What Beyoncé’s nails can teach you about success, leadership and legacy.


lisa fabrega

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That was my first response when I caught a glimpse of my friend Denise DT’s Facebook post about Beyoncé at Coachella.

Quickly followed by chills all over my body.

According to the post, in the middle of her jaw-dropping show at Coachella last week, Beyoncé went backstage during her outfit change. She not only changed her outfit, but she changed her nail polish color too.

Yes, her nail polish color.

Now there have been some disputes about whether this actually happened (some say both pictures were from different shows). But it doesn’t matter.  

Because Beyoncé is arguably one of the best performers in the world.  

And I wasn’t surprised in the least when I heard she may have changed her nail polish during that break too. Trust me, she does things down to this level of detail all the time. This is why her shows are so good. This is why she is worth $350 million. This is why her performances move you to no end.

Because that is what it takes — that level of extra dedication to your soul’s mission on this earth.

A few days later, I was watching Amy Schumer’s interview on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  Oprah asked her what it was like to be a comic touring in her early days of her career. Did she party a lot like some of the stories you hear about male comedians?

“No,” was Amy’s answer. Instead, she went back to her tour bus, and instead of partying like all the other comedians, she went to her bunk and practiced her set for the next night. She did the extra push the other comedians wouldn’t do.  

Look at where Amy is now. She was getting interviewed by Oprah. I don’t think I even know the names of the guys who partied while Amy was in her bunk practicing her sets.

Then just yesterday I was watching a video with the top sales coach in the world, teaching sales. She told the story of how she got started in sales.  

Even though she was not required to, she knew there were sales meetings that happened very early in the morning.  

NONE of the new sales associates like her did this, but she got up every morning at 4:30am so she could drive to these sales meetings, be present, and learn. She was the only one who did this.

Last time I checked, none of her other colleagues who started as associates with her are considered the top sales coach in the world.

All of these women were willing to do EXTRA.

They did the thing most people weren’t willing to do. They took the risks even when it made them feel terror in their bellies.

They went on stages, sales calls and got up at 4:30am even when their hearts were breaking, shit was going down at home or even when they were terrified.

I talk to people every week who tell me they are here to leave a legacy in the world, they are here to make an impact. That they are serious about honoring their soul and doing it.

But when push comes to shove, about 75% of those people, when I challenge them, don’t want to do the extra push, do the challenging inner work to be a potent leader, OR take the risks (financially, time-wise, and mentally) that one must take to leave a mark in the world.  

If I had a dime for every person who has told me they want a multi-million dollar empire but then won’t go raise the money for an investment that could help them get there… I’d be a billionaire.

They aren’t willing to do what it takes and instead fall back on excuses about why now is not the right time, they don’t have time, and so many other excuses I’ve heard over the years.  

Or worse, they tell me they’re committed to making a change and then they ghost.

I don’t buy any of their excuses. Because we live in a Universe of endless possibilities and if you truly desire it, there is a way. You’re never going to convince me that what you desire is impossible. Because desire is divine universal wisdom. And you will never have a desire if you weren’t meant to create it and if there wasn’t support for it somewhere.

The REAL question is, are you willing to put in the extra level of effort to FIND the way?  Are you willing to face your ego and move forward anyway?

Most aren’t. I’m being blunt, because that is what I’ve seen with my eyes for the last 8 years talking with thousands of people both in and outside of my business.

Very often when I speak with women who are interested in working with me, they tell me how passionate they feel about making the change they’re called to make in the world.  

I NEVER make an invitation to them if their soul is not a yes to moving forward in overcoming their ego fears, doing the damn work, and taking the risks needed to create their legacies.

If they ever tell me they don’t have the money, the time, or any other excuse, I issue them a challenge — come up with the money/time etc… in 24 hours.  

Some women act like they are all in, say yes, and ask me to hold their spot. Then I never hear from them again. They avoid my assistant’s emails following up.  

Or they email 36 hours, 2 days or a week later, waaay past the deadline I gave them, and try to get in to the program. I fell asleep, my dog threw up on the carpet, I forgot, I got caught in traffic…

I don’t let them in to the program. Their spot has already been given to someone else.

Not because I’m trying to be mean. On the contrary — I care too much to buy into their excuses.

I am not available for those standards and excuses here. And I don’t want them to be available for those excuses anymore, either. We work with legacy makers and women serious about majorly expanding their revenue, their impact, and their joy.  

