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As the CEO of your company, YOU are the face of your brand.

And while certain parts of you love being the “Visionary” who’s leading your business forward, the reality is that not ALL of you is READY to step into the limelight in a higher capacity. And that's a problem.


Going from where you are now to becoming a world-changing thought-leader who consistently (and confidently) shows up to share and create sold-out offers, epic marketing campaigns, and high-profile media opportunities … has EVERYTHING to do with your capacity for visibility.  



Lisa is a powerhouse catalyst for change-makers and leaders. When you know deep inside that you’re meant for greatness, getting Lisa in your corner will be one of the most powerful choices you ever make.


Former CEO of TreeSisters and Eyes Wide Open Life


Here’s the thing:

There’s visibility, and then there’s BEING SEEN.

No publicist or publicity plan can get you the visibility you want if you’re not being seen … or are hiding parts of you that you’ve been told don’t fit into a nice, brandable package. 

No publicist can get you the visibility you want if you don’t have the CAPACITY to receive, hold and handle everything that comes with that level of visibility.

How do you know if you have the capacity to receive, hold and handle that next level of being seen? 


Are you still hiding or holding back parts of yourself? If so, that’s a capacity issue.

You can literally be standing on a stage in front of 3,000 people and STILL not be seen.

Because if they’re not seeing ALL of you, you’re going to end up attracting misaligned clients, the wrong opportunities, or you’ll still be dealing with that pesky “I’m a fraud” feeling.  

No matter HOW many people are watching you.

“Lisa got the core of my visibility issue and it blew me wide
open. At last the cloud of fear surrounding my visibility is gone and I’m free!”



Here’s what struggling with visibility capacity might look like:

  • You’ve turned down, resisted, or avoided opportunities for greater visibility because you aren’t sure if you can “handle” all that visibility. 
  • You don’t consistently show up online as much as your business needs you to. Being the “face of your brand” exhausts/drains you in ways it didn’t before—which means your audience isn’t growing AND you’ve lost that deeper connection to your message. 
  • Even though you’ve had some success and garnered some attention and respect, you still feel like in many ways you’re the best-kept secret. 
  • You have gifts you’re hiding from your work. You feel deeply called to integrate them with your current work, but you worry about how your audience will react. You don’t want to lose clients or money after working so hard to build what you have. So you feel stuck sharing the brand message that “always worked” while secretly fantasizing about tearing it all down and starting over. 
  • You’re starting to suspect your visibility blocks might be causing your business to plateau and impacting your revenue. You know something needs to shift, but you don’t know how or where to start. 
  • You feel stuck between wanting to grow and resisting it. Being in the limelight caused you to run out of all your capacity. So you’ve pulled back from sharing consistently with your audience or avoided bigger visibility opportunities because you don’t want to add more exhaustion and overwhelm. If only you could figure out how to be the” face of the brand” without burning yourself out.
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You can have a million followers, the best publicity plan, and the most genius strategy for visibility. Still, NONE of it will work if you don’t have the CAPACITY to FULLY hold, handle and receive all the visibility those strategies will bring you.

If you aren’t sure you can “handle” the visibility you want, you’re always going to push away on subtle or obvious levels the opportunities to be more visible. That’s why you’re not more visible by now. It’s NOT because you don’t have the “right strategy.”

That’s exactly why I created the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat. To help you get to the ROOT CAUSE of your visibility issues and expand your capacity so that your visibility strategies ACTUALLY WORK.

"This type of work is crucial ... it unearths things you had NO idea were holding you back ... AND Lisa explains things and makes connections NO ONE else does."

— Angelica


Think about ALL of the successful CEOs, badass world-changers, and influential women that you look up to …

Oprah, Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, Lizzo, Malala Yousafzai, Beyoncé, Maya Angelou, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg … (just to name a few).

The #1 reason why these powerful women have created so much positive change in the world is because they’ve confidently used their voices, communicated their vision, and expanded their CAPACITY to step into AND continuously stay in the limelight as they grew into higher and higher levels of visibility, impact, and influence.

Visibility Capacity™ has EVERYTHING to do with this level of magnetism and leadership.

To gracefully handle the pressures (and publicity) of rapid business growth, team expansion, and media exposure requires:

  1. Proven tools for nervous-system recalibration to begin restoring your emotional, mental and physical capacity and learn how to do visibility without depleting.

  2. Deeply protective and expansive boundaries.

  3. A truly aligned strategy/plan (that’s future-focused!!).

  4. And a trusted mentor who can speak into all of the unique blindspots/obstacles that are blocking you from being the BEST you can be.

Freezing up, playing small, holding yourself back, doubting your words/work, doom spiraling, or hiding your best ideas … ALL of these are signs that your Visibility Capacity™ is NOT yet where it needs to be.

