What is the value of your soul’s work? My pear tree has something to say about it…

My client was making some BIG moves… her already successful business was taking a leap into its next level. She was reaching more people than ever, revenue had almost doubled, she’d been able to reduce her workload significantly… but she was feeling anxious.

She’d finally decided to raise her prices. But I noticed something really interesting… she was adding so many bonuses that the offer was getting lost in translation. When I dove deeper with her as to why she was doing this (which is what I do), we discovered she felt that her work would not be seen as valuable unless she added all this extra “stuff” to it.

What followed was a conversation that led to the creation of a special video for you.

What is the true value of your work?
What is it worth?
Do we need to add all this extra stuff to something to make it be seen as “valuable”?

If you want to know my thoughts on these questions, click on the video below to watch this quick, powerful little video where I share what I spoke about with my client which led to a huge shift for her.

So what did you get out of this video? I’d love to know in the comments below! I read all of your comments and love engaging with you.

With love,




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