What one of the most embarrassing events of my childhood taught me about running a successful business


lisa fabrega


Me and my mom on a hammock in Panama (note the 80’s style lol)


When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do

was to go on errands with my mother.


Every Saturday morning, we’d get in her beat up, second-hand BMW…

(Even though money was tight growing up, my father bought it

for my mother as a gift, whose secret fantasy had always been

to own a BMW.   He got a crazy deal on it because it had a roach

infestation, I kid you not.)


And in the car, with the wind blowing through our hair,

we’d listen and sing along to Sting, Whitesnake and the opera

“Carmen” as we drove onto the American base in Panama.


On the American base were two stores that were like the

holy grail of all stores for me when I was little.


The PX with American clothes, American toys and goods

and the American grocery store with American food.


I loved these weekend trips because you could get things

like grapes and apples, which, Panama being a third

world country and all, were not readily available at that time.


So every Saturday was like Christmas to a 10 year old kid

growing up in a third world country who very often did not

have electricity or water for days.


But there was one thing I didn’t like at all about these trips.

Because this was the only American store with American

conveniences in the entire country, very often the shelves

were out of stock when you really needed something.


Now Panama is not known for its customer service,

it’s a laid back country and people don’t get all worked

up if something is missing or unavailable…


But my mom was not having it.


If something we needed was out, she would ask the

store clerk to check in the back to see if there were more

items that hadn’t been put on the shelves.


Just in case.


Very often the store clerks would resist and without checking,

tell her there weren’t any more.


Basically, “take a hike lady, I don’t feel like looking right now.”


My mother would get furious.


I remember so many incidents where my mother persisted,

even getting into arguments with the store managers about

the lack of customer service at the store.


And I would stand there, in the middle of this American store

in a Latin-American country, on a rug that smelled slightly

of moth balls, red-faced and mortified at all the people looking

at us while my mother persisted and insisted.


As a child, I HATED this.


But now as an adult, I see that my mother taught me

something extremely valuable.


In fact, I think it’s one of the most important values I’ve learned

in my life and it’s what’s kept me going through some of the

toughest spots in my life.


Want to know what it is?


I’m often asked what is the single most important trait that

the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, visionaries and

thoughts leaders share.

It’s the trait that my mother taught me.

And if you google “top traits of the world’s most successful

entrepreneurs/leaders” you’ll always find this at the top of

the list.


It’s persistence.


At this point in my business, I’ve come into contact with

thousands of people who want to start their own business

or world-changing project, so they can impact the world.


People who can feel there is more to the life they’ve built

and who want to step into the next level of leadership.


You know what that means?


That means I’ve seen a lot of people succeed…


But I’ve also seen a lot of people fail

and give up altogether.


The people who succeeded, succeeded because they

were persistent as hell, just like my mother.


When an opportunity to step into the next level presented

itself, they moved hell and high water to make it happen.


They didn’t let fears or excuses get in the way.

When I think of what has helped me the most in building

a multi-six figure business that is helping thousands of

people around the world and that has me deeply in my

purpose and so grateful to be able to serve…


it’s that persistence– that ability to do whatever it takes

(without compromising my integrity) to get my message

out there and say yes to opportunities that my business needs,

that has been the biggest cause of my success.


When I first started my business, I knew that the most

successful coaches had had coaches themselves.


They had invested in business advisors and coaches

to help them get to where they wanted to go.


But at the time I was living on unemployment and barely

able to pay my rent every month.


I found the coach I wanted to work with, but she was $3000

to work with–that was 3 times my rent at the time.


I remember that I got a second job, called up every friend

I could think of to ask for a temporary loan and maxed out

a credit card to make that payment.


Two months later I had made my investment back 3 times over.


All because I persisted, even when it felt like it was impossible.


So my question for you is–if you’re really serious about

making an impact in the world with your mission, with that

thing that you were brought to this earth to create and serve with…


are you really giving it your all?




Are you really willing to do whatever it takes to make sure

your message gets to the people who desperately need it?


Because if you’re not, I hate to be blunt, but you should just

give up now and save yourself a lot of suffering and hardship.


But if you are willing to do what it takes and know that you were

put here for something big, that will change the world…


then I have a very special invitation for you.


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Anything you need support on.

Anything you want to ask me.

I’m literally there just for you, for six hours.


This is the only time I am doing this event this year in NYC.


And I’m making it a no-brainer by pricing it at the lowest price

I have ever offered for any program that has live coaching with me.

This event is worth $6000.00 (that’s the price of 6 hours

of coaching with me live), but you’re not paying that at all.

It’s only $250.00


If you’re truly serious about succeeding and you live near

the NYC area, you’re invited to be there.

I will give you everything I have to make sure you have the tools

that you need to succeed as an impactful thought leader.


Want to hear something truly inspiring?


I had a woman who had a full day of clients on her schedule

for that day.  When she heard about the event, she literally

rescheduled every single client she had on that day to

be able to make it to this event.


THAT’s what I’m talking about–persistence.


I can guarantee you that in a short period of time, you will

hear all about her, because that’s the trait that guarantees success.


It’s not magic. It’s persistence.


And to finish the story of my mother…


Guess what?


My mother ended up getting what she wanted every single time.


With all her persisting, those store clerks finally gave in and went

in the back to look for the items she needed–and every single time,

they came back with it in their hands.


Want to succeed?


Be persistent.


Do whatever it takes even if it’s inconvenient

or uncomfortable.


I’m going to teach you how to do that, plus MUCH MORE

at my Transcendent Leadership™ Intensive on Tuesday, 5/20.


If you’re truly committed to changing the world and you want

to have a life-changing experience that will help you finally

step into the powerful thought leadership you were meant

to embody…


I’ll see you there.

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ps: this is a picture of my mother in her 50’s completing
a Tough Mudder event. And just a few months ago she
and my father climbed and summitted one of the tallest
mountains in the world at Kilimanjaro. People half their
age couldn’t make it. She is 58 and he is 61.