what to do when you doubt everything


lisa fabrega


I’m going to tell you a secret that I’m “not supposed to tell you”.

Let’s be honest.
No matter how hard you might have tried to ignore it,
whether in the past or in the present, if you’re reading this,
you have always felt you have a profound calling to make 
a deep impact in the world with your unique gifts.

In the moments where you can tap into your calling, you can feel 
that you are standing on the edge of something big and you can
feel excited about stepping into the next level of your leadership.

But soon after envisioning the massive impact you will be making
and the level of success you crave, you are
gripped with fear,
anxiety and a feeling of “stuck-ness”.

Old, deep-seated, limiting beliefs come up:

  • What if fully speaking your truth and powerfully owning your purpose means people will reject you?
  • What if you can’t handle all that success when you get there?
  • What if it means people you love will be threatened by your success?
  • What if you fail in front of everyone?
  • What if you end up broke or bankrupt your family
  • What if you have to be something or someone that you’re not?

Sometimes you can see the vision so clearly, but then you become
overwhelmed and stop yourself from moving forward because you
can’t always see the “how” of
how this will all come to be.

And suddenly you begin to doubt whether living your calling is even possible.
What if this was a silly idea and you’re headed towards ruin?

What if you put all that time, money and effort into it…
and you were wrong?

Now let me be clear…

Here’s the secret I’m not supposed to tell you:

This doesn’t just happen to you whether you are just beginning 
to step into your life’s calling to lead and inspire others,
or you’ve already had some level of success and are looking to
step into the next level of your leadership.

It happens to all of us, no matter
how successful we appear to be.

It happens to me ALL the time.

Just last week, as I put the finishing touches on my 2014 Mastermind
program webpage, I felt terrified.  I had a moment where I thought
“what if no one signs up for this?  what if this program, which is my
heart and soul, goes totally unnoticed and no one wants this experience?”

Yes, it even happens to me.
Me who has had most of her programs sold out and wait-listed
for the past year and a half.  Me, who already has 8 women in the
2014 Mastermind before even launching and about a dozen more
women waiting to talk with me about joining.

And a few weeks ago, I had a conversation with an UBER-successful
(I’m talking UBER successful, huge impact and millions
a year in revenue) and he was sharing with me about a new project
he had coming up.  Guess what he shared with me?

That he was secretly terrified that no one was going to sign up.

This is one of the things that I wish someone had told me when I first started
stepping into my leadership by starting my purpose-driven business.

And most people don’t talk about it.

So, here’s the truth.

Whenever you are about to step into your purpose in a big way,
the fear is the strongest.  The doubt-demons in your mind scream
the loudest.  You wake up at 4am, panicking, “what was I thinking??!!”

What if this really was a crazy idea?
What if what I think is really great is actually really dumb?

The list goes on and on…
I’ve heard this from the mouths of some of the most successful
entrepreneurs out there.  It’s like living in a feast or famine state,
constantly.  One minute you’re excited, full of abundance and
ready to take on the world, the next you’re terrified and running
away from your life’s calling.

The fear never goes away.  Hear me on that–it doesn’t.

So if you’re telling yourself you will finally start taking action
towards stepping into the next level of your leadership,
when the fear finally goes away, you will never start.
You will go to the grave with your greatest gifts still inside you.

The thing that separates the successful from
the unsuccessful 
is that the successful know
the exact tools to use alchemize their fear and
don’t let it stop them from moving forward.

You feel the fear, but keep going anyway.
You don’t let it stop you as much as you used to,
you learn to commune with it and hold it with love.

You are supposed to feel afraid, because if your calling is
to make a big impact in the world and to be a thought leader,
you will be called constantly into emotionally, spiritually and mentally
expanding more and more, so that you can hold that large amount
of space
for other people’s transformations to take place.

The path of stepping into your leadership, making more money
and more impact, is not just about your business model and hitting
benchmarks, though that is an absolutely important part of it…
It’s not just about the appearance of living some fantastic life you
can post on Facebook, being famous or getting asked to be on
Oprah or Ellen or the accolades (though that is certainly a really
fun part of being known as a magnetic thought leader in your field
and actually will happen as you learn to alchemize your fear more)…

The path of leadership is a spiritual practice,
where you are asked continuously to step into
the unknown and surrender.

And I want to teach you the exact tools that the worlds most
successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders use
 to keep
moving forward, despite their fear, so that they can continue to
step more powerfully into their leadership and make the money
and impact they know they were meant to make.

(And that you were meant to make, too.)

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With profound devotion to your calling,
Lisa Fabrega
Where women become powerful leaders

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