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You’re a big fish in a little pond-- and while certain parts of you WANT to be a big fish in a bigger pond, the reality is not ALL of you is READY. And, that’s a problem.

That’s a Visibility Capacity™ issue.

Going from where you are right now, to world-changing impact…
has nothing to do with strategy.
It has EVERYTHING to do with your capacity for visibility. Everything.

There’s visibility and then there’s BEING SEEN.

No publicist or publicity plan can get you the visibility you want if you’re not being seen...or are hiding parts of you that you’ve been told don’t fit into a nice, brandable package.

No publicist can get you the QUALITY of visibility you want, if you don’t have the CAPACITY to receive hold and handle that level of visibility.

How do you know if you have the capacity to receive, hold and handle that next level of being seen?


Are you still hiding or holding back parts of you? If so, that’s a capacity issue.

You can literally be standing on a stage in front of 3,000 people and STILL not be seen.

Because if they’re not seeing ALL of you, you’re going to end up attracting misaligned clients, the wrong opportunities, or you’ll still be dealing with that pesky “I’m a fraud” feeling.

No matter HOW many people are watching you.

Here’s what struggling with visibility capacity might look like:

  • You’ve turned down, resisted or avoided opportunities for greater visibility because you aren’t sure if you can “handle” all that visibility.
  • Even though you’ve had some success and garnered some attention and respect, you still feel like in many ways you’re the best kept secret.
  • You’re attracting clients, partners and friends who represent unhealed parts of you. Or you’re attracting clients who tell you they can’t afford you or end up being nightmare clients.
  • You’ve got gifts you’re hiding from your work. You feel deeply called to integrate them with your current work, but you keep avoiding it or aren’t sure how to do that. Plus you’re afraid of how people will react when they see this side of you.
  • Only a small percentage of what you do in the world encompasses the full-on you. This creates an existential crisis and makes you question everything you’ve done and wonder if you should tear it all down and start over.
  • You’re afraid if you show all of you to clients or loved ones, you’ll lose a bunch of clients (and money!) or others will judge you.
  • You’ve been trying to up your visibility for a long time and you don’t know WHAT the block is that’s holding you back.

You can have a million followers, the best publicity plan and the most genius strategy for visibility, but NONE of it will work if you don’t have the CAPACITY to FULLY hold, handle and receive all the visibility those strategies will bring you.



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If you aren’t sure you can “handle” the visibility you want, you’re always going to push away on subtle or obvious levels the opportunities to be more visible. That’s why you’re not more visible by now. It’s NOT because you don’t have the “right strategy”.

That’s exactly why I created the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat. To help you get to the ROOT CAUSE of your visibility issues and expand your capacity so that your visibility strategies ACTUALLY WORK.

Everything you need to know about the Virtual Visibility Capacity Retreat


Here’s what you get:

  • This is a VIRTUAL retreat, which means you don’t have to leave your home to attend. Just join us via Zoom (video teleconference). Once you sign up, you’ll receive the details to join us via email.
  • We’ll spend 4 hours together (don’t worry, there’s a lunch break), with you and an intimate group of no more than 10 womxn, diving deep into YOUR specific visibility capacity issue and expanding it for your next level.
  • You’ll get a hot seat session with me during the retreat, where all the focus is on you, so bring your most complicated, puzzling, visibility issue to the table so we can work it out.
  • You will be coached by me throughout the retreat as well as witness other womxn be coached (you’ll often find that watching others be coached helps you resolve things you didn’t even know you had going on). I don’t do talking-head style teaching – my retreats are interactive and co-creative.

