details to join us via email.
  • We’ll spend 4 hours together (don’t worry, there’s a lunch break), with you and an intimate group of no more than 10 womxn, diving deep into YOUR specific visibility capacity issue and expanding it for your next level.
  • You’ll get a hot seat session with me during the retreat, where all the focus is on you, so bring your most complicated, puzzling, visibility issue to the table so we can work it out.
  • You will be coached by me throughout the retreat as well as witness other womxn be coached (you’ll often find that watching others be coached helps you resolve things you didn’t even know you had going on). I don’t do talking-head style teaching – my retreats are interactive and co-creative.

Here’s just some of what we will cover in the Visibility Capacity Virtual Retreat:

  • Exactly how YOU particularly are holding your visibility capacity back. Learn where YOU particularly need to expand your visibility and what’s REALLY getting in your way of being seen (it’s never what you think).
  • Walk away feeling confident that your visibility could triple tomorrow and you’d have NO PROBLEM handling it AND maximizing the opportunities that come your way.
  • Why your strategies haven’t been working, and a technique that will ensure your visibility strategies will work like you’ve been wanting them to.
  • Get clear on who you really are in the world, what your unique gift is and how to express that in a way that allows you to be FULLY SEEN.  When we see ALL of you, that’s when your impact and income really take off. (Even if you know clearly what you’re here to do, and even have a “brand”, this particular exercise will give you a richer, deeper clarity which will add extra shine to how you’re already showing up.)
  • Why you might be attracting clients, people or opportunities in your life that represent unhealed parts of you/aren’t aligned aka problem/triggering clients. And how to start attracting more of the RIGHT opportunities and/or clients.
  • Clearing fear of putting yourself out there on a bigger scale and ending the self-sabotage that keeps you hiding from your next level of visibility.
  • Any other visibility issue you are having that you need support with – this is an interactive retreat with lots of time for coaching, so you can bring it all to the table.  (It’s impossible for me to list all the visibility issues known to humanity in one page).


New Dates Coming Soon