Enrollment closes in:

Enrollment closes in:


The 7-week Action Intensive to create your spacious, updated, and aligned Visibility Operating System™

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You’re committed to finding a new way of scaling your business – one that automagically delivers results AND peace, space, and ease.

You want to experience a powerful business presence without the stress and hustle… and you want to do it in a way that works for both these uncertain times AND your nervous system. 

You’re exhausted from:

  • Outdated approaches that no longer work and take up too much time and energy
  • Trying unsuccessfully to conjure up new ways to be visible
  • Marginal to barely perceptible increases over last year’s results
  • Using someone else’s “formula” and hoping it will work for you

What you want is:

  • Modern visibility strategies that work 
  • New and different visibility paradigms that don’t eat all your time
  • Alignment with new marketing strategies so you can release the old
  • A thriving, growing business without headaches and drama
  • A personalized Visibility Operating System that makes sense for you
  • To multiply and leverage your efforts so your business operates like a healthy ecosystem while you work way less.


And, in an ideal world, you’d like to have access to a coach like me (someone who’s experienced the pinnacles of visibility, including being featured by Oprah herself!), to crack the code on your own Visibility Operating System – because in your bones, you know, when you get this part dialed in, you’ll have a business that serves you.

The answer to modern, dialed-in visibility is:

The Visibility Operating System™ (vOS)

The 7-week Action Intensive to create your spacious, updated, and aligned Visibility Operating System™

vOS is a done-with-you, mini-mastermind Intensive for a select, intimate group of business owners and CEOs ready to create and walk away with their own personalized, implemented Visibility Operating System. One that will allow you to expand your visibility with RESULTS without overwhelm or burnout.

You’ll be doing the work real-time in co-working sessions with my team, your fellow vOS masterminders and me guiding you. This is exactly what I do with people 1:1 in Intensives, but rather than 1:1, this will take place in an intimate, aligned group of no more than 10 CEOs just like you.


Investing in expanding your capacity with Lisa will magnify your impact, skills, gifts, abilities, and wealth. Watch out world because you are about to have your own personal Big Bang - there will be life where there was none before and it will be beyond your wildest imagination

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Fractional CFO for CEOs & Entrepreneurs

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Lisa Fabrega is a Leadership & CEO Advisor who helps ambitious people expand their capacity, gain epic visibility, and break through the bottlenecks that have been holding them back.

For more than a decade, Lisa has worked with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, Academy Award nominees, and Nobel Prize organization candidates to reach their highest levels of success. Through her 6-month mastermind, Visibility VortexTM, Lisa guides her clients to expand their capacity to lead and unlock the visibility, profit, and impact their business deserves without burning out.

Lisa’s advice and work have been featured on Oprah Daily, CNN, Forbes, and HuffPost. She splits her time between Florida and California with her two rescue dogs, Luna and Sadie. When she’s not breaking glass ceilings, she can be found pumping iron at the gym, savoring culinary delights, or filling her life with everyday luxuries.

Here's what vOS looks like...

Week 1: Laser Co-Working Session & Determining YOUR focus area (60-90 minutes)

  • Not only will I show you exactly where to look in your data to know what your custom Visibility Operating System should be, you’re actually going to DO the work in real-time, so there’s no “homework” after the call. You leave the very first session with knowledge that’s been eluding you – probably for years– about why your visibility strategy hasn’t been yielding the results you want.
  • In this session, you will receive personalized coaching from me to determine the most potent visibility area you need to dial in and implement within the next 7 weeks. This will determine the exact focus for your next 6 weeks. You will then be assigned to the Co-Working Pod of participants you’ll be rocking with for the duration of the program. 

You will work on one of these six “visibility levers” that most commonly drain your capacity to scale and hold you back from the visibility and profit you want.

You will pick ONE of these areas to work on in Call #1 and that will be the area you focus on for the next 6 weeks.

  • Visibility Lever #1 - Amplification/Visibility Strategy
    If you choose this lever in our first call, you’ll spend the next 6 weeks not only mining your data with I and my team’s help, but we’ll also help you craft and implement the RIGHT amplification & visibility strategy that actually works for you, grows your audience rapidly, and enables you to reach your ideal audience without wasting any time in spaces where your message goes into a black hole or falls on uninterested ears.

  • Visibility Lever #2 - Messaging and Positioning
    If you choose this lever to work on, you’ll spend the next 6 weeks with my team and I’s guidance creating messaging and positioning that’s dialed in and makes it easy to attract a steady flow of potential clients (without feeling like you have to “convince” anyone to see your value and uniqueness in the market.)

  • Visibility Lever #3 - Business Model (your offers and your audience)
    If this is your visibility lever,  you’ll spend the next 6 weeks with my team and I’s guidance, working on establishing the right offers and getting crystal clear on your ideal audience–including offers that are easy to sell because they are perfectly matched to be an easy yes for your ideal audience and easy to deliver because you’ve structured them in alignment with the spaciousness and delight you want in your business and life.

  • Visibility Lever #4 - Team
    If this is your visibility lever, you’ll spend the next 6 weeks being guided on how to build a team full of A players who truly support you and can lend their expertise to take your business growth to the next level with zero micromanaging or extra effort on your part.