And I doubt Amy, Beyoncé, the top sales coach, Melinda Gates, or any other great legacy maker in our world “fell asleep,” “forgot,” or let traffic stop them from expanding and doing the work.

There’s no falling asleep, forgetting, ghosting or “just not having the time” when it comes to your legacy. You show up, even if you have to dial in from your phone while in traffic or while your dog is throwing up.

And if I let that woman into the program after she missed the deadline and didn’t even try to communicate with me about it, I’m sending her the message that it’s okay to show up like that.  I’d be out of integrity by doing that. I would have no business calling myself a master-level coach. That woman will not progress in the program she signed up for because she will continue to think those excuses are real obstacles and let them stop her, while everyone else soars ahead of her in the program.

If I were a coach who just wanted the money and didn’t care about the results her clients get, I might let her in. But I’m not that coach. I’m here for the real legacy leaders. And that means I have to show up unavailable for your ego’s excuses and mirror that back to you so you start being unavailable for your own ego excuses too..  

Can you imagine what a disaster Beyoncé’s shows would be if she fell asleep and missed half her performance? Or how many kids would suffer if Melinda Gates decided she didn’t have time, or was too afraid to donate millions to children in need across the globe?

On the other hand, several women I issued this 24 hour challenge to, in just the last week, rose the eff up, and left me in awe.  

They came back to me LESS than 24 hours later and told me they found the money, they made the time, and they removed their “supposed” obstacle. They emailed me back at the time we agreed upon, in most cases BEFORE. And if there was a delay, they communicated with me there would be, and told me exactly when they’d be getting back to me.

I let those women in to my mini-mastermind. Hell yes.

One of them told me that just the act of getting that challenge from me changed her forever and that she will never, ever believe again that she is not capable of creating money and time when she needs to. She took on the challenge and showed herself how powerful she really is.

How well do you think these women who met my challenge and did the work are going to do as leaders in the world? These women are going to kick ass. Their actions declare it.

You think Beyoncé shows up to rehearsal and cancels because mercury is in retrograde?
You think she says she just doesn’t have time to give her best to the performance she committed to?

If she did, she wouldn’t be Beyoncé. She wouldn’t be the best performer and one of the highest paid entertainers in the world. And she wouldn’t get the chance to experience how incredible it is to make that much of an impact on other people doing the work she was born to do as an artist.  

When she, or any other amazing legacy leader gets off the stage, I would bet you she feels a level of fulfillment that has no words, just seeing the looks of the people in the audience who she just impacted by channeling her highest purpose in her work.

The reason Beyoncé is so good at what she does is because she has the ability to take things to the edge of excellent and push it even one step further. Most people don’t do that. Most people are happy at great and leave it at that.  

I’ve been challenging you a lot lately.  

Because there is A HUGE invitation in the Universe right now for lightworker leaders to step it up. And if you’re not going to step it up, then stepping aside is the best thing you can do, because there is some work to be done and there is no time for ego fear and excuses anymore.  If that makes you mad, good. Get fired up and stop being so damn comfortable all the time.

Like I’ve said before, comfort is the death of your legacy.

Now is not the time to leave it at good enough.  

Or to say you need “more self care,” when you know damn well that you’re using self care as a cover up for not wanting to actually get uncomfortable and take a risk so you can expand.

The Universe is calling us all who say we are here to be lightworkers and change the world, to task. Are we just going to talk about going to the next level but not actually do anything that looks like a next level version of us?

Or are we going to step it the eff up and behave like the next level leaders everyone says they want to be on their Facebook or Instagram account?

I don’t want you to just read this post and say “yeah! Right on!” And then literally do the same

thing you’ve been doing that hasn’t served you. I would rather you say nothing and take action and risks like you mean it.

If you want to be the best performer in the world, like Beyoncé…
If you want to leave an impact in the world as profound as that, you have to be the person who is always going to put in just one more extra step than everyone else.

You have to accept you’re always going to be doing more than everyone else. And you’re going to be focused on THAT level of detail and excellence, that you would change your damn nail polish half-way through a performance because that is what it takes to serve the work of art to its highest.

That is the stuff that makes legacies, not just impact.
Legacies are WAY bigger than impact.
Legacies change the structures of our world and last way after you’re gone from this world.

So I’m issuing you this challenge now — be all in or be all out.

With fierce love,





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