when are you going to stop it?


lisa fabrega


As you probably know by now, Nelson Mandela passed away yesterday.

I was on a plane to Hawaii for a writing retreat when I found out.
I felt completely heartbroken and a sense of profound loss.
Not just for me, but for the entire world and all of humanity.

Nelson Mandela was one of my greatest heroes.
He was an inspirational thought leader that i always looked up to since I
was a little girl growing up in a dictatorship in Panama, where speaking your
truth was a crime punishable by death to you and your whole family.

His bravery and courage to speak his truth, even in the face of real danger,
was a beacon for me and a constant reminder of something that has now become
one of the core aspects of my own mission and work:

the importance of living and expressing your truth.

Just the night before I learned about Mandela’s passing, I had taught a
teleclass to over 200 people about how our fears are blocking our ability
to step into our roles as powerful, abundant thought leaders & world-shifters.

In that class, I shared that growing up, I had always looked up to people like
Mandela, Martin Luther King and Gandhi, as some of my greatest heroes.
And that often as a young adult and even today, I have wondered, where
are OUR generation’s thought leaders and world-shifters?

Why does it seem like they are harder to come by?
Why are almost all of them in their older years?
Is it that we have become too comfortable?
Is it that we have become apathetic as a society?

No.  I don’t think it’s any of these things.

What I shared on the call, is that I think the next generation’s Mandelas,
MLKs and Gandhis are here, walking among us and all around us.

So why aren’t they stepping up?
Why aren’t we seeing them?

Because they are held back by fear, limiting beliefs and stories in their
head that keep them from stepping fully into their next level of leadership
the leadership they know they were meant to embody in this lifetime.

But fear of rejection, failure and even death, holds them back from living
and speaking their truth.  

And I know if you’ve been led here, to read this today,
it’s for this reason:

YOU have always known you were here to make a  big impact in the world.
To be a thought leader in your own right.

But every time you set out to do it you self-sabotage, feel terrified, hold back
and come up with a million reasons why you can’t do what you were put here
on this earth to do.

And this is very important for you to understand.
It’s a life or death matter I’m talking about here.

The very reason you are alive, is that you have a truth to speak.
A truth that is only your own and that will never be like anyone else’s.

Your purpose, is to live, express and lead with that truth.

But if you’re not doing that fully because you’re afraid and held back,
if you’re frustrated because you know you’re not where you could be in
your leadership, then you are literally walking around half-dead.
You are not fully alive.

And that is so not okay with me.
And it shouldn’t be okay with you.
Not for one second.

I want you to really hear me now.

You are here for a reason.
You know it.
You’ve heard that calling inside of you since you were a child.
You’ve known that you are here to make impact in the world.

It’s not a random thing that you have that feeling.
That’s the Universe, calling you to step into your leadership,
calling you to step into your role in the greater purpose of this planet,
so that you can assist with the evolution of humanity.

Imagine if Nelson Mandela had given in, crumbled and kept his mouth
shut because of fear and self-limiting beliefs.  Imagine if Mandela had
self-sabotaged and not stepped into his leadership role.  Stayed stuck
and held back for the rest of his life.

The world would be a very different place.

Every time you hold back, self-sabotage, and keep
 from stepping into the leadership you know
you were born 
to embody, you are affecting the fate
of the world, because you are removing a key player
that assists in its evolution–YOU.

So when are you going to stop that already?

When i found out about Mandela’s passing, I was sad, yes.
But I felt a fire get stoked inside of me.
Because I’ve always known that my purpose is to assist the world’s
next thought leaders and world-shifters, in releasing all the things that
are holding them back from stepping into their magnetic leadership.

It’s what I’ve been doing for the past several years now.
I’ve sacrificed a lot for this mission, because I believe in it
with every cell of my being.  


On that call, the night before Mandela passed away, I opened up the
application process for my 2014 Fearless Feminine Leader Mastermind.

This program is literally the “school” for women entrepreneurs who
want to step into their next level of leadership.
To become the magnetic
 thought leader they always knew they were meant to be.

It’s the place where you go to learn how to release all of those fears, anxieties
and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from fully embodying your purpose.
It’s the place where you join the most powerful Sisterhood of your life,
as you shed all that has been strangling your power & truth.

It’s where you emerge, a Fearless Feminine Leader,
so that you can finally make the impact on the world
you are born to make.

I had up to 20 spots open (this is an intimate group, on purpose).
I only have 12 spots left now.

That’s because this program is so powerful that almost all the women
from last year’s Mastermind re-joined again for 2014, and a few of my 
private clients, who heard about how powerful this program was, joined
the minute they knew it was open for applications.

So there are only 12 spots left now.
Some of you reading this already know…

that one of those spots has your name on it.

And the minute you step into that spot,
your journey of transformation
 will begin.

So, my dear Sister, I invite you to finally put down the BS
that has been holding you back from doing what you know
you were 
born to do….lead.

Accept your mission by applying here.

With profound devotion to your mission,
Lisa Fabrega
Where women entrepreneurs become powerful leaders

ps: you are under no obligation to join when applying,  You are simply submitting
an application to be reviewed.  If you are accepted, my team will reach out to you
to schedule a 20 minute chat, where we will further discuss the program details.