That’s EXACTLY why I created this Visibility Capacity retreat—because I want the BEST for you and your business. And the very best depends on YOU and your ability to fully embrace your true role as the “face of your brand.”


Working with Lisa has been more than I imagined it would be. Right from the start, I was able to use Lisa’s coaching to gain more confidence and see myself as a high-level CEO. Working with Lisa allowed me to address issues with my sense of self-worth and expand my capacity in those areas.

As a result, this led to my securing contracts that gained back my investment in less than 2 months, more than doubling my prices and getting clients to pay it and to successfully look at and start to address my issues around my self-worthiness. Lisa is a no-nonsense loving force who is gifted at getting to the soul’s work of leadership. I look forward to every call.


Conflict Resolution Strategist, Author, Speaker, Coach


This Virtual Visibility Capacity Retreat was intentionally designed to be as safe and supportive for you as possible—while simultaneously prioritizing your desire for accelerated results and breakthroughs.


Here’s what you get by attending this retreat:

  • This is a VIRTUAL retreat, which means you don’t have to leave your home to attend. Just join us via Zoom (video teleconference). Once you sign up, you’ll receive the details to join us via email.
  • We’ll spend 4 hours together (don’t worry, there’s a lunch break), with you and an intimate group of no more than 25 womxn, diving deep into YOUR specific visibility capacity issue and expanding it for your next level.
  • I’ll be giving you access to the same strategies that I teach my 1-on-1 clients that get them HUGE visibility results and financial breakthroughs.

Note: Since my process is so accurate, accelerated, and effective, I always get SO many DM’s afterwards from retreat attendees who are shocked by how quickly they’ve expanded into their next level after attending!

  • You’ll get a “hot seat session” with me during the retreat, where all my 1:1 attention is on you, so bring your most complicated, puzzling, visibility issue to the table so we can work it out.

Note: If you would rather your “hot seat session” with me be private, we will accommodate that too and I will record a video for you privately after the retreat!

  • You will be coached by me throughout the retreat as well as witness other women be coached (you’ll often find that watching others be coached helps you resolve things you didn’t even know you had going on). I don’t do talking-head style teaching—my retreats are interactive and co-creative.

Here’s just some of what we will cover in the Visibility Capacity Virtual Retreat:

  • Exactly how YOU particularly are holding your visibility capacity back. Learn where YOU need to expand your visibility and what’s REALLY getting in your way of being seen (it’s never what you think).

  • Walk away feeling confident that if your visibility tripled tomorrow, you’d have NO PROBLEM handling it AND maximizing the opportunities that come your way.

  • Why your strategies haven’t been working, and a technique that will ensure your visibility strategies work like you’ve been wanting them to.

  • Get clear on who you really are in the world, what your unique gift is and how to express that in a way that allows you to be FULLY SEEN. When we see ALL of you, that’s when your impact and income really take off. (Even if you know clearly what you’re here to do and have a “brand”, this particular exercise will give you a richer, deeper clarity which will add extra shine to how you’re already showing up.)

  • Why you might be attracting clients, people, or opportunities in your life that represent unhealed parts of you/aren’t aligned aka problem/triggering clients. And how to start attracting more of the RIGHT opportunities and/or clients.

  • Clearing fear of putting yourself out there on a bigger scale and ending the self-sabotage that keeps you hiding from your next level of visibility.

  • Any other visibility issue you are having that you need support with—this is an interactive retreat with lots of time for coaching, so you can bring it all to the table. (It’s impossible for me to list all the visibility issues known to humanity on one page).
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Who is this retreat for?

I’m here for the CEO/business owner on the verge of a breakthrough—a breakthrough so close you can feel it like an electric current in your body.

You already know that you’re meant for a higher level of visibility, impact, and influence. But you also know SOMETHING is blocking you … although you can’t quite pinpoint what.

As the “face of your brand,” you know you can’t afford to wait and figure this out the hard way. You’re ready for answers. You’re ready for a breakthrough. You’re ready to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your visibility issues and expand your capacity so that your visibility strategies ACTUALLY WORK without sacrificing your wellbeing in the process.

If you’re ready for your voice to be heard, seen, and KNOWN for all the right reasons … you’re in the right place. This retreat was made for YOU.

Your visibility is worth it, my friend. Let’s unlock your next level of expansion. Together.


Saturday, May 28

9am – 1pm PT (12pm – 4pm ET)

FRIDAY, June 10

2pm – 6pm PT (5pm – 9pm ET)
Only a few seats left!

Everything you get when you join
the Visibility Capacity Retreat:

  • 4 hours of live training with me on expanding your Visibility Capacity™
  • A hot seat with me for live, personalized coaching during the call (choose between private or live)
  • Pre-retreat exercises and prep work to welcome your next level of visibility
  • An intimate, high vibe, high-minded community to witness, hold space and cheer you on as you have your biggest visibility breakthroughs yet!