Here’s just some of what we will cover in the

Visibility Capacity Virtual Retreat:

  • Exactly how YOU particularly are holding your visibility capacity back. Learn where YOU particularly need to expand your visibility and what’s REALLY getting in your way of being seen (it’s never what you think).
  • Walk away feeling confident that your visibility could triple tomorrow and you’d have NO PROBLEM handling it AND maximizing the opportunities that come your way.
  • Why your strategies haven’t been working, and a technique that will ensure your visibility strategies will work like you’ve been wanting them to.
  • Get clear on who you really are in the world, what your unique gift is and how to express that in a way that allows you to be FULLY SEEN. When we see ALL of you, that’s when your impact and income really take off. (Even if you know clearly what you’re here to do, and even have a “brand”, this particular exercise will give you a richer, deeper clarity which will add extra shine to how you’re already showing up.)
  • Why you might be attracting clients, people or opportunities in your life that represent unhealed parts of you/aren’t aligned aka problem/triggering clients. And how to start attracting more of the RIGHT opportunities and/or clients.
  • Clearing fear of putting yourself out there on a bigger scale and ending the self-sabotage that keeps you hiding from your next level of visibility.
  • Any other visibility issue you are having that you need support with – this is an interactive retreat with lots of time for coaching, so you can bring it all to the table. (It’s impossible for me to list all the visibility issues known to humanity in one page).


Thursday, January 23

11am – 3pm PT (2pm ET – 6pm ET)

Saturday, February 1

10am – 2pm PT (1pm ET – 5pm ET)

Friday, February 7

11am – 3pm PT (2pm ET – 6pm ET)

Is this right for you? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below:

Is this only for women, online business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs?

This retreat is for anyone who wants to work on their capacity for more visibility. Men and women have both attended this virtual retreat and had big breakthroughs. People of all different careers and incomes. We have had: auto-body shop owners, dancers, artists, coaches, executives, corporate employees, highly successful entrepreneurs, literature translators and more attend and get a lot out of this retreat. It doesn’t matter what your career or earning level is--we all have Visibility Capacity issues.

I don’t yet have a business, still trying to figure that out. And I feel foggy in my purpose… is this retreat for me?

Absolutely. Sometimes that “fogginess” you feel about your purpose is actually a Visibility Capacity issue in disguise. Sometimes your ego creates an illusion of confusion because it’s AFRAID that once you figure your purpose out, you’re going to get visible. So it fogs up your mind so you DON’T move forward and get visible, in order to keep you in your comfort zone.

This is why coming to the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat is SO important--because we’ve got to recalibrate your nervous system so that your ego doesn’t create this false confusion and you get the clarity you need to move forward and get seen.

I’m a corporate person, with a successful 9-5 job, but I’m thinking of starting my own business. I’m still figuring that part out, is this retreat for me?

Yes! Read the previous two responses to the questions above!

I would rather just have a “study on my own” course, I don’t feel comfortable being on camera and talking about my visibility with people I haven’t met. Is there an option to attend just via voice or to do a “self study” course instead?

First, let me say that you can’t say you want to increase your visibility, yet still want to hide yourself away from being seen by others attending (and by me!). Do you see how that defeats the purpose of expanding your Visibility Capacity? If you want to get more visibility you have to start training your body and mind to get out of your comfort zone.

Second, the top piece of feedback I get from people who’ve attended is that they felt INSTANTLY comfortable, safe with and connected to the other participants. By the time the retreat was over, many had made friends for life. I’m a fierce guardian of my spaces and have been leading retreats in person and virtually for 10 years. That means I know how to curate my spaces so that both the environment AND everyone at the retreat is a perfect match for you

Third, Capacity Work is not something you “read about” and suddenly your capacity has expanded. You need to EXPERIENCE it and actually DO it with the live exercises we do during the retreat. So there will never be a self study course for this work--because this work doesn’t work with self study. Too easy to self sabotage when we have no support, no accountability and no one coaching us past our capacity blind spots.

I’ve already done a lot of work around trying to expand my Visibility and nothing has worked--how do I know this will actually work?

Most likely nothing else has worked because nothing has been addressing the root cause of your visibility issues. Working on your visibility without addressing your actual capacity is like putting a flimsy bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. It doesn’t work.

What I can tell you is that this work is unlike anything you’ve ever done. I know that because that’s what most people who attend tell me. You’ve never done work like this and that’s exactly why it works.

Do you have payment plans?

We do, there’s a 2 payment plan right here. The first payment confirms your seat at the retreat (we keep these at only 10 people per retreat). Your second payment must be in before the day of your chosen date for the retreat.