  • Visibility Lever #5 - Pricing and Sales
    If this is your visibility lever, you’ll spend the next 6 weeks being guided on establishing pricing and a custom sales method that is so aligned, people will be saying yes before they even get on a call with you or inquire about your services. No “arm twisting” required.

  • Visibility Lever #6 -  Focus and Energy
    If this is your visibility lever, you’ll spend the next 6 weeks being guided: on the key mindset and belief shifts you need to make in order to become the leader your next level of visibility requires. You’ll learn my patented CEO Ecosystem method that allows you to keep powerful focus ONLY on things that move your business and life closer to your epic vision, without wasting any time, energy, and money on the things that don’t matter or are distractions.

Weeks 2-6: Co-working Visibility Pods (2 hours weekly)

  • First Hour "Visibility Pods"
    • You will be given process worksheets at the beginning of every call to guide you step-by-step on YOUR specific visibility area you need to work on (already determined in Call #1), so you’ll know what to work on and in which order.
    • And you’ll be placed in a custom breakout room with your pod to begin working on that week’s assignment for your visibility lever. (I will travel between rooms throughout this hour and help you work through the worksheets and provide tailored guidance if you get stuck).
  • Second Hour: "Real-time, personalized hot seat coaching."
    • During this time you’ll have the option of having my eyes on anything you’d like me to provide feedback on as relates to your visibility. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Copy review
      • Messaging feedback on sales pages, client communications, offers, etc.
      • Stats review
      • Progress review
      • Brainstorming/tweaking where you feel stuck
      • Recommendations

Week 7: BONUS: Wrap-up (75-90 minutes)

  • In our final week, we'll wrap up your worksheets and go over your personalized, implemented Visibility Operating System.

“Lisa got the core of my visibility issue and it blew me wide open. At last, the cloud of fear surrounding my visibility is gone and I’m free!”



This 7-week, intimate group intensive experience includes...

  • Weekly calls with your fellow vOS participants (7 calls total)
  • Slack support from myself and our assistant coach Fai, Mon - Fri (huge value here... this is typically available only to private coaching and mastermind clients: this is a chance for you to ask us anything for 7 whole weeks)
  • Slack channel to connect with your community of fellow vOS participants
  • As above, weekly Real-Time Hotseat Coaching of any or all of your visibility assets (including copy review, messaging feedback on sales pages, client communications, offer review, review of stats and progress, brainstorming and tweaking materials, and more!)
  • An additional bonus session for you to go even deeper with us on your Visibility Operating System™ and how to dial them in even more how to dial them in even more within your business
  • Time and place to get the nuanced attention you need on your business and visibility challenges- only 10 spots are available for this results-driven, accelerated experience.

This is extra exciting because …

You get to come out of a 7-week accelerator program with your own Custom Visibility Operating System built for easeful scale + value, ready to go for the life of your business!

  1. This is only offered to 10 people, so you’ll get plenty of nuanced, personalized attention from I and my team (no more feeling lost in a sea of hundreds!)
  2. I rarely offer this level of access to myself and our team outside of the Visibility Vortex Mastermind, Intensives, or 1:1 containers, so this is truly an exclusive opportunity to get customized coaching from me in a way that’s accessible, accelerated, and concentrated - because I know you’re tired of doing things that don’t work.
  3. You’re not leaving the 7 weeks with just an “action plan” – you’re leaving with the work DONE! We are doing this WITH you.


INCREDIBLE bonuses too!


You'll get a pre-recorded Masterclass called The Art of Visibility: TikTok & Reels Masterclass (value: $500).


The first five people will get a 30-minute, private, 1:1 coaching exchange with me over Voxer! (value: $1,000).


You can get started for only $286! Take advantage of our 7-week payment plan to spread the cost.


Lisa has a GIFT of seeing intuition and knowing what’s standing in your way... a superpower of seeing into your blindspots... who isn’t afraid to tell you the Truth about what’s holding you back.

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Executive Director
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EVERY MONDAY AT 12 - 2pm et / 9 - 11AM PT

APRIL 29 - JUNE 10, 2024

You can get started for only $286! Take advantage of our 7-week or 2-monthly payment plan to spread the cost.


Get $1,000 off our regular price!



All sales are final. No refunds will be granted.

Hear From Past Participants of

Visibility Operating System™

Brandie Mackenzie 

"If someone is on the fence, I would say that this vOS provides the perfect structure to hone in and get stuff done in a short amount of time. I had been doing 9 months of work before getting it done in 7 weeks with you in vOS."


Marc Aarons

You told me "the amount of value that you provide, you need to be charging more". And you were right. That set off a wonderful domino effect with me putting together a six-figure offer... and just last week.. we signed a 50k client and gained 500,000+ emails in just the space of a week."

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Angel B. Hartwell

"The way you've structured this [vOS] is it can serve anybody at various levels. It can work for anybody no matter where they're at."


"This wasn’t just any ‘aha’ moment— It was a whole-body experience, a full-circle moment, a synchronicity that was felt in my soul... I knew then I was unstoppable and it was time for me to devote myself to my life’s purpose even more."

CEO of the Eyes Wide Open Collective
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"This type of work is crucial ... it unearths things you had NO idea were holding you back ... AND Lisa explains things and makes connections NO ONE else does."

— Angelica


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