Lisa will rock your world! Lisa makes taking your life and work to the next level pleasurable and authentic. She’ll lovingly push you out of your comfort zone and help you create a business you actually love.

I made more than 6 times my investment (yes you read that right—6 times) within a matter of weeks of joining the program, so the program paid for itself!

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What do past retreat attendees have to say?


Is this right for you? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below:

Is this only for women, online business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs?

This retreat is for anyone who wants to work on their capacity for more visibility. Men and women have both attended this virtual retreat and had big breakthroughs. People of all different careers and incomes. We have had: auto-body shop owners, dancers, artists, coaches, executives, corporate employees, highly successful entrepreneurs, literature translators, and more attend and get a lot out of this retreat. It doesn’t matter what your career or earning level is—we all have Visibility Capacity™ issues.

I’m in the middle of a business transition and feeling foggy about my brand message or what I’m doing next. Is this retreat for people like me?

Absolutely. Sometimes that “fogginess” you feel about your business and next steps is actually a Visibility Capacity issue in disguise. Sometimes your ego creates an illusion of confusion because it’s AFRAID that you'll have to be visible once you get clear on how to move forward. So it fogs up your mind, so you DON’T move forward and get visible to keep you in your comfort zone.  

This is why coming to the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat is SO important—because we’ve got to recalibrate your nervous system so that your ego doesn’t create this false confusion and you get the clarity you need to move forward and get seen.

Is this retreat only for beginners? What if I’ve already built a successful 6,7,8-figure business?

Visibility capacity issues affect ALL of us, no matter how many years of experience we have or how much we earn. I have supported people of all levels of earning in their visibility. From board members of $100 million companies to eight-figure startup founders, badass CEOs of non-profits, and seven, multi-six, and high five-figure entrepreneurs. 

As the face of your brand, your capacity for visibility will always be expanding and need support because as your brand grows, your visibility grows. And you’ll always experience new challenges to your visibility at every next level. So this retreat is for high vibe, high-minded, ambitious, and growth-oriented people who are ready for their next level of visibility and want to navigate it gracefully and easefully without sabotaging the growth of their companies or their wellbeing.

Is there an option to submit a question for a hot seat privately?

Yes! I understand the importance of privacy—for specific types of businesses and questions. This is why, once you enroll, you can pick from two options for hot seats: private or live during the retreat. Some people love the magic that happens when they allow themselves to be visible and witnessed by their peers cheering them on. Others might have more sensitive information about their company involved in the question and prefer a private hot seat.

We have 15 spots available for private hot seat questions. 

And only 10 spots are available for getting coached live on the call. 

These are first-come, first-served, which means the sooner you enroll, the higher the likelihood you’ll get your exact preference. If you wait too long, we might run out of spots for your hot seat preference, in which case you’ll be assigned the available option. So don’t wait to enroll if you have a strong preference! This retreat always sells out!

I’ve already done a lot to expand my visibility and nothing has worked. How do I know this will?

Most likely nothing else has worked because nothing has been addressing the ROOT CAUSE of your visibility issues. Working on your visibility without addressing your actual capacity is like putting a flimsy bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. It doesn’t work.

I can tell you this work is unlike anything you’ve ever done. I know that because that’s what most people who attend tell me. You’ve never done work like this and that’s exactly why it works.

Do you have payment plans?

We do, there’s a 2 payment plan right here. The first payment of $250 confirms your seat at the retreat. Your second payment of $250 must be made the day before your chosen date for the retreat.


Lisa is a powerhouse catalyst for emerging leaders, revolutionaries, & change-makers who are ready to claim the precious IMPACT of their grand vision and actually make it happen. When you know deep inside that you're meant for greatness, getting Lisa in your corner will be one of the most powerful decisions you ever make.

Amrita khalsa
CEO of the Eyes Wide Open Collective

Hear from more past participants of the
virtual Visibility Capacity Retreat!


During the call, I was activated to a really important part of my work I hadn’t seen before. It was born from the hot seat. She didn’t stop at the typical questions, she was able to go deeper, and I was able to go to the next level with my work. It feels like the most aligned work I’ve ever done. I’ve been a coach for 20 years, and it feels like something just blew wide open because of the tools I learned and the capacity work during the retreat.”


“Lisa heard me; she heard what was behind my words, the real issues I didn’t even know were the cause of my visibility struggles. I had been to several coaches before Lisa, and I’d never felt heard. I loved the group format. [At first], I wasn’t sure [...] but Lisa created such a safe space that I could. It felt like a very cohesive group in a very short period of time because of her approach. I got so much out of that retreat I signed up to work with Lisa [longer term], and I’m so glad I did.”


“What I know about the work with Lisa (which is why I continue to come back to work with her) is that I always get phenomenal insights. Because [her work] is so different and experiential, that’s how I end up making even bigger breakthroughs that make an impact in my personal and professional life.”

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