When You Don’t Know What To Do, Do What’s True


lisa fabrega

do whats true
do whats true
photo by Kym Pham


When you’ve finally decided that enough is enough.
When you’ve finally decided that you’re done with living in the too-tight,
unsexy handcuffs of your deadening comfort.

When you finally decide you are no longer willing to move through your days
in between states of lost, confused and half-dead, with no help…

a great stillness comes over you and your chest is flooded with relief.

The oxygen of peace, clarity and excitement for the journey ahead fills your
lungs with a new sense of hope and wonder.  You are high with the clarity
you’ve been waiting for and the future ahead is sparkling gold.

But a fair warning, dear soul-traveler…

That moment is short lived.

Because before you take soul-aligned action, confidently in the direction
of your dreams… Before you blaze forth in a trail of fire, success & glory,
with all eyes on you while you live the life of your dreams…

there is another moment, that most are too embarrassed to talk about.
In fact, most try everything they can to hide it, deny it and ignore it.

And yet it is the most sacred moment of your entire journey.
And it’s also the hardest.

After the high of casting off your complacency and numbness fades and you’ve
made your decision to quit your job, hire that coach, make that investment,
travel the world, write that book, cut out that toxic pattern, sing that song…

things will get really quiet.

You are stepping into the new & unknown.
The world around you will slow down and all will seem still.
Too still, in fact.

Your brain will not like this moment.
It will want to know what’s next.
It will want to know your plan.
What you will do to keep yourself safe.

It will throw you into a panic.
It will shove you out into a barren desert of dark-night-of-the-soul.

And then you will question everything you just decided and a part of you
will try to claw its way out of the decision you just made like a desperate
beast fighting for its very last ounce of life.

What once liberated you will now feel like a cage.

Your brain will not be satisfied until it has CLARITY.
All the steps.
All the proof that every step will succeed.

That this idea of yours will make money.
That you won’t lose your whole business, all your clients or die.

You will spend money, time & energy in search of that elusive word:


If only you had it, then you’d know it’s safe to move forward.
Then you’d actually take the real leap, the real risk.

But that is not the way that it works.  
It has never worked that way.

And like a star that can only be seen in our peripheral vision at night,
the more you try to find it, the more clarity will elude you.

Because clarity cannot be found through the mind or outside of you.

In between the moment in which you awaken from the numbness of your soul’s
slumber and finally take powerful, forward-moving action towards your purpose,
with deep, soul-aligned clarity…there is a pregnant pause.

You will be asked to slough off the skin of your former self and step into
the new and unknown body of who you really are.  Beyond the illusions, beyond
what you’ve been told & indoctrinated into all of these years.

Because you’ve never done this before…
Because you’re stepping into a whole new level of soul-alignment…

you will not know any of the answers.

You will not be able to garner any “proof” to soothe your ego-mind’s panic attacks
over your stepping into this sacred unknown terrain of your soul, that is now begging
to be explored.

So, if you feel lost, awash in the desert of unknown…
If you’re up at night in a panic and your mind is reeling and you feel like you’re falling
through a black hole with nothing to grab on to stop your fall.

This is what you do:

Get quiet.
Take a deep breath.

And do what’s true.

It doesn’t have to make sense.
It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Just listen for what’s true for you in this very moment.

And do what’s true.

So many people will bombard you with copyrighted 10 step methods
to more clarity.

But clarity isn’t a 10 step method.

Clarity is born.

From the unknown.
From the silence.
From listening.

From doing what’s true, one step at a time.

When nothing makes sense and you don’t know what to do, simply drop out of your head, drop out of having to know, drop out of needing to figure it out with your mind…

And do what’s true.  In that moment.
In the next.
In the next.

Just do what’s true.


In the comments below, I’d love to know, what’s one thing that is true for you in this moment,  that you are going to do this week?


ps:  learning to listen to what your soul wants you to do isn’t always easy